Welcoming Plex Sync to Windows Phone!

03.29.14 43 Comments

We’re excited to announce that Plex Sync is available today on Plex for Windows Phone 8. Have a look at the screenshots below, we think it’s the most beautiful version of sync yet! Plex Pass subscribers can now sync videos, music and photos to Windows Phone 8 devices for offline playback.

Hopefully this will improve your next commute, business trip, or vacation!

NewImage NewImage

NewImage NewImage

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  • Thank you so much. I’ve been waiting for this feature before I go Premium. Sold!

  • Will sync be added to windows rt app?

  • Awesome to see that you keep up the support on WP! Great work!

  • Just signed up for a lifetime subscription after you added this feature. Thanks!

  • Just wanted to drop a line and say I’m impressed with all the updates that have been coming down the pipe. Any person who doesn’t Plex Pass For life right now is insane. You guys really impressed me. I’ve been doing htpcs since back in 2000. With the old hauppage tuners. But this was what I wanted and didn’t even know it. Plex easily does what 10,000 equipment did just 5-10 years ago without all the ways to get at your content. Thank you again for your work.

  • A Plexpass is so tempting also because of multi-user and also the great Windows laptop/tablet and Phone support.
    All family members have a Windows Phone (and Windows tablets or laptops/desktops)
    Allready started telling everbody about Plex. A gem a lot of people are not aware of.

    If all family members like plex, next stop will be a Plex pass.

  • I love my WP8 Plax app… thank you. I would like to see Camera upload feature added.

    • @Doug swanson ~ Our WP8 app supports Camera Upload!

  • Would love the ability to choose what type of images are uploaded to the server. I just want my photos uploaded, not my saved images. Great app tho!

  • Omg, come on i want to sync my Music playlist

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