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Plex for iOS v3.1 released

03.21.13 120 Comments

Ever since the all new Plex for Android was released, iOS users have been wondering when they’d be able to enjoy some of the new features on their devices, and we’re incredibly happy to say that day has finally come. Let’s jump in and explore the new features available in this release, which should be available on your devices within a few hours!

  • NEW: Enhanced filtering: The new rich library filters you’ve gotten to know and love in Plex/Web and the new Plex for Android is now available inside the iOS app.
  • NEW: Mobile Media Server: Play your synced content and view content from your photo albums on any other Plex client! I think this is such an awesome feature. You can go over to a friend’s house, and your iPhone or iPad will show up as a Plex server, and (for example) you could browse and play synced content on your Roku. Or even play it from Plex for Android, or another iOS device. Crazy!
  • NEW: Push notifications: Plex will now alert you when someone adds you as a friend or sends you a recommendation.
  • NEW: Universal transcoder (experimental): We’ve unified the media server’s transcoders, and now iOS can use the latest and greatest. Among other things, this adds support for more subtitle formats, including (finally!) VOBSUB and PGS.
  • NEW: New and improved photo viewer.
  • NEW: Dark theme.
  • NEW: All sliders support variable scrubbing speed (just like the movie player) .
  • NEW: Better integration of search in sections and channels.
  • NEW: Audio boost & subtitle size settings are used for sync.
  • NEW: Failed sync transcodes can be retried from Sync Settings.
  • NEW: Source icons for online search results.
  • NEW: Swipe up from the bottom to access connectivity settings.
  • FIX: Attempt to direct-play MPEG-4 video.
  • FIX: Better response validation (fixes certain sync errors).
  • FIX: The app can now sync from servers that aren’t published to myPlex.
  • FIX: Sort ordering for sync is more reliable.
  • FIX: Various issues with manually added servers.
  • FIX: Plex/HT and Plex/Roku player names are detected correctly.
  • FIX: myPlex accounts couldn’t be created on the device.
  • FIX: Offline sections couldn’t be accessed in some rare cases.
  • FIX: A few other inconsistencies & crashes.

Happy Pi Day!

03.14.13 34 Comments

(Random inconsequential factoid: when I was a kid, I tried to memorize lots of digits of Pi to – obviously – impress the ladies. Never made it past 15 digits.)

Happy Pi day, Plexians! I hope you’re all doing something date-appropriate like watching TV or relaxing an hour and six minutes earlier than usual. If, on the other hand, you’re feeling like letting your geek flag fly, you should check out the RasPlex project.

A bit of background: The Raspberry Pi is a tiny computer which sells for as little as $25. Size and price notwithstanding, the popular device packs a powerful graphics chip which allows for HD video decoding and high performance 3D graphics. Sound like a perfect device to run Plex Home Theater on? You’re not alone in thinking that. Thankfully, Sam Nazarko has been doing brilliant work on making XBMC (which Plex Home Theater is based on) really run well on the Raspberry Pi with his Raspbmc project.

And I have to say, the combination of the Raspberry Pi and Plex Media Server is especially compelling, given our awesome transcoder: Any codecs the board can’t handle natively can be transcoded in real time by the server.



Thus, a few months ago, RasPlex was born. We were approached by Dale with his ideas for the project, which even included a cool-looking custom case for the device. If you have a Raspberry Pi already, you can download an early release of the Plex Home Theater port today from his site.

There’s nothing that makes us happier than more options for running Plex! (And it’s especially cool when the option comes from our amazing community.)