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myPlex Queue API How-to

11.12.11 20 Comments

Hi Guys! AndrĂ© here, taking a break from working on myPlex to give you an update on how it’s going. Since we launched almost two weeks ago, myPlex has gotten off to a very rousing start. Sophisticated and good-looking Plex users (that’s all of you) have been queueing videos from all over the internet to watch later in one of the many Plex clients. Enterprising Plex users have even created Chrome and Safari extensions to allow queueing videos directly. Those…

Automated Channel Testing

04.24.11 15 Comments

Along with the Plex desktop applications, there is a lot of infrastructure behind the scenes that we’ve been working on. Today I want to focus on Plex Channels, which bring Internet media content to your desktop and mobile Plex clients. The Web is in a constant state of flux, with sites changing and being redesigned. Wherever possible, the Plex Channels use the site’s API to ensure stability in the face of this change, but at this point we have nearly…

Happy Holidays from Plex!

12.24.10 36 Comments

We just wanted to take a moment and wish you and your families a happy holidays! Thanks for spending this exciting year with us, thanks for your feedback, your encouragement, your enthusiasm, your kind words, and even for your constructive criticism. We’ve come a long way in the last year, and we have some amazing plans for 2011! We’d also like to drop a little something in the stockings of our development community out there, in the form of a…