Part 2: Introducing PlexPass

08.28.12 266 Comments

(If you haven’t already, get the latest media server we released in Part 1)

I just went back and checked, and the first entry on this blog was written over four and a half years ago. Has it really been that long? We were just barely getting video playback working, and there was no media server, iOS app (heck, there wasn’t even an App Store for iPhones yet!) or any of the other parts that make Plex what it is today.

Over the years, many of you have supported Plex in different ways; you’ve contributed bandwidth, time and knowledge in the forums, and you’ve donated repeatedly and generously. And we truly appreciate it! Up until now, though, we haven’t had any means of distinguishing the die-hard Plex supporters from the more casual users.

Today, that’s changing.

We’re excited to unveil PlexPass – our brand new offering. As a PlexPass member, you’ll get a number of benefits:


1) First of all, PlexPass gets you early access to new features. We’ll be making select new features available to PlexPass members earlier than we otherwise would, and you’ll get to play with them and give us feedback and suggestions. Make your friends jealous. (And yes, we have a juicy new feature to get this kicked off in style.)

2) We’re going to be introducing some premium features. Fancy, shiny things with lots of sparkle (and not the sort that comes with fangs and neck affinity). As a PlexPass member, you’ll get free access to those features while we’re testing them out.

3) PlexPass members automatically get access to private forums for discussing these new features. There’s another forum for voting on bugs & features to help us with prioritization. And there is another one we’re calling for people needing a bit of extra help with issues they may be running into. Hey, you’re a PlexPass member – we’ll give you some extra love!

4) Last, but not least, PlexPass members get discounts on premium features once they’re made available to the general public.

What if you don’t want to sign up for PlexPass? Well, life continues on much like it has. You’ll still get new features when we release to the general public (except for premium features, of course). This is our way of being extra awesome to the PlexPass members, not less awesome to the rest of you.

In summary, PlexPass members get the best possible Plex experience, above and beyond what was previously possible. You get to show off to your non-PlexPass friends a bunch of cool new stuff before it’s generally available, and hey, we’ll even badge your forum posts with the tasty Alexis-designed badge above so that everyone can see you’re a member. And with your support, and your early input and feedback on new features, we can build a better Plex together!

As for the cost, PlexPass is just $3.99/month. I hear it’s sort of passé to compare this with a cup of coffee, so I’ll just note that this is way cheaper than a good microbrew at your favorite watering hole. After tipping the goateed waiter who’s working on that screenplay. You can sign up here, once you’ve signed into your myPlex account.

So what of this tasty new PlexPass-only (for now) feature we’re rolling out today? That’s detailed in the next post.

Just in case you were wondering, Barkley is a proud PlexPass member.


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  • I need to know before I sign on that I can easily put my videos up to my Roku and view on my TV…trying and can’t get there..30bucks/year is nothing for this service..does it matter the SIZE OF A FILE? because movie files are large
    FYI:on Cnetcom they have a comment section, that other people can answer questions like the one above this about Windows


    • @tony: Plex streams from a computer running Plex Media Server to your Roku.

  • I got it…I did not have MY SERVER connected..thanks

  • I was a fan of Plex until they charge. Guess it was too good to be true. I’ve read a lot of disappointments above and they are similar to my view. I guess it was too good to be true.

    Good luck guys!

    • @Ste7en0: we’re charging for something new and optional, I don’t see how that’s offensive to you. And more to the point, we’ve been charging for the mobile clients for years. If you’re going to criticize, there are lots of real things you could pick which don’t sound as FUD-ish :)

  • elan,

    I am interested, instead, I will pay for the lifetime subscription, pending on finding out a bit more information on the following;

    1) Will we “plexplus” customers know what roadmaps you are undertaking for the latest developments?

    2) What discount will be provided for the premium features and will we know what they are?

    3) Will there be any development towards themes/styling in regards to making it easier to deploy?

    I’m all up for helping and supporting such great communities, based on the fact that I know what is happening and what is documented will actually be implemented.

    Once I have the answers, I am sure I will sign up.

    Please let me know,



    (additionally, can we have an option on the posts, where it notifies if there has been a response to the reply? Would be helpful :)

  • After updating to the latest media server i can’t open and setup the media server it asks for subscription.

