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Happy April Fools’ Day!

04.01.13 32 Comments

As you all know, the first of April is the day on which people (and companies) play practical jokes. Some are quite elaborate and take quite a bit of planning, and we really think we’ve managed to take that to the next level.

Just over five years ago, we got together around a white board to plan the prank, and this is what we wrote:

  1. Acquire millions of users.
  2. Rickroll them.
  3. ???

We did some more brainstorming, and decided that the best way to acquire a large user base we could proceed to rickroll would be some sort of video streaming thing. We almost called it RickPlex, but we thought that might be too obvious, so we stuck with Plex, and started coding right away.

Fast forward 5 years, 263 blog posts, and dozens of releases across multiple product lines, we finally decided we had enough coverage for our worldwide rickroll. We enabled some code we’d written all those years ago, and then cracked open a beer and waited.

P43A0010  1

After we finally stopped laughing at all the tweets and forum posts, and – frankly – ran out of beer, we all took a collective deep sigh. All those year of planning had finally paid off. We’d just pulled off what was possibly the biggest rickroll ever. And it was time to move on.

To all our users, thanks so much for being a part of this! It was a fun ride, and we wish you luck in the future. We’ll be shutting down all our services over the next few days, and moving on to other endeavors.

Plex Media Server v0.9.7.19 – Thrones & Zombies edition

03.31.13 61 Comments

You think we rest on Easter Sunday? Think again.

We have a nice Plex Media Server update for you today, mostly focusing on transcoder fixes and improvements, including a rather significant speed up: when syncing or streaming with the new transcoder, you will see up to a 2x speedup over the last release.

You can read all the detailed changes since the last public release here. We’ve created a set of forums which list all the changes for each of our products to make it easier for you to both see what’s changed, and to allow subscribing via the forums if you’d like to receive an email when we make releases!

You can download the release in the usual place.

Here’s Barkley this morning, playing on the beach.

IMG 3263

And here he is, on the couch, waiting for the Game of Thrones season premier (“What the woof, how much longer??”).


We hope you all had a great weekend!