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Email videos to your myPlex Queue

11.20.11 13 Comments

Hello again, myPlexians! (myPlexers? myPlexites? Hmm…) Andre here again, back from working hard in the myPlex fields with a juicy harvest. As part of our ongoing efforts to make adding videos to your queue as easy as possible, we have set up a newer, friendlier way. Every myPlex queue now has an email address. To find out what your queue’s email address is, just visit the queue help page. The email address on that page is unique, and adds videos…

myPlex Queue API How-to

11.12.11 20 Comments

Hi Guys! AndrĂ© here, taking a break from working on myPlex to give you an update on how it’s going. Since we launched almost two weeks ago, myPlex has gotten off to a very rousing start. Sophisticated and good-looking Plex users (that’s all of you) have been queueing videos from all over the internet to watch later in one of the many Plex clients. Enterprising Plex users have even created Chrome and Safari extensions to allow queueing videos directly. Those…