Plex for iOS v3.1 released

03.21.13 120 Comments

Ever since the all new Plex for Android was released, iOS users have been wondering when they’d be able to enjoy some of the new features on their devices, and we’re incredibly happy to say that day has finally come. Let’s jump in and explore the new features available in this release, which should be available on your devices within a few hours!

  • NEW: Enhanced filtering: The new rich library filters you’ve gotten to know and love in Plex/Web and the new Plex for Android is now available inside the iOS app.
  • NEW: Mobile Media Server: Play your synced content and view content from your photo albums on any other Plex client! I think this is such an awesome feature. You can go over to a friend’s house, and your iPhone or iPad will show up as a Plex server, and (for example) you could browse and play synced content on your Roku. Or even play it from Plex for Android, or another iOS device. Crazy!
  • NEW: Push notifications: Plex will now alert you when someone adds you as a friend or sends you a recommendation.
  • NEW: Universal transcoder (experimental): We’ve unified the media server’s transcoders, and now iOS can use the latest and greatest. Among other things, this adds support for more subtitle formats, including (finally!) VOBSUB and PGS.
  • NEW: New and improved photo viewer.
  • NEW: Dark theme.
  • NEW: All sliders support variable scrubbing speed (just like the movie player) .
  • NEW: Better integration of search in sections and channels.
  • NEW: Audio boost & subtitle size settings are used for sync.
  • NEW: Failed sync transcodes can be retried from Sync Settings.
  • NEW: Source icons for online search results.
  • NEW: Swipe up from the bottom to access connectivity settings.
  • FIX: Attempt to direct-play MPEG-4 video.
  • FIX: Better response validation (fixes certain sync errors).
  • FIX: The app can now sync from servers that aren’t published to myPlex.
  • FIX: Sort ordering for sync is more reliable.
  • FIX: Various issues with manually added servers.
  • FIX: Plex/HT and Plex/Roku player names are detected correctly.
  • FIX: myPlex accounts couldn’t be created on the device.
  • FIX: Offline sections couldn’t be accessed in some rare cases.
  • FIX: A few other inconsistencies & crashes.
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  • @ Bob: I don’t believe Apple has used the “duplicating existing functionality” excuse to not approve apps for a few years now. The existing Plex iOS app definitely syncs media over the LAN and it has never been rejected. My issue is that the sync lists that are used to manage the sync are stored on the internet on Plex servers, rather than the local server. This forces us to always have internet connectivity when we need to sync media to our iOS devices. This absolutely sucks. Down with the Cloud! LOL.

    The Cloud is great in theory, until you don’t have internet access.


  • Downloaded new 3.1.1 and my main problem is still there. I can not play a video on my phone. Everything else works. Actually everything else always worked. Was really surprised that the list of fixes did not include unknown error while trying to play a video. I installed it in hope it would fix my play back but still not working. Why don’t you guys just upload the last version that was working till you get it figured out.

  • FIX: After upgrading my iPhone 5 and ipad 4 to plex 3.1.1, video were not playing anymore. I upgraded my server from 9.7.12 to 9.7.17 and the videos are now playing.

  • I can’t get 5.1 audio via airplay anymore. did this version break that?

  • Deleted old app and installed this version. Synced new data but the app will still fail to open if the wifi only iPad is not connected. This makes it impossible to open the app while on a plane. Really bummed as I bought the plex pass for that feature for this trip and can’t use it. I hope you guys are still working on another update to fix this in the near future. It is extremely frustrating from the end user side.

  • Hi,

    A quick question, I did the most recent update for IOs, however lately now it states that my phone cannot connect to my server on my home computer? It is as if my computer logs itself out from plex?? It worked fine this morning. Any solutions? Thanks to those that reply with a solution.

  • All my movies are stopping right before the end? (On my Roku)Just started with this last update, is there a way to uninstall it?

    • @Mary: Make sure you’re on

  • @Elan and all the Ninjas, great work on this one!! Love the new media server and the sync!!


  • Hi,
    I also get the error message “Unable to sync. This server is not signed in to myPlex”
    This is when I attempt to download media on my iPad with the latest update while signed into myPlex. I’m running the latest version of Plex server on my Mac. I’ve tried signing out and back in on both the server and my iPad and I still get the same error.

    Anyone got any ideas of what it could be? I’m relatively new to Plex.


  • Hey.
    I have to click 5-10 Times per Episode (300mb) on “Sync iPhone Now” because it stops all the time :/

  • I am now getting an error for ALL mp3 files ONLY
    Video files are running fine on iPhone.

    error unable to play track.

    i have uninstalled and reinstall on iphone.
    will check my media server version at home in about an hour.

    wierd that only video play…

  • I subscribed to plex for my lg smart tv, and I am no computer expert, and mean no offence, but can’t figure out what plex is used for?? I can’t stream digital movies, unless I haven’t figured it out??

  • “NEW: Mobile Media Server: Play your synced content and view content from your photo albums on any other Plex client! I think this is such an awesome feature. You can go over to a friend’s house, and your iPhone or iPad will show up as a Plex server, and (for example) you could browse and play synced content on your Roku. ” This feature does not work! Just get error saying couldn’t connect to server! Bit useless.

  • Wow what a terrible UI design for ios. Home page is a list of channels that you have to scroll sideways to see. Tapping “…” gives you the same list of channels that actually wrap so you don’t have to scroll but with a ‘+’ sign near the top. Didn’t expect such rookie UI mistakes in an app like this.

  • Video stops playing if I lock the iPad or return to the home screen

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