Plex for iOS updated for iOS 7!

12.03.13 395 Comments

[NOTE: We’ve submitted a new release to the store which fixes quite a few bugs which were unfortunately present in the 3.3 release. We’re really sorry about that!]

We’re pleased to bring you a brand new release of the iOS app today! Most notably you’ll see we’ve updated the icon, splash screen, and the UI for iOS 7. Baby steps, mind you, we have lots more user interface improvements coming, but at least Plex will look nicely at home on iOS 7 now.

We’ll be back very shortly with more iOS news, but for now, hopefully you’ll enjoy this release!

  • NEW: New look for iOS 7.
  • NEW: Detect URLs on the clipboard for quick queuing to myPlex.
  • NEW: Brand new video player.
  • NEW: Improved music player.
  • FIX: A UI hang when changing connectivity settings.
  • FIX: A nasty bug where entering sections with non-latin characters could crash the app.
  • FIX: Another UI hang when canceling and backing out of a library.
  • FIX: Synced content could sometimes appear mistakingly in Shared Libraries.
  • FIX: Synced content could become unplayable after being reconverted by the media server.
  • FIX: An issue flinging some video content to iOS.

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Screenshot 4

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  • Dear elan

    Do you mean plex can only play without transcoding only mp4 acc?
    I would like to play on local network without transcoding. Is this possible with plex?

    • @Bigdady ~ we use the native iOS player, so only formats supported by it are allowed without transcoding.

  • Hi,

    Have same issue as Andreas – if I pause and thn resume after a short period, video plays for a bit and then just throws me out of the movie. (ATV3 and Plex Server).

    Thank you

    • @Martin ~ see if it’s fixed in 3.3.3

  • The app keeps crashing and going to my ipad air homescreen, when I keep changing a few mp3 songs that are streaming from my computer.

    Please update this and fix,


    • @Alan ~ should be fixed in the latest version released today, let us know if it’s not.

  • Forgot to include that it seems to be doing this only when i airplay the streaming songs to my apple tv

  • Dear elan!

    Iwas glad to see that today new pley version came to ios with option to disable universal transcoder.
    But I tried and nothing changed, plex is streaming on local network with full transcoding, because my server pc is on 100%. (while other players only 3-5%). Is it possible that disabling transcoder is not working?

    • @Bigdady ~ the only thing Plex plays without transcoding is what the iOS player supports natively (e.g. MP4). All other formats need to be converted.

  • @elan

    Thank you, yes it does appear to be sorted. I may have just lucked out with timing but that was one speedy reply and fix, lol! :-)

    Can I ask one other question; I am very new to Plex and am using ATV3 and Plex app on iPad3. Video plays fine over network but PC CPU seems to going up and down like a yo-yo (within a couple of seconds it goes from 4% up to 100% and then back down again, then repeats cycle). Presumably because it’s transcoding the video? CPU is an Amd x4 2800 with 4gb ram. Video is typically 720p mkv. I stream also from PC to a Western Digital Tv Live and processor does not fluctuate at all and stays below 50%. Any tips? Thank you again, it’s an excellent product.

    • @Martin ~ CPU usage depends on what’s happening. If it’s transcoding, then you’ll see it go up and down like that, because it “idles” the transcode when it gets far enough ahead. The WDTV box supports more codecs, so it’s likely no transcoding is needed at all.

  • @elan

    Spoke too soon throwing me out of app after a pause of about 3 minutes. Sorry!

  • Good job well done! After 3.3.1 then 3.3.2 rendered my library unwatchable from my iOS 7 device, 3.3.3 looks to have solved my issues. Phew! Didn’t want to lose it so am superhappy. Thanks for a relatively speedy fix Elan (and everyone else) :)

    (iPad 3 running iOS7, using Airplay to ATV3, PMS running on ReadyNAS102)

  • @elan – thanks for the reply, that makes sense. I guess I need to invest in some quieter PC fans.

    Lastly, not sure if you spotted my previous comment. I tried resuming after a few moments of pause but unfortunately still looks to be a problem. It does pause and restart and continue playing if the pause is much shorter (less than a minute). Thanks again

    • @Martin: still an issue in 3.3.3? If so, post (or reply) to a forum thread so we can track over there.

  • Dear elan

    In this way how could ex. nplayer plays my files on phone/ipad (not only mp4) without transcoding? Why plex cannot do this?

    • @Bigdady ~ because we use the native player; integrating third party players or making our own would be too much work.

  • @elan

    Yes, still an issue in 3.3.3. Could you let me know which section it should be posted? Is this a server or client issue? Thanks for your help thus far.

  • PLEX has been so buggy since the ios7 updates. If I play a video then pause it, close Plex or switch to another app, it almost always loses my place in the video. Or, when I try to go back to Plex it force-closes.

    The latest issue happened today when I was watching a synced movie on my iPad 3 and paused it, backed out to the home screen, then turned off my iPad. I came back to watch the movie and it says “An unknown error occurred (-12643)”

    I completely closed the app and retried and it still won’t work. I tried another movie and got the same error. I tried a TV show and got the same error. I tried a different TV show and that one works just fine.

    So when I got home, I removed all content from Plex from my iPad. I synced everything again and the same videos won’t play and I get the same error. The videos play fine on my PC and will stream fine to my iPad on my home network, but the synced content won’t play. They played before I exited the movie and now they won’t.

    What’s up with that?!?! I’m going on a long road trip this week and it would be nice to be able to count on Plex to keep me entertained.

    • @Jay ~ I emailed you, but we’re working hard to ensure we fix any remaining bugs. Any help you can provide in the form of logs, steps to reproduce, would be kindly appreciated!

