Bitcasa joins our Cloud Sync line-up!

12.13.13 50 Comments

Back in October, we announced Cloud Sync, a Plex Pass feature which allows you to sync your media to cloud storage providers such as Box, DropBox and Google Drive.

Many of you asked us to include Bitcasa, and we heard you loud and clear! So as of today, you can now use Bitcasa to Cloud Sync. Not only that, through January 31, 2014, Plex users receive 20% off of the annual Premium Plan (regularly $99/year) by creating a new Bitcasa account via our providers page and applying the “PLEX20″ promo code at

Once you’ve signed up, head over to your Cloud Sync providers page and link your Bitcasa account. Happy streaming!

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  • PLEASE ADD ZOOLZ now that Bitcasa ballooned their prices 10-fold.

  • I would suggest you don’t place anything critical on Bitcasa, specially if you are on the East Coast of the United States.

    Between my friends and I, we have lost data to corruption on Bitcasa servers.

    Thanks to the Devs for the work though.

  • Why not SkyDrive? I’ve got 65GB of storage space there not being used and I believe they have APIs available for all platforms.

  • I have a question about plex-sync. I host my media server from a remote location on the east coast however when not commuting I mainly live on the west coast. Can plex-sync work remotely or does it require you to be physically at your home server location when syncing the chosen media to a tablet device for offline viewing when traveling?
    Thank you.

    • @J. Buchanan ~ you can configure and sync remotely, no problem :)

  • Any estimate of when this feature is going to work?

  • Today I finished setting up my system I had planned for a while now. I’ve setup a home server (Mac Mini 2013 on Mavericks and Server, 2.5GHz, dual core, 4GB ram, low power consumption) and installed Plex Media Server on it. It works like a charm and feeding 4 x Apple TVs. I did a test by playing 4 different movies at the same time in each room, non of them failed or froze, smooth play, the server was sitting at 2GB of ram used, the processor was only about 20% busy. After 2 hours the Mac mini was just warmish. I’m very impressed with Plex, the server and Apple TVs. I can definetly recommend this setup. Thanks Plex team!

  • “PlexPass” Life + Bitcasa $ 99/years , the top “exelent work”

  • I would love for Livedrive to be added to Cloud Sync. I have an unlimited storage space account there and that would make me a paid up lifetime Plex subscriber overnight!

  • Noticed that this blog entry seems to be missing on PLEX web site, but found via google. Did PLEX unpublish this blog posting? as too much negative? so $80 for the first year on BITCASA gets you 1 TB (with the 20% discount). Lets see, a compressed stored movie is maybe 2GB worst case (though some want to store a 10GB complete DVD copy which to me is not wise). So you could put 500 movies on BITCASA and share them with 5 friends (the API works with five at a time?). All sounds reasonable actually. Remainder of my movies are all on ULTRAVIOLET, or on the home server via a small pipe. and many say this is not worth it, or is unreliable?

  • Try Bitcasa. Get 20 gb of free, permanent space for a mere, one time fee of $5. That’s a GREAT DEAL.

  • How about some of the insane Chinese cloud services such as bai or 360. All free cloud services. Not sure if they have api’s though…can’t read Chinese 😉

  • I just signed up for another Chinese one called Yunio, they offer 1TB for free and has english UI. Seem to support all platforms as well (iOS, Mac, Windows, Android).
    Please put this on the list for support and I will get a lifetime PlexPass. 😉

  • Hi! Are there any plans to add Pogoplug Cloud services to the list? They offer unlimited cloud storage for $4.95 a month. I’ve got their free 5GB account right now but if I thought you guys might add support for them down the road I’d go for their Premium plan instead.

    I found out about them when I set up my friend’s new laptop for him. It was one of the bundled softwares on his new machine.


  • MEGA support is a must. It’d be perfect, because at least we probably won’t be locked out of our cloud accounts if we have copyrighted material (acquired legally or not) cloud-synced from our Plexes.

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