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myPlex Queue API How-to

11.12.11 20 Comments

Hi Guys! AndrĂ© here, taking a break from working on myPlex to give you an update on how it’s going. Since we launched almost two weeks ago, myPlex has gotten off to a very rousing start. Sophisticated and good-looking Plex users (that’s all of you) have been queueing videos from all over the internet to watch later in one of the many Plex clients. Enterprising Plex users have even created Chrome and Safari extensions to allow queueing videos directly. Those…

Use the Source, Luke

06.02.08 27 Comments

OK, so you’d like to build from source and contribute to the project. Git (and GitHub) make this really easy, and give you powers far beyond what non-distributed version control systems like Subversion provide. The problem with Subversion and CVS in open source projects is that they’re like a walled fortress, and you’re either on the inside or the outside. If you’re a “member” you’re given commit access, and then you can develop on your own branches, checkpoint your work,…

Support Forums

05.30.08 5 Comments

It *totally* slipped my mind to mention in the release notes, but we have new support forums here. Come on in, make yourself an account, say hello. Many, many thanks to Isaac (a.k.a. iordonez) for setting them up.

Release 0.5.0b3: Back on Track

05.30.08 34 Comments

Alright, it’s been way too long since the last release! I apologize. Profusely. I’ve been busy getting the code moved over to Github and taking care of some other related things. It might seem like all I’ve been doing is drinking beer, but I assure you, that’s far from the truth. Really. I’m going to write another post tomorrow detailing how totally awesome git and GitHub are, with some detailed instructions on how you can contribute to the project as…


05.21.08 97 Comments

A few days ago, there was a heated internal email discussion going on amongst the XBMC team members. The topic: whether or not to kick me and the other OS X people off the team. There was an actual vote taking place, with retractions, explanations, concessions. One of the OS X people got called a rather offensive name. I watched this all with a calm sense of detachment. Why? Because I’m totally over it. When I started porting XBMC to…

The Source

05.13.08 59 Comments

Just to dispel any rumors or myths to the contrary, we are – of course – planning on checking our changes back into the Linux branch of XBMC, just as we’ve done with all previous releases. Trying to release a stable and polished product to our beloved OS X community while the Linux XBMC code churns like an Amish farmer making butter ain’t easy. I’ve been burned in the past trying to get some changes checked in and then finding…

Version 0.5 is just around the corner

05.02.08 19 Comments

As some of you have accurately pointed out, we’ve slipped past the release date listed for 0.5. Before the comparisons with Windows Vista start arising, let me assure you that we’re working hard on it, and have one or two minor things to finish up before releasing. We’re thinking about doing a couple of beta releases before the final 0.5, just to ensure the greatest success. Stay tuned…

Interview with AutomatedHome

04.28.08 16 Comments

Mark McCall from AutomatedHome was kind enough to interview me about the direction of XBMC for OS X. I know what you’re all thinking, I should stop wasting time and just get back to coding, and you’re absolutely right. I’m totally ashamed of myself. But if it brings new users to our beloved media centre (notice my annoying British spelling), then perhaps it’s for the better.

Accessing your iTunes library

04.27.08 24 Comments

I’ve read about a few ways of doing this, but this evening it occurred to me that using iTunesFS might be really easy and work quite well. Sure enough, load it up, add the new share and you’re browsing and playing your iTunes library. The only thing I haven’t figured out is how to share this new FUSE filesystem via SMB. It appears that you have to set the allow_other option, but I had no luck getting this to work…

Survey Results and Status

04.23.08 37 Comments

We’ve gotten over 1200 responses on the survey, and I wanted to start by just thanking everyone for taking the time to complete it (and cullman for suggesting the idea and writing the survey)! We learned a lot, and will use this information as we move towards 1.0, in terms of features and bug-fixes. First of all, let’s look at the demographics. Here are the top five countries; I’m amazed at how many people are in Sweden (unless Pike was…