    Is it just a bug or it just won’t work without paying anymore?

    I also bought the iphone/ipad app.

  • I honestly don’t see any value in this, especially when features aren’t working properly and your ecosystem is incomplete.

    For example, any TV show I have that has multiple versions by year (Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who, etc.) doesn’t categorize properly and is extremely difficult to fix. Also, multiple episode files aren’t being recognized properly even though I followed your naming guidelines. And lastly, I already paid for the Android and Windows 8 apps and have no way to get Plex on my TV since Google TV, XBOX 360, and the current AppleTV aren’t supported.

  • Last time I tested Plex it had no .rar support like XBMC, is this back now or will it be? If so I’d likely sign up as a lifetime member right away!

  • Who’s palm do I have to grease to have local trailers play before a movie, and adult content password protection implemented???

    I’m all ears!!!!!

    (and yes, I have a PLEXPASS lifetime membership!)

    • @knight2001dts ~ you greased the right palms :)

  • I’m a PlexPass member. How do i update my forum profile ? I don’t have access to PlexPass members area.

  • The comments on this post make me sick! Major props to The guy from plex that keeps responding to these ignorant people!!

    Comments like “this will be the end of plex” “what a big mistake they will regret it”. How dumb can you be? The app and server are already free. Explain to me how offering perks to those who chose to subscribe would damage an already free service?

    Purchase or don’t purchase. Who cares if you think it’s to much money. Some people actually appreciate teams that actually offer products for free like plex media server. Hell someone sent a $100.00 donation. So it’s obvious some appreciate it. Everything the plex does costs money, but rather than turn the server into a paid product, they keep it free. Along with myplex.

    Seriously people get over yourself. Plex is now offering perks to supporting. But still offering the great free product to those that don’t. Like earlier explained. Like a concert. You don’t have to pay extra to go to the concert. However if you want access to back stage. That will cost extra

  • Hi, I paid but don’t see plexpass? Where do I find that? ty

  • Hmm – so in other words, I pay you to be a beta tester and if I want that functionality after I have paid for being able to test it for you, I have to pay again for the feature? Sorry, but that is BS…
    I really like the product and support it with a subscription, but the idea behind your model lacks some deeper thoughts.
    Why is there no guaranteed rebate for “premium features” at a minimum (is it 50%, 80% or 90% off?)
    What will these premium features be? Come on, you want my hard earned money… at least share the roadmap…

  • Subscribed for life :)

  • Great product which I have been using for quite some time now. You’ve more than earned my money. Thanks for everything and keep up the good work.

  • I just got my PlexPass membership and I have to say I don’t even expect all these cool new features (though I welcome them with open hands 😉

    You guys are doing an amazing job. Back in the days I loved XBMC. You took the concept to a whole new level during the years. I love PLEX

  • I just want to thanks you guys for making such a great media Server. I had a Plex Pass account over a year ago and had to cancel it due to work issues. Now that I’m back on my feet I’ve renewed my commitment to the owners and programmers. Soon I will just buy the Lifetime Membership.
    Now I want to get involved in the development of Plex to widen its reach and help grow its content. I am new at this and am not a programmer. I’m just a 46 year old man with extra time wanting to give time back to this community. I would like to see gmail intigration as well as adding,, and other cloud servers. Contact me via email.
    Thanks and L8ter.
    Paratrooper Lutz

  • After reading the PlexPass page and most of the comments above, I have determined that it really makes sense to purchase a PlexPass subscription. It is especially appealing to users who have never contributed to Plex. You can purchase a lifetime subscription for a relatively inexpensive price. If you’ve used Plex for 2 years, or if you plan to use Plex for more than 2 years, the lifetime subscription is THE way to go. I understand not having the disposable income to toss at the developers of a free product, but for those who would like to show support and have never donated to Plex, this is a really simple way to do so, and you even get something in return. The best part is that the PlexPass subscription is not required in order to use the product. You’d better believe that I’ll be purchasing a lifetime subscription as soon as I get approval from wifey!

  • myPlex Log In TV Pin doe’s not work . The non working pin is 2443 Please send me one that works.

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