  • Dear elan

    If plex only suports the native player what is the reason of your own player for ios?

  • I am experiencing the same issue as Jay, I sync a TV show to my iPhone 5, and if i am connected to WIFI or 3G when I try to play the synced episode I get the message “The operation could not be completed An unkown error occured (-12643)”. If I switch on airplane mode (i.e. no streaming capability) the only content available is the synced content and the synced episode plays fine.

    Could this be an issue in the the synced content competing with the device wanting to stream from the server?

    Thanks in advance


    • @Adam ~ super sorry, this issue will be resolved in the next release!

  • I am looking for an app (plex?) that will let me show photos from a new ipad through Chromecast on our TV. Can plex do that now or is it a future option? If so, any idea when?

    • @Orin ~ we’ll be able to do that in the future.

  • On ipad my home screen starts loading, then after a few seconds everything disappears & I’m left with a blank screen (nothing but black). I tried fiddling with home screen settings & restarting but black is all this app is for me – worked before

  • My plexapp on my ipad mini keeps crashing when i airplay the show to an aptv. Sometimes it would work for one show, then keep crashing next. i would kill the app and restart and sometimes that works, sometimes it doesnt. App is up to date so is ios7. its the new ipad mini 128gb.

    • @David Cheok ~ will be fixed in next release, coming shortly!

  • Hi Support, just got my new iPad Air – sync content to iPad, when I try to play the sync’ed content i get error (-12643) put into airplane mode and the content plays…

    Any chance of an eta to fix? thanks

    • @Bhups: raise local video quality setting to work around, fixed in next release!

  • I have the same problem as Pandaman. Plex for ios has been working “okay”… I also get the -12643 error, but this morning when I got on the train for an hour an a half commute, all I had was a black screen. Closed the app; reopened. Restarted my iPad. Nothing. Even tried a quick sync. No luck. After much hassle, I’ve now deleted the app. I’ll keep an ear out and see how the next version is before I re-install. I’m a Plexpass member and actually paid for that because of the sync functionality. Guys, I think you’ve done a great job with a Plex Home Theatre and Media Centre, but I strongly recommend you spend some time focusing on the ios app – it needs to be fixed and on par with your other applications. You’re letting yourselves down by not focusing on this.

    • @Darren ~ we’ve been working our asses off fixing bugs in the iOS app, the next release (awaiting review by Apple) has most if not all of these issues resolved! It’s our top priority to make it stable and awesome.

  • Thank you Plex team!

    I love u guys!

    Plex rocks!

  • Hey guys,

    So I actually have no clue how to use the remote control function on the new app. Not even sure where to begin. I am running the latest Plex HT on a Windows 7 box and the latest ios app. Should I see some kind of functionality on the app automatically or do I need to set something up. Could be an ID10T error here as well. Any help is appreciated!


    • @Jesse ~ tap the players button on the bottom of the screen, tap on PHT to connect. Now you’re connected and if you play something it’ll play remotely. If you want to navigate, tap the players button again, and then tap the “Navigation” option in the small mini-controller that pops up.

  • Hey Plex crew !

    Awsome work on the app – really digging it !
    One question:
    I have Plex on my Samsung Smart TV and on my iphone/ipad

    Is it possible to use my ipad/iphone to browse my movies and tv shows, choose one and then “start” it on my tv ? ie. using the phone/ipad as a menu catalog and the tv as the actual player ? without having to browse through on the tv ?

    • @Søren ~ the Samsung app doesn’t support remote control (yet?)

  • Hi Elan, asked you this question bvefore, but can you tell more about the Tx3g subtitles issue. Still aren’t visible on the iPhone and iPad. Have a lot of movies with these subtitles. Thanks!

    • @Michael ~ as far as I know those should work fine. It’s possible you need to analyze the media with the newest release of the media server, as there was a bug at one point where the subtitle format wasn’t recognized. If not, please post details in the forums.

  • How come I can’t connect to my servers remotely anymore? Is this a bug or was that feature removed?

    I have Plex running on a MacMini HTPC, which I connect to when I travel. It has always worked great, but now I cant connect. What gives?

    • @ahMEmon ~ nothing should have changed there, the feature wasn’t removed.

  • I have an Ipad 2 which I have recently upgraded to ios7 and subsequently upgraded the plex app. Very nice … but about every 10 minutes the playback freezes. I have to exit Plex app completely and restart. I thought it might be the server but I do not have the same problem viewing on the TV or PC. If this is a known issue I am happy to wait for a resolution. But if it isn’t, does anyone have a clue what it could be?

    • @BC ~ If the playback freezes and then continues, it’s likely either network overload (WiFi) or CPU overload.

  • @Elan, thanks, it works after analyzing the media again!

  • Soren, I’m casting from my Ipad/Iphone to my Samsung Tv like you mentioned. I have two videos that show you how. Iphone Ipad

  • it appears iOS 7 has removed my ability to choose an external audio out to play music off my server via Plex? I can’t find a button to choose my amp, anywhere!

  • While streaming songs remotely from my PlexMedia server (running on a core i5 machine), the iOS app stops playback abruptly after a few seconds(Error: Unable to play track).

    If I select the song again by unlocking the phone, that tracks plays till the end.. and by the time the phone will be locked and the playback will continue on to the next song.. play for a few seconds.. stops.

    I tested with keeping the phone awake, this time, it finishes playing the track selected, move to next track, then keep on skipping tracks after playing the current track a few seconds.

    Can this be fixed please..? Would like to have continuous streaming with out having to select songs.

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