Plex Home Theater 1.0 released!

11.23.13 252 Comments

If you’ve been with us for a while, you’ll know that we’ve been working hard for the last 11 months on the next major release of our flagship media center software, Plex Home Theater. We’ve released 15 versions for our PlexPass members during this time, and we’re excited that we’ve finally reached the point where it’s ready for the world!

If you’re interested in all the detailed changes along the way, feel free to read the release thread, but let’s just say, almost every single thing about the app is improved: it’s faster, prettier, and more powerful. It plays more kinds of media, plays it more efficiently, and looks better doing it. It even has a brand new auto-update feature.

We really wanted to make sure this was a special release, because we know you’ve been waiting patiently for a while to get your hands on it. So we commissioned a beautiful new skin from the talented author of RetroPlex, who’s been one of the team for a while. Not only is it smooth, fast, and lovely, it also incorporates some enhancements we’ve made internally to finally provide the powerful server-side filtering which you’ve been enjoying in Plex/Web, Plex for iOS, and Plex for Android.

You can download Plex Home Theater here.

Without further ado, here are some screenshots.

Home simple 02

Home infocard 01

Movies posters big

Movies posters big filters 02

Music thumbs artists

Photos list

Preplay movie 03

Tvshow posters seasons level

And of course, we can’t forget about Barkley, seen here worn out after a long swim.


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  • @Elan, @Martin

    Hey Elan,
    you said that it won’t be possible to show the video title of the current artwork pressing a shortcut, but what about always showing it without the need of any shortcuts?

    Thanks and keep on the excellent work!


  • +1 for MBP Retina. Pixelated. :-( Bummer.

  • The iOS app is great but PHT for Mac is the worst program I’ve ever seen on a Mac. I only want to browse by folder but PHT isn’t able to do that.

  • @Sirius: its easy…
    add the parent folder as a library (probably ‘personal media’ to prevent scanning) and give it a name
    Now browse to this new library in PHT and choose the “by folder” view
    It’s a persistent setting. Works great for kids’ stuff, downloaded standup, etc

  • Hi All,

    I have installed new version of Plex Home Theater on ubuntu14.04 LTS.When i enter into this path(opt/plexhometheater/share/XBMC/addons/skin.plex/media) i haven’t seen any png files.there is only one file that is texcture.xbt.

  • Is pleat home theater a server version too ?
    or only a client ?

    • @Xav: It is only a client.

  • Hi Folks, it has taken me several months to convert my entire DVD library to softcopy, set up the library, explore and trial several media servers including XBMC, MediaBrowser, MediaPortal and finally Plex. Each of the platforms have outstanding features and some downside. I have settled on Plex with the PHT front-end using the PlexAeon Skin set to Multiplex and newbie3…It has to be the most beautiful presentation I’ve seen in this environment. Incredible job ‘Maverick’ (PlexAeon)…

    I can do all the normal things expected such as streaming from Plex and playing files across the network from both Plex and WDTwonky server etc…The entire Plex platform works well and thank you all for an outstanding effort.

    HOWEVER, PHT/Aeon will only play on the PC in the office and not on the player/TV in the lounge.

    Everything is setup in the home office some rooms away as I don’t want to be tethered to the player/TV via a separate HTPC and I would like to enjoy the splendor of full-screen PHT/Aeon/Plex environment on the TV in the lounge via the network…NO CAN DO!

    Out of desperation I added Chromecast but the Chromecast crashes and will only let me stream from Plex without PHT/Aeon. I am now at my wits-end…Surely, all this technology can help me make the leap to a networked front-end as I want it or I am I so dumb that I can’t see the missing link. Any feedback/input/advice from anyone as to how I can make it work with no further expenditure would truly be appreciated.

    My back-end (in the office) is a WDMyCloud 4Tb for the library, a new HPPavilion 503-315a with i5-4460 processor and hard-wired through a Gb switch into my Technicolor Router. I have extended the network to the lounge with a TP-Link Powerline extender (and Wi-Fi hotspot). My player is a new Sony HTS BDV-N9100WL with HDMI to a 4 year old Telefunken TV…This is not a Technophile’s dream but for an amateur like me it’s all good!

    PLEASE!!! Can anyone tell me whether I have missed some settings in PlexMS or PHT that will enable me to achieve my goal or is there something else that I am doing wrong.

    • @waterside.steve ~ Glad you picked Plex! What you’re describing should work fine. Make sure you’re not on a separate local network, and sign the server and PHT into to assist it in server discovery. Not sure specifically what problem you’re having, though.

  • Hi Elan, thanks for the prompt response. All I am trying to do is to project onto the TV in the lounge, the same PHT/Aeon screen as I am seeing on my PC monitor but via the network instead of having to plug my PC into the TV. I am stumped.

    • @waterside.steve ~ I’m not sure how you’d do that without plugging your PC into the TV (or plugging a Roku into the TV. Or any plex-capable device). Unless of course your TV is smart, and has a Plex app built in.

  • Thanks Elan. I’m happy to take a lifetime sub for Plex and also put in Roku IF as a result I can then see the same full Plex/Aeon screen on my TV that I see on my PC, but via my network instead of any form of direct cabling of the PC to the TV or Roku…Is this possible or could it be possible with some reworking of Plex Home Theatre?

  • Oh, in addition, my TV is not so smart but the Sony home theatre system can download Plex app with a Plexpass…BUT, even with the Plex app installed on the Sony, will the Plex app then enable me to view the full PHT/Aeon screen. Your advice is appreciated.

    • @waterside.steve ~ no, Plex Home Theater is a standalone app, different from the Smart TV apps.

  • Ok thanks Evan…Is there any reason why Plex can’t modify the PHT app to work via a network as described above or have I missed something major in my interpretation of the technology? ICT I am ok with but AV seems to be a totally different beast!

  • Elan, I’ve been doing more research on this and have learned some new jargon…here goes…
    All I want to do is ‘Mirror’ my PC screen (PHT/PlexAeon), which is in my home office, onto my TV screen which is in the lounge room, via my network. Preferably via my ethernet connection or by wireless. Chromecast won’t cut it…Is there ANY way you are aware of that I can achieve this with Plex?

    • @waterside.steve ~ Only via a long HDMI cable :)

  • Ok, thanks Elan. PlexAeon front-end with the stability of PMS back-end is still the best solution to date IMO…Will continue my search for the Holy Grail…

    • @waterside.steve ~ Get an Intel NUC, and run that, connected to TV?

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