Archives June 2013

Plex Media Server 0.9.8 ~ A giant step towards 1.0

06.04.13 293 Comments

It’s been a long road to v1.0 for the Plex Media Server, and the fact that we’re not there yet shows all the big plans we have for it. To all of you who have been here from the start, thanks for sticking with us; to all the recent arrivals, welcome! (Of course, one could also argue that when engineering is allowed to pick version numbers, they asymptotically approach 1.0, and when marketing gets to pick, you hit v20.0 in…

Introducing PlexConnect, an AppleTV client which Thinks Different

06.04.13 221 Comments

One of the coolest things about building a media server with a API is that you never know what sort of clients are going to appear out of thin air. Over the years we’ve been incredibly impressed with a wide range of projects: The original Plex for Roku, the insanely popular Plex for Samsung app, and even the original version of Plex/Web were all developed by people who wanted to see Plex go where it had never gone before. (Also…