Camera Upload for Android and Windows Phone, and Sync for Windows 8

05.13.14 68 Comments

We have have been quiet for a little while, but rest assured, we’re working hard around the clock to bring you much media awesomeness (Literally! Our engineering team is spread over almost every time zone there is!)

Today, we’re happy to let you know that Camera Upload (our popular Plex Pass feature for automatically uploading photos from your device right to your Plex library) is now available for our Windows Phone 8 and Android apps.

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As if that weren’t enough to celebrate, Plex Sync is now available for our Plex for Windows 8 app. Now you can easily sync media to your Surface or Windows PC.

We’ll be back soon with more good tidings, my dear Plexians!

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  • Dan I’m in the same boat, I really like this feature but would love it if I was able to backup up videos aswell.

    Could someone please tell me if they are planning to build this feature into the camera upload.

    • @Paul ~ Noted, and yes.

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