Plex is available on Amazon’s new Fire TV!

04.02.14 200 Comments

[Just to note, the Amazon App Store sale has now ended.]

If you’ve been using Plex for a while, you know it’s our goal—nay, our passion, our healthy obsession—to make it available everywhere. It’s your media, and we want you to be able to access it wherever you are, on whatever device happens to be in your hand or in your living room.

We’re thus extremely happy to announce that Plex is available on Amazon’s awesome new Fire TV at launch. We’ve been impressed with the performance of the device, and we’re happy to report that Plex runs great on it.

In order to celebrate the launch, the app is going on sale for just 99 cents. [The sale has now ended.] Of course, if you’ve already bought it for your Kindle Fire, it’ll be free.

So go get your stream on!




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  • Thanks Elan for your quick response. I am logged in using my username and password. I have the same setup on my roku box.

    I just can’t seem to find the channel section on the Fire stick. Only sections I see is My Library, ON Deck and My Media. Should I be going in the settings to activate something?
    The Amazon app lay out is so different then the Roku box.

    Please help! How do I access channels?


    • @Vi ~ Channels are available, select (I think it’s) “Online” on the left (or is it “Social”?) Sorry, AFK.

  • Do you need the Plex Pass to use Plex on Amazon’s Fire TV?

  • very good

  • Hey Elan, Has the Direct Stream/no audio problem been addressed on the AF? If not, are there any set top devices where audio works with Direct Stream?

    • @Scotty ~ Sorry, I’m not aware of such an issue, is there a forum thread about it?

  • @ Elan, Sorry. perhaps I am not using the incorrect terminology. See here.
    I believe the term may be passthrough ? I currently have Roku 3. If I choose Direct Stream, the video is lovely, but no sound. It I allow Transcoding, I get lots of delays and choppy. It appears the CPU on my PMS goes to 100% when it transcodes the mkv files with DTS. to my Roku. I was hoping this wasn’t a problem with AF.

    • @Scotty ~ Ah, interesting. Sounds like your CPU is overloaded during Direct Stream, but not sure why you don’t have audio. Is it possible you’ve enabled some DD/5.1 setting which shouldn’t be enabled?

  • damn I wish I could get one for my students lol

  • I’m considering buying a used laptop to run plex server for use with my FireTV stick. I see the Plex FireTV app was updated recently, has it solved these bugs? Or should I just not bother setting up the server?

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