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12.29.13 89 Comments

Wow, what a year it’s been for us.

Between new core features (multiuser, now playing, companion remote, media index files, Cloud Sync), tons of performance and stability enhancements, new platforms (Drobo 5N, FreeBSD, various other NAS devices) and apps (ChromecastWindows Phone 8, new Android app, new Google TV app, Plex Home Theater), we’ve been incredibly busy in 2013! (It’s also been an incredible year for the thriving third party Plex ecosystem, with the introduction of RasPlex for the Raspberry Pi, and PlexConnect for Apple TVs).

There’s been one last big thing we wanted to bring to you this year, and we’ve just finished rolling it out. If you look under your Christmas tree, you’ll see a brand new Plex website, which we’ve been working incredibly hard on for the last couple months. But it’s much more than a (badly needed) redesign; it’s a joining together of four separate pieces of Plex into a unified whole.

2013 12 30 at 2 29 PM

Before today, we had four completely separate web areas: the actual website, the place where you managed your account and servers (myPlex), the place where you went for Plex Pass downloads, and the place you went to organize and play your media (Plex/Web). This seemed like three places too many.

Now there’s just one place for Plex online: (oh, yeah, we even got a shorter domain name because we figured typing four less letters would help prevent global warming). Let’s go over some highlights of the new unified experience.

First and foremost, we’ve done a ton of work to better explain what Plex is. Our hope is that a new visitor to our website can quickly understand how Plex can help them, and even people who have been using Plex for a while can get a great overview of features and supported platforms.

2013 12 29 at 6 20 PM

Secondly, we’ve integrated account management into the main site, so you can create an account or sign in right on the site. This also means that we can show Plex Pass downloads right on the same downloads page if you’re signed in.

2013 12 29 at 10 44 PM

The last part of course is the web app, and there are lots of good reasons to have it live alongside the website. We can share authentication with the main site, making it easier to launch it, and it makes things faster for people accessing servers remotely. We’ve been working behind the scenes on a brand new version of the web app, which is faster and prettier, and that’s the version we’re now hosting at

2013 12 30 at 2 31 PM

We’ve also worked on the first run experience. If you create an account and then download the server, there’s no need to sign in three times (to the site, to the web app, and in the media server). Last, but not least, we’ve improved the reliability of finding the media server on a local network. If you’re signed into Plex, it should Just Work, better than ever before. (We’ve noticed some issues with Firefox, which we’re fixing.)

On the support side, we’ve opened up an extensive help center to replace the aging (and occasionally decrepit) wiki. Our Ninjas have been working overtime to populate the help center with helpful and clearly-written content, and will continue to pull over anything needed from the old wiki.

In summary, this is probably the biggest step forward in usability and user experience that we’ve taken in six years. We’ve looked at every single aspect, from branding, to terminology, to naming, to color palette. We’re incredibly excited about the changes.

Since we’re also human, we couldn’t quite get everything done on time, and we’ll be continuing to update things (e.g. blog skin, forum skin, support skin). We also will be working on updating branding and terminology (e.g. no more “myPlex”) across all our apps. If you have feedback or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you!

We hope you’ve had a wonderful holiday season, spent lots of quality time with loved ones, and we’ll be back in the new year with lots more exciting new stuff from the Plex universe.

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  • the new plex/web has issues with movies not playing back correctly. meaning people/items look squished or stretched out. the old plex/web played back all my media perfectly. can someone please point me to a link that i can use to access the OLD version that actually worked properly?

    • @Jim ~ old version is accessible at http://x.x.x.x:32400/web, hitting your server directly.

  • @elan ~ thank you for pointing me in that direction. hopefully the playback issue will be fixed, because i really like the look and feel of the new Plex/web.

  • Wow this new web site is waaaay better than before. Downloads are easy to find, no hassle log in…thanks for doing this! It was much more difficult to find what you were looking for before the new design.

  • Is it possible to only share the Movies section with my friends? Up to now I’ve completely ignored the sharing ability because we have our own family videos that I don’t want to share.

    If this is possible then you should state it more clearly, otherwise you should definitely add this ability.

    • @Chris ~ you can share whatever you want, just a single section, or all sections.

  • Just been trying the PlexTv web app for the first time ‘very impressed’ didn’t even know what it was as I really have only used Media Manager then played back content with Home Theatre or streamed to my iPad. But I noticed that when viewing my music on PlexTv that my various albums now display the different artists for each track (very cool) I have checked but this does not happen when viewing the same albums and tracks in Home Theatre or on the iPad app, can I make a request that this is added to both these apps please (are there any plans to do this?) also any progress on being able to queue music tracks using the iPad app again and not having to use the keyboard with Home Theatre?

    These are only small things but would make my usage perfect, honestly that is all I can think is missing in my plex world. Keep up the good work

    Regards Paul

  • I looked all over your site for the latest Plex client (I have the server on an iMac but I run the client on my macbook). Am I to assume that the web app replaces the client?
    But my main gripes are these:
    1. Android app does not cast the iTunes channel to Chromecast (I have a Motoroloa Moto G android phone).
    2. Playing iTunes from the web app is not “gapless” – this spoils the many albums where one track runs into the next.


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