Plex Media Server v0.9.7.19 – Thrones & Zombies edition

03.31.13 61 Comments

You think we rest on Easter Sunday? Think again.

We have a nice Plex Media Server update for you today, mostly focusing on transcoder fixes and improvements, including a rather significant speed up: when syncing or streaming with the new transcoder, you will see up to a 2x speedup over the last release.

You can read all the detailed changes since the last public release here. We’ve created a set of forums which list all the changes for each of our products to make it easier for you to both see what’s changed, and to allow subscribing via the forums if you’d like to receive an email when we make releases!

You can download the release in the usual place.

Here’s Barkley this morning, playing on the beach.

IMG 3263

And here he is, on the couch, waiting for the Game of Thrones season premier (“What the woof, how much longer??”).


We hope you all had a great weekend!

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  • rickroll’d and the file initiating the rickroll will not be played again. Really funny april fools, or not if like to look at video files thru plex :(

  • Ubuntu Repositories still on .17?

  • Updated the new PMS today. Now none of my iOS devices play any media. When I goto play the the screen is black but the counter is running with no audio/video… How do I downgrade? Am I alone in this or is this some sick April,fools joke?

  • After updating the windows media server to this version all my mkv/h264 videos would start playing from nearly the end with no audio or picture when on the iOS client – the desktop (mac) and web interface worked fine. Reverting back to was the only thing that would fix this.

    • @einkoro: try the .21 version we released.

  • qpkg für nas is completely broken for me since .19. falling back to last working version .17.

  • Elan, got the link about naming of synced content?

  • When will this make it into the yum repo (which is currently at

  • @elan: Plex-Media-Server-0.9.721.505-b453cbb-en-US? I’m still seeing the same issue as on the iPad.

  • Hi Elan,
    The .21 version seems to have resolved the issues I was having. Thank you.

  • @einkoro I have the exact same problem, even with the new .21 update. Seems to affect MKVs mainly?

    • @Alex: we’re on it :)

  • Anyone else having problems with media sharing? Before .17 my friend and I set up plex servers played through Roku 3 and 2xs devices. We were able to stream from each other (bluray rips) without problems at 12 MB/s speed quality.

    Download speed 55Mb/s upload 25mb/s on my side
    Download speed 45MB/s upload 20mb/s on his side.

    Since .17 update, we have had very very long load up times, and sometimes the movie would not even start. When it did start it would quickly cut out and buffer for eternity again. We tried reverting to older versions going all the way back to .11 but that doesn’t work anymore either. Is this an unknown server load issue on your side? just bringing it up!

    Great job on the app though.

  • I will also add, the plex app on our phones (android and iOS) works fine. It’s only the sharing through the computer app that a bit messed up now.

  • A lot of people buy the smart tv LG St600 for to play media by plex media server but it’s no possible to use the plex client (media link). Why? My software version is ST.9.79.901.
    Help me please.

  • With this release all of our TV shows played using Roku 2 are ending around 50% early. The show just ends as if it was over.

    • @Brent: Fixed in

  • v9.7.22 has prevented my WDTV Live from playing media (mkv files) over the network. I watched the entire season of Breaking Bad yesterday, but today, any file is just timing out since I updated this morning :( – I’m a huge fan of Plex and have it networked throughout my house on several TV’s so I hope it can be resolved…

  • Mike P

    Give it up. Absolutely no support to be had regarding WDTV and DLNA. People have been describing playback-issues with WDTV for a long time without getting any feedback whatsoever..

  • @elan: Does fix the issue with mkv playback on the iOS client?

  • Love the updates, but will be jumping out of my skin when I get an update which inlcudes a search option on the Samsung TV version.

  • Love the updates, but will be jumping out of my skin when I get an update which inlcudes a search option on the Samsung TV version.

  • Hi Elan, there is an issue with youtube search, it never gives right result during search.

  • Hi, is there any possibility to interface DVD player , bluray player with Plex server?

  • Hi Elan,

    Any news on when fastforward/rewind will work again on the PS3. It stopped working a couple of versions back. Of the 4 speeds avaialble (x1.5, x10, x30 & x120) only x1.5 works, any faster and plex will nolonger play that file until it has been restarted.

    Thanks once again for your work.


    • @MrBond: I wasn’t aware of that issue, I’ll pass it along to our DLNA people :)

  • Hi Elan,

    i have a question not deal with plex :-) What camera do you have? The photos are stunning! Do you do some finish with photoshop or is it out of camera?


    • @Ed: That’s very kind of you. On this post, the top photos were taken with an iPhone 5, the bottom one, and many others, are taken with a Canon 5DmkII. I use Aperture to process them.

  • alot of my files no longer play when i updated to the latest version of pled?????? What gives?
    I can play them on my computer with VLC but not thru plex anymore.

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