Plex on the brand new Android TV!

06.25.14 90 Comments

No doubt you’ve been glued to the interwebs, watching the Google I/O keynote. Is the next version of Android named Lollipop, Lickable Lemur, or Limoncello? I’m honestly not sure, because I’m writing this the night before. But what I do know is that an awesome new platform has launched: Android TV.

Now if there’s a new way to get content on your TV, we try our hardest to be there from the start, and we’re super happy to let you know that Plex will be available when the Android TV launches. Mind you, this is no simple port of the big-screen Android app for the Google TV, this is much, much more. Starting with the finger-licking delicious new UI of the Android TV, we’ve completely redesigned the Plex home screen, and added exciting new ways to explore your media. Also, the app integrates perfectly with some of the amazing new Android TV features, including voice search. Lastly, media you’re most likely to want to watch next is displayed on the Android TV home screen.

Obviously, Android TV isn’t available for users yet, but we wanted to give you a rare peek at what’s coming in the near future.

Feast your eyes on these screenshots, dear reader! Is this the sexiest version of Plex yet?

Movie Library
TV Season Page
Movie Page
Music Library

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  • Hello,
    I have got a new “Sony Bravia KDL-65W855C” running AndroidTV.

    The App is working fine.
    The App is free, because I´m Plex-Pass user (Y)

    The only Problem is… Sorround on my Audiosystem (Harman Kardon HD Com 1719) is not working !
    I cant find any settings for sorround ?!

    If I play a Video of a USB-Stick sorround is working perfectly → no problem with the Audiosystem

    Can you please help me here ?

    Sorry for my “school-english”
    Thank You

  • Does anyone know if the ‘shuffle’ feature still exists for tv shows in this client? We use it constantly in PHT. I’m dying to grab a shield for plex, but don’t want to lose that functionality. Thanks!

  • When will Plex Android TV have similar function to Plex Android? Can’t find shuffle for all music, only inside albums; on Plex Android I can shuffle from top level and get all 7,000 songs.

    How do you view video listing by folder. All my anime series are in their own folders, but Plex Android TV disregards folders and lumps them into one giant listing. On Plex Android you just pick Folder view and then you can see each series by itself.

  • With FIRE OS5 coming out to the Fire TV, is this new Android TV layout not possible now?

    • @Fernando: The Android TV is specifically for Android TV devices and makes use of libraries and functionality only found there. However, we’re definitely interested in improving the Plex app for all of our Fire TV users! The current app there is certainly getting a bit long in the tooth.

  • On android tv the libraries for plex consist of playlists, movies, tv. is there any way to remove playlists as i have never used them?

    • @trevor: It isn’t currently possible to customize the list. It’s always possible that might be available in the future, but we don’t have any specifics to share.

  • Hi. I have a new Sony Bravia Android TV. I’ve installed the Plex app but it only displays my music and playlist folders. It does not display my photos folder. How do I fix this please?

    • @DaveB: You’ll want to make sure that you create a Photo library on your Plex Media Server and point it at your photo content. That way, you can then access that library in your various Plex apps. If you have issues, please visit our support forums.

  • Will this mean that the nexus player plex app will be free as well?

    • @Jeff: Yes, the app for Android TV will be free on the Nexus Player.

  • Hi,
    I recently install Plex on my android tv box. I;m controlling it with the remote control, but I cannot play the content though my remote. Its not navigating to play button. Only option is to activate the mouse mode and move the cursor to play button.

    Any Idea..?

    • @Shan I’m not sure if you mean you are using Android TV or a generic Android box with an HDMI port you are using on your TV. I’m honestly not sure what you mean by mouse mode or playing through the remote itself. It would be best for you to make a post on our forums where you can post details of what you are seeing and exactly which device you are using.

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