A massive bookmarklet upgrade

10.18.13 64 Comments

Unless you’ve been living under a Plex-shaped rock, you know about our awesome bookmarklet that you can use to queue up videos all over the web. Once queued, you can view them on any of our Plex apps. Your myPlex account even gives you a custom email address you can use to send a link to a page with a video. It’s that easy.

We’ve spent some time enhancing the bookmarklet, and we’re finally ready to share the work with you. For starters, we’ve given it a well-deserved makeover with a cleaner, more modern look.

2013 10 18 at 11 15 PM

Next, we’ve added the ability for you to recommend a video right inside the bookmarklet. Instead of having to queue the video, and then recommend it from a Plex app, you can now quickly send the recommendation to friends with just a few clicks.

2013 10 18 at 11 26 PM

Finally, and this is really cool, you can also “fling” a video over to any Plex app on your network. Sitting on the couch with a laptop? A couple of clicks and you can send the video on the page you’re browsing over to the Roku connected to your TV. Or even to your iPhone or Android device. (Note that your server has to be registered with myPlex for this feature to work.)

2013 10 18 at 11 27 PM

In summary, this new bookmarklet makes it incredibly easy for you to save, recommend, and fling web videos to Plex apps!

One of the other things we’ve been working on behind the scenes is speeding up myPlex. You may have noticed in the last week or two that your queue and recommendations appear much faster inside Plex apps. We’ve made changes which make your queue and recommendations load anywhere from 5 to 10 times faster.

We’re hard at work on lots of other really cool stuff, and we’ll be back soon to share more with you.

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  • @elan, liking the way fling works with YouTube & Vimeo embeds on other sites but can’t get it to work on Vimeo.com videos if you’re logged into the site? Is this something that’s going to be fixed in the future?

  • While the Plexit add to queue on Safari works for the Roku, I was really hoping the “fling” it feature works, which it does not. I receive the “unable to play video” Furthermore, the email link feature as well does not seem to be functioning.

  • I’ve been trying to play episodes (Southparkstudios.com, thedailyshow.com, colbertnation.com, etc.) to my Revue using the “Plex It!” feature, but it only plays through to the first commercial. Any idea on this? Am I missing a plugin?

  • @Scott ralph

    Ive been noticing an odd behavior lately after clicking the PlexIt icon. I get a message saying “You need to sign in first” before I can save a video to my plex
    queue. Problem is that I’m already signed in.

    That never happened before. I then realized to make it
    work properly again, I had to change my browser’s setting
    to allow it to “accept third-party cookies”. After that,
    I was able to save the DIY video that you mentioned above.

    I don’t like always acceptiong third-party cookies, so
    I just change the setting when I want to plex a video to my queue.

  • Fling-It! Sounds like something that needs to be copyrighted right away.

    I’ve been sooo waiting for this exact thing!

  • Great work! Doesn’t appear to work on the huffingtonpost site though, for example: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/11/01/jon-stewart-go-fuck-yourselves_n_4190278.html?utm_hp_ref=politics&ir=Politics

  • @xxxredeye Plex for Android does not support multipart videos, unfortunately :(

  • @Gareth Lewis-Pitt Since the bookmarklet requires some logic in the background (finding metadata like title, description, thumbnail and finding the video source) the bookmarklet cannot work on *any* website. Every website is unique and every website requires its own piece of logic (code) to make it work. A list of sites currently supported can be found here: https://github.com/plexinc-plugins/Services.bundle/tree/master/Contents/Service%20Sets

  • Hello. Does anyone know where I can get the Netflix bundle to add to my plugins on Plex please? I would like to access my Netflix account via Plex and I am currently unable to do so :( Thank you.

  • Elan,

    Do you have a time frame for implementing playlist support? This is the only feature that I really want for Christmas. I want to be able to sync my music from my iPhone to my iPhone and not have to stream from iTunes. Is anyone working on implementing playlist support? Is it possible to implement playlist support as a user by making a channel? Even if Plex only allowed us to play all sync’ed music shuffled instead of having to go into each and every album to play a song I would be happy for the time being.


    • @Gary: It’s a very important feature to us :)

  • @elan

    I would just like to say, I am grateful for Plex. Thank you for your handwork and dedication to this project. As a 70s gangster would say: “It’s is a beautiful thing.”

  • I have tried several websites and nothing is queued, it says no video. But I’m watching the video as I Plex it! What could the problem be?

  • Best release so far, loving the new skin! Great work.

  • Oops; a 500 error…
    That’s “Internal Server Error” in geeky language.
    We’ve been notified about this issue and will take a look at it shortly.
    Let us take you to the main page and we can start all over again, shall we?

    Anyone else having same issue?

  • Not working on youtube.com :(

  • Does not work anywhere. I used it for Youtube previously, now it doesn’t even work there!!! Can we please have the old one back? This is beyond annoying now.

  • No longer working on YouTube for me. If I work at grabbing the actual link to the YouTube video, then use my Plex Queue email address, it works but the “Plex It” link is supposed to save me from having to do that. Please fix. Thank you!

  • @Eric
    I just tried this with youtube and although the information in the sidebar indicates it cannot find a video, the youtube video does show up in my queue.

    I tried on chrome and firefox on ubuntu and both seem to have the same experience.

  • I’m here to say thank you very much.I love Plex

  • Hey, how about listing all the videos on the page, and if there’s more than one, letting us select the ones we want (or select all) before adding to queue?

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