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New Plug-in releases for December 22nd

| 22 Dec 2009 | by

Writen by chhitz Dieses Plug-in bietet den Zugriff auf die Inhalte auf dem SF Videoportal ( Verfügbar sind die meisten deutschen Eigenproduktionen des Schweizer Fernsehens. Über die Einstellungen stehen 4 verschiedene Videoqualitäten mit unterschiedlichen Bandbreitenanforderungen zur Verfügung. Written by Sander...

The Swedish TV4 Plug-in

| 17 Dec 2009 | by

Life is pretty good for Swedish Plex users, we have to admit, thanks to the hard work of our talented plug-in developers. This is probably why the country contains the highest per-capita of Plex users on the planet! I’m sorry...

Headweb Plug-in released

| 14 Nov 2009 | by

If you’re in Sweden, you can’t use Netflix (silly geographic restrictions), but now you can use the most excellent Headweb movie service on Plex. It’s especially exciting because the company approached us and then wrote this awesome plug-in themselves. With...