Camera Upload for Android and Windows Phone, and Sync for Windows 8

05.13.14 66 Comments

We have have been quiet for a little while, but rest assured, we’re working hard around the clock to bring you much media awesomeness (Literally! Our engineering team is spread over almost every time zone there is!)

Today, we’re happy to let you know that Camera Upload (our popular Plex Pass feature for automatically uploading photos from your device right to your Plex library) is now available for our Windows Phone 8 and Android apps.

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As if that weren’t enough to celebrate, Plex Sync is now available for our Plex for Windows 8 app. Now you can easily sync media to your Surface or Windows PC.

We’ll be back soon with more good tidings, my dear Plexians!

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  • Can we get a fix for subtitles being absolutely massive on Chromecast and Roku, even on the tiniest selected setting?

  • Hi, there is one thing I need and I am not sure if this has the ability. I want to be able to turn off streaming for when my family connects to the server and only be able to download the content. In other words, when they are looking at my library, they only see a download link instead of a “play” link.

    If this is capable of doing this, I will pay the lifetime membership today.


  • The Android version is not working for me and some other guys:

    Works just the first time, After change the directory stop working, even back the default directory not solve the issue

  • I signed up for plex pass just to get the camera upload feature. It’s a great feature but I too wonder why we can’t also upload videos!

  • Camera Upload is a perfect way to cloud your photos. I’m waiting for the iDevice app. With the current iDevice Plex app there are limited capabilities to synchronize the camera. Adding a custom library is cool, flagging if it synchronizes over cellular … but it synchronizes everything on the phone in one directory. No way to select what photos go in what directory nor is there a way to limit access to a directory either through password or otherwise. Lots of room to grow.

  • hi guys, am having artwork problem,am not seeing the true movie

  • Anyone else ticked off about Plex Media Server saying “it’s free!,” and then they tell you there’s a fee? I spent days getting all my movies/TV shows/home movies set up to watch, BECAUSE THEY TOLD ME IT WAS FREE!, then I’m locked out because I haven’t paid the fee. I’ve contacted Roku customer service and they tell me “too bad for you, nothing we can do. Take it up with Plex. They’re very clear that there’s a fee. Check out their website.” They gave me the URL and guess what, PLEX’S WEBSITE SAYS IT’S FREE!

    Here’s a screen capture of Plex’s homepage, with my embellishments…

    This isn’t right. It’s a scam that Plex is running on us. You can’t say “IT’S FREE!” then later charge a fee. What’s the little guy like me to do? Get a restraining order against Plex? Complain? Nobody cares, we just get screwed and we lose.

    Thanks, Plex, for being deceitful and lying about your service.

    • @Scott Altizer ~ the page which you’ve marked up shows the download for the Plex Media Server. Which is COMPLETELY FREE. As is our awesome web app which lets you access your media from anywhere in the world. ALSO FREE. As is our world-class media center app, also COMPLETELY FREE.

      Because we have to eat (and feed our pets and family), we’ve always charged for our mobile clients (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) and some big-screen apps (e.g. Google TV). The Roku app was free for a while, but now it’s free during a trial period and then it costs the same $4.99 we charge for the other apps.

      (I do believe you spent more energy on marking up our web page then $4.99.)

  • I really love Plex. I have tried the image library and the home video library. Until they are improved, I cannot see using them. The imagery library needs image labeling, ability to tag pictures for grouping/events descriptions, categories, etc to really be useful. I agree with others comments that including home videos in the camera uploads would be great but the camera upload tool would need to be able to discriminate and put the home videos in the separate library. It too would need the labeling (subtitling) capability, event description, and category attributes. Keep adding these features, Plex is great.

  • I very much hope that this comment gets the attention of someone who can help. I am finding it impossible to install the server. I am running Win 7 pro.,64.
    I uninstalled my anti virus, ran as Administrator, used a clean install of windows on a brand new harddrive in a different machine, downloaded with every browser I could find………

    Anyway I’ve wasted almost 30 hours (in a row).

    In the Plex forums I am Scritterz (

    Any assistance would be appreciated. Please forgive me for intruding here.

    I got hold of a Chromecast. after finding out about Plex – I researched alot…( I am a disabled vet on a really small monthly allotment…whine, cry, whine some more)

  • So we have to pay for plexpass and again for the new windows 8.1 plex? I go tot he store and it says $4.99.

  • Can anyone tell me how the project of adding some security to this software is going.
    I heard they were going to encryption. That’s a question that keeps coming up.

  • Which places on the mobile are scanned for photos? I’ve many pictures from my former phones which are in folders like e.g. “DCIM->100MEDIA_old”. Would be nice if the sources could be changed or excluded and multiple sources were possible. Also in my opinion support for video is obligatory as most uf us surely also have numerous of them because many smartphones like e.g. HTC One with ZOE make short movies as an alternative to pictures or pictures can be taken out of videos later.

  • I was using Plex and everything was great until the last update. Lost most of my channels and even reinstalling them didn’t help. They no longer show up on my mobile device or channel directory. Only see the 2 itunes channels. I was using the unsupported app store for Letmewatchthis and that hasn’t worked for months now along with Ice Films and similar channels. It also appears at my IP is blocking some channels as well. Did the latest update fix any of that?
    I paid for a plex pass and feel like the system crashed right after that and I haven’t been able to use plex for months now :-(

  • Ability to delete already synchronized content from phone would be nice

  • Love it. Thank you

  • Would be great to have the ability to save a photo from plex to Windows Phone and also to have a remote on Windows Phone and Windows metro app.

  • Great function, the photo upload. Still, It would be quite nicier if it would also allow me to delete the uploaded photos from your phone.

    This way, you can have unlimited photo storage on your phone.

  • How about true multiuser? Parental controls? Let’s not forget about the things that people have been literally begging for for years. But, sure, uploading my photos is exactly what I want on my TV.
    And what about APERTURE ???? doesn’t work since apple release the new version…
    You need to focus in the request for standard feature before put new crap in the app

  • Thanks!!!!

  • Photo sync still broken, crashes on my S5, been broken for ages. Not worth paying for.

  • +++++++1 Need to be able to upload videos, please, please, please !!!!!!!!!

  • VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • +1000 for including video upload ! that would be very very helpful.

    Thanks !

  • Without the video-upload function the camera-upload feature is useless. For me Plex is useless without camara upload for both video and photos!

    I have spend time and money for a mandatory feature.
    Thanks for that.

  • In today’s world, everyone uses their camera for photos and video. Until I can upload both photos and video, this feature is unfortunately no good. Which stinks, because I bought the product for this.

    In a related problem, I can’t create a library that mixes both. Again, in today’s world (and for the past several years), we mix the two when we use our cameras. This is a key feature – please make it work – help me appreciate the money I’ve spent instead of regretting it.

    • @Joel ~ I agree with both of your points!

  • +1 please include videos too.

  • Come on guys. We need video. Without this its not a real substitute for iCloud backup etc. which decreases its value.

    I would love the ability to have my backups locally to my plex server but without video it’s missing something important.

  • I LOVE plex. I have 3 of our families close houses (soon to be 4) networked together and sharing my media across multiple platforms. This auto upload feature is amazing, and I can see myself LOVING it. But I also am begging for you to include Video at your earliest convenience ^_^

  • I just discovered the camera upload feature and I absolutely love it! If there was any way to get this to also include videos that are taken on my phone and upload those as well, that would be very helpful! This is a great tool to keep backups of the photos on mobile devices, but I take almost as many videos as photos, and would need to get those backed up as well.

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