Plex is available on Amazon’s new Fire TV!

04.02.14 233 Comments

[Just to note, the Amazon App Store sale has now ended.]

If you’ve been using Plex for a while, you know it’s our goal—nay, our passion, our healthy obsession—to make it available everywhere. It’s your media, and we want you to be able to access it wherever you are, on whatever device happens to be in your hand or in your living room.

We’re thus extremely happy to announce that Plex is available on Amazon’s awesome new Fire TV at launch. We’ve been impressed with the performance of the device, and we’re happy to report that Plex runs great on it.

In order to celebrate the launch, the app is going on sale for just 99 cents. [The sale has now ended.] Of course, if you’ve already bought it for your Kindle Fire, it’ll be free.

So go get your stream on!




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  • Thanks Elan for your quick response. I am logged in using my username and password. I have the same setup on my roku box.

    I just can’t seem to find the channel section on the Fire stick. Only sections I see is My Library, ON Deck and My Media. Should I be going in the settings to activate something?
    The Amazon app lay out is so different then the Roku box.

    Please help! How do I access channels?


    • @Vi ~ Channels are available, select (I think it’s) “Online” on the left (or is it “Social”?) Sorry, AFK.

  • Do you need the Plex Pass to use Plex on Amazon’s Fire TV?

  • very good

  • Hey Elan, Has the Direct Stream/no audio problem been addressed on the AF? If not, are there any set top devices where audio works with Direct Stream?

    • @Scotty ~ Sorry, I’m not aware of such an issue, is there a forum thread about it?

  • @ Elan, Sorry. perhaps I am not using the incorrect terminology. See here.
    I believe the term may be passthrough ? I currently have Roku 3. If I choose Direct Stream, the video is lovely, but no sound. It I allow Transcoding, I get lots of delays and choppy. It appears the CPU on my PMS goes to 100% when it transcodes the mkv files with DTS. to my Roku. I was hoping this wasn’t a problem with AF.

    • @Scotty ~ Ah, interesting. Sounds like your CPU is overloaded during Direct Stream, but not sure why you don’t have audio. Is it possible you’ve enabled some DD/5.1 setting which shouldn’t be enabled?

  • damn I wish I could get one for my students lol

  • I’m considering buying a used laptop to run plex server for use with my FireTV stick. I see the Plex FireTV app was updated recently, has it solved these bugs? Or should I just not bother setting up the server?

  • I Paid for activation through Amazon. I paid for it on my fire tv stick but every time I try to watch anything after a few minutes it asks me to activate. I feel that this is in error or is it just a glitch in the system?

    • @William DeChick ~ we’ve been working with Amazon to resolve these issues; things are much better now, but a few users (such as yourself) are still seeing problems. We should have it completely resolved shortly.

  • @Elan Just checking to see if there’s any update on the DD/DTS passthrough issue. Any chance Amazon fixes the problem or am I out of luck?

    • @Bill B ~ sorry, we’re still waiting for Amazon to release an update which fixes this.

  • When is plex going to go back to the previous layout on Amazon Fire TV instead of the new layout? Previous one was much better fro browsing movies folder.

  • I too am having the activation issue. I paid for the app and it worked great for one night. Now it has gone back to asking for activation after 1 minute or so.

  • I would really really really really really like to have the ability to utilize the playlists I have created, within the Plex app on Amazon Firestick. Any eta on when this feature will be included?

    • @Bryan ~ No ETA, but it’s coming!

  • Hello! I would like to know if fire tv stick can direct stream mp4 files with srt subtitles or need transcoding. Thanks.

    • @Theo ~ I don’t believe so, if the SRT subs are embedded in the MP4.

  • hello, I bought the app in google play, but I can not use it on fire tv, when I put the username and password tells me to buy the one time activation app again in amazon , as I do to access tv fire with that purchase?

    • @Rob ~ The FireTV is a totally different store than Google Play, purchases don’t transfer over.

