Chromecast free for everyone, and great new features for iOS!

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Lo! We bring you good tidings, fair Plexians!

You’ve been very patient, and we’re thrilled to announce that Chromecast support is now free for everyone! All you have to do is update to the new releases of our iOS and Android apps, and you can enjoy the absolute best local media app for Chromecast. (And of course, a giant thank you to all the Plex Pass members who supported us during the preview period. You all rock. Namaste.)

Seriously, though, if you’ve been waiting to check out Plex on the Chromecast, it’s completely awesome. Downright rad. Not only do we provide the highest quality streaming around for your photos, music and videos (guaranteed, or your pixels back), we just added “content mirroring” which displays details for your media on the big screen while you browse, which is an incredibly cool, unique, and useful feature. Impress your friends. Make your parents think all that money for college didn’t go to waste.

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And really, we could end the blog post right here. Chromecast support is free, now get back to your couch and check it out.

But we slipped in a few more awesome things for you…

In the six+ years we’ve been working on Plex for you, one of the most often requested features is “can I shuffle all my music?” Well, as of today, on iOS and in the web app, yes, yes you can! We’re happy to be introducing our play queues feature, which is—as you might have guessed—a prelude to full-blown playlists for Plex. As always, we don’t take new features lightly; what you’re seeing below is a shuffle of over 40,000 tracks, using the highest quality shuffle mechanism there is. It’s incredibly fast, even over a remote connection. And once you’ve created a play queue, you can easily add to or edit it.

Photo 1 Photo 2

Photo 3 Photo 4

Not only can you play or shuffle all your music, but you can also use our rich and powerful filtering system to narrow down what you’re going to listen to. In this next example, I’m about to shuffle all my Australian music (and if you’re not listening to Australian music, sir or madam, you are missing out. The melodies! The lyrics! The facial hair!).

2014 03 12 at 11 48 PM

Angel baby

And really, why would we stop at just shuffling music? You can also use play queues with video. For example, and because I have very good taste in TV shows, I’m just sitting down on the couch with Barkley, about to partake in an Archer marathon. Quickly queue up all unwatched episodes, shuffle all episodes, or for example, I could also use our powerful filters to shuffle all unwatched movies rated G to protect Barkley’s sensitive ears while I write code, for you.

2014 03 12 at 11 56 PM

This feature is brand new, available for everyone on iOS and the web app, today. We’ll be expanding to other platforms, and making it even more awesome over the coming months.

So now we’re really done, right? House lights up, people heading for the exits? Hardly.

We’ve got one super cool brand new feature for Plex Pass members on iOS called Camera Upload. It’s easy to explain: point the Plex app at a server and a photo library, and it’ll make sure all the photos on your camera roll automatically upload to that library. We do all the work for you, in the background, using a brand new iOS 7 feature. Keep your phone in your pocket, as your photos are backed up safely in a Plex library, and then you can access them on all Plex apps, share them with friends or family, or (of course) fling them to your Chromecast (free for everyone now!).


We’ve even made a little promo video for the feature, since we dig it so much:


And that’s all she wrote, folks. Until next time, here’s Barkley, relaxing after a beach jaunt, face full of sand and delight. He’s a damn fine dog.


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  • Hi, Um I only just got ‘Plex’, and so I was wondering if any one could help me put movies on my plex account for it isn’t working, and I don’t know how to use it.

  • This works great (que/shuffle) thru but what I would really like to see is this functionality in PlexConnect, so thru the Apple TV, this feature worked the same. Right now I can only play one song at a time there… or am I missing something here? thx!!!

    • @herojig ~ you’d need to chat with the developers of PlexConnect, it’s a third party app 🙂

  • I was so excited when I read the teaser for this article “Photo upload from mobile to Plex server”

    I am equally disappointed to find this feature is only for iOS users.

    • @Perry – it’s also supported on Android and Windows Phone now!

  • Perhaps the headline of this post should have been used as headline on the announcements page, rather than just “Introducing camera uploads!”. It only crows about “Now, photos from your phone or tablet can be wirelessly synced automatically to your Plex Media Server” Truly… a few more letters and you would have saved some vitriol. ^__^

  • i love this, can you change the white back ground to a bit of color background? it is hard to see everything on this page, always think of older people who are using your site. thank you

  • When can we have camera upload for Android?. Thanks

    • @Norrie ~ Android has had this feature for ages.

  • I am a PlexPass subscriber and camera upload has never worked for me. Maybe I need to do something with my router setup but I didn’t get any help from the forums. I assumed since I only care about sync’ing over my wifi connection on the same network as my plex server that my basic setup would work fine (without port forwarding, static ip, etc)

    I love Plex, but the camera upload is the main feature I bought the PlexPass for.

    • @Kevin ~ Are you trying to upload from outside of your network? What app and server version? It should work, but if you give us more details we should be able to help. Also, make sure app and server are signed into

  • If someone gives me access to use Plex, and I use my android device, does it mean my pics will automatically synchronise n be saved on someone else’s server? Or is this a push function? Since downloading Plex app n accepting Plex server invitation via friend, my pictures on phone have stopped showing. Please shed some light on this security matter

    • @oz ~ you manually have to enable camera upload.

  • where’s the download??

  • When are you going to be able to view trailers with chromecast. I have not seen any trailers play before any of my movies yet. I have trailers set up in settings?

    • @Douglas: Cinema Trailers are correctly displayed for us, so long as you enable them first in the app you’re using to initiate the cast. If you’re seeing issues, please post details (as well as app and server logs) in our support forums.

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