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Please take our survey

| 16 Apr 2008 | by

While we sweat away perfecting the Apple Remote/Universal Remote code, please help us out by taking our short survey. We’re trying to get a better sense of our community, which will help us prioritize features and schedule things better in...

A Quick 1080p Tip

| 12 Apr 2008 | by

For some reason, OS X seems to be reluctant to output 1080p to TVs, and usually defaults to 1080i. At first I thought it was the cable (a 50′ HDMI cable purchased from Eforcity for $40), but that turned out...

Roadmap improved

| 02 Apr 2008 | by

We’ve restructured the milestones on our Trac site to correspond to specific versions and better illustrate the bugs and features that will make it into these versions. A few things to note about this: When you’re reporting a bug or...

More Python goodness

| 25 Mar 2008 | by

I fixed a few more issues with Python, and now Apple Movies Trailers work! Browsing, playing, it all works. I did need to replace some of the Python libraries in the downloaded script with the OS X version. This raises...

Good news and bad news

| 22 Mar 2008 | by

The good news is that I’ve made substantial progress in getting Python to work in OSXBMC. The bad news? I’m now addicted to the Tetris script and likely won’t get much more work done this weekend. There are still some...