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Please take our survey

04.16.08 42 Comments

While we sweat away perfecting the Apple Remote/Universal Remote code, please help us out by taking our short survey. We’re trying to get a better sense of our community, which will help us prioritize features and schedule things better in general. I wish I could say that one lucky respondent to the survey will win an all expenses trip to Maui, where he or she will be forced to work cleaning our house for a week. In reality all you’ll…

A Quick 1080p Tip

04.12.08 23 Comments

For some reason, OS X seems to be reluctant to output 1080p to TVs, and usually defaults to 1080i. At first I thought it was the cable (a 50′ HDMI cable purchased from Eforcity for $40), but that turned out to work perfectly. The problem was that the only option for 1920×1080 that showed up in the Displays System Preference was interlaced. However, when I checked the “Show displays in menu bar” option, lo and behold, there were two options.…

Release 0.4.5: An interim release

04.08.08 65 Comments

The Apple Remote work is taking a bit longer than I expected, so another release is probably a good idea, to share some of the bug-fixes and new features that are complete. Here are the changes in this release: NEW: High quality software upscaling is now supported. You can specify preferences in Video -> Player as to when the scaling is enabled and what scaling algorithm is used. This makes a huge difference when viewing SD content. It takes quite…

High quality upscaling in next release

04.05.08 14 Comments

OK, I just adding software upscaling as a full-fledged feature for the next release. Both bicubic and lanczos upscaling is selectable, and you can enable it for SD content only, or if you’re feeling like making your CPU sweat, for all content (meaning 720p is upscaled to 1080p using the same algorithms, and — to my eyes, at least — little visual effect). I think the next thing I want to look into on the quality front is ffmpeg’s ability…

Experimenting with Bicubic scaling

04.04.08 8 Comments

So for lack of anything better to do, I played around with getting swscale (a component of ffmpeg) to attempt performing high quality software upscaling. By default we perform bilinear upscaling, and with SD content, it looks pretty crappy, with lots of jagged lines. After getting it to work, I took a couple of screenshots to show you the difference. In terms of performance, my desktop had enough power to do bicubic upscaling of both SD and 720p content to…

Roadmap improved

04.02.08 5 Comments

We’ve restructured the milestones on our Trac site to correspond to specific versions and better illustrate the bugs and features that will make it into these versions. A few things to note about this: When you’re reporting a bug or requesting a feature, please leave the milestone blank! Please do indicate the version for bug reports. We’ll decide which milestone (if any) will include the bug-fix/feature based upon a few things: the number of comments the ticket receives, how difficult…

Release 0.4.0: Python and Virtual File System

03.30.08 35 Comments

It’s been hell trying to get anything done lately. A friend is in town getting married and we’ve been partaking in all the wedding activities, which involve an ungodly amount of high quality alcohol. And we all all know how alcohol and coding don’t mix. Anyway, better late than never. We’ve decided to push the version number up a bit more than usual, to reflect the major changes in this version: NEW: Work has been completed on the Mach5 Ruby…

XBMC and Google Summer of Code

03.25.08 1 Comment

XBMC is participating in the most excellent Google Summer of Code this year. You can see a list of some ideas for projects over here and discuss in the forum. There are a few days left for submitting applications, so if you’re interested, by all means go for it! This would be a fun project for a student to work on and get paid for doing so.

More Python goodness

03.25.08 10 Comments

I fixed a few more issues with Python, and now Apple Movies Trailers work! Browsing, playing, it all works. I did need to replace some of the Python libraries in the downloaded script with the OS X version. This raises the issue of how to support downloading scripts for different platforms, when the scripts need binary components.

Good news and bad news

03.22.08 10 Comments

The good news is that I’ve made substantial progress in getting Python to work in OSXBMC. The bad news? I’m now addicted to the Tetris script and likely won’t get much more work done this weekend. There are still some issues to be figured out, but hopefully I’ll be able to make a release this coming week with Python enabled. (This also means that the Mach-O processor that wraps some stdio/stdlib calls seems to be working, which means that the…