  • I bought the FireTV-stick and installed the Plex app. The app has found my Plex server easily and also shows the contents of my media libraries But if I now want to play video or music, it takes approximately 1 minute and then it stops playing.
    However, if i cast the videos and music via PLEX web interface or smartphone app to FireTV stick, it plays from there without any problems. Just the FireTv-App stops after one minute of playing.
    i tried everything such as quality or experimental Payer in the video settings. Without any success!
    What can it be?

    • @Felix ~ hmm, that sounds like it thinks you’re still in demo mode (which limits playback to 1 minute). Email plexpass at plex dot tv and they can lend a hand.

  • When trailers will be available for FireTV for Plex Pass users?

    • @Andre ~ there is an update in the works for FireTV, which will have trailers and other features as well, but I can’t give you a specific timeframe for it.

  • I fired up plex on my Amazon fire stick for the first time in a month. It logs me in, but every time I try to play a video it prompts me to sign in, which I do, but the video stops after a minute.

    • @Matt ~ Please contact our support (plexpass at plex dot tv). Sounds like you’re running into an issue we’re trying to track down with Amazon.

  • any ETA of when film “extras” and Vevo music videos (plex music) is coming to the Fire TV app. Was the main reason I got a Plex Pass, very disappointed its not supported yet

    • @neil0129 ~ we’re working on an update which will include that and other improvements. It’s a big update, so it might take a bit to wrap it up.

  • Great news elan!
    Will we also see “Playlists” (for video) appear as part of the Big Update for FireTv?

  • ok, thats very good news thats its coming soon, thanks


  • I really like the new look for the Android TV. Is the Fire TV going to be updated with a similar look?

  • looks like the people at Plex definition of “coming soon” is very different to mine, almost 2 months since i asked about fire tv update to allow premium music, and film extras, playlists etc. And we have mmmm well nothing, not very happy at all really

  • The look and feel of the Plex app for the Amazon Fire TV is fantastic! In fact I replaced two aging Roku 2’s and upgraded them to Fire TV’s. However, the one thing that is driving me up the wall is that DD/DTS 5.1 does not pass through. It works with the Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Prime apps but not with Plex. Any update as to when this will actually be taken care of?

    • @Martay: Surround sound support is something we continue to work with Amazon to try and support. We’re definitely aware that it’s a frustrating limitation and something we want to support.

  • Any updates on surround sound for Amazon Fire – especially since new Fire is coming out?

    • @David: Multi-channel surround sound is supported on the new 2nd-gen Fire TV devices. Once the app is available for the 1st gen devices, there will be improved support there, too.

  • Well, I waited and waited to see if Roku was going to announce a 4, while I schlubbed along on the Samsung Smart TV version of Plex.

    Finally gave up in favor of the new Amazon Fire TV that is set to be delivered today. Hoping it works as well as my buddy brags his Roku 3 does. And really hope that it has the password protection that I get when using the laptop vs the Samsung. If it doesn’t it’s probably going back, as my wife wants insurance that my 6,3,and 2 year olds are fenced to only the kids shows I have for them.

  • Sorry for the double post, but I used the wrong email address in my previous post… (That’s what I get for thinking I can blind type!)

    I just bought a Fire Tablet, downloaded the PLEX app, but my sign in keeps failing. I thought perhaps I had the wrong password so I did a reset. Password is not the problem. I’m a Lifetime Plex member. Do I need to purchase the app? Is that why it is not working? Oh, one more thing… I am presently in Japan, if that matters. (Using a Fire tablet bought from Amazon Japan).

    Thanks for the assistance!

    • @douglas If you have a Plex Pass subscription the app all of our paid apps are free while it’s active. You just need to sign into it with your account. If your having sign in issues please post some details on our forums

  • I am having probkems with mkv files that will play mobile and on computer, but stream poorly with jitters or frame drops when I stream via my amazon fire and plex app. Other than file flipping hundreds and hundreds of files to mp4 and lose second audio track commentary, is there anything else I can do? Is Amazon going to ever upgrade to manage mkv files better?

    FYI, I have plex running off a qnap server into amazon fire to my TV.

    Before I use a software to batch change files, any advice?


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