Archives February 2013

The new Plex for Android released!

02.15.13 55 Comments

Well, we promised you a release before the week was up, but to be honest, our weeks don’t really end on Friday. I’ve come to think of the weekend as a nice quiet time to code, actually. Anyway, you know why you’re here, so without further ado, here’s how to get the new Plex for Android release. These links will only work for PlexPass members: Install the latest Plex Media Server from here. Visit this forum post for details on…

Introducing the new Plex for Android

02.11.13 172 Comments

Almost a year ago, I wrote a post introducing Plex for Windows Phone. In that post, I had some harsh words for Android. Turns out a lot has changed since then. One of my biggest gripes against Android was how unresponsive the user interface was, even after four major iterations of the platform. Little did I know, the geniuses at Google were hard at work on Project Butter, and I have to say, butter tastes good. What Android has going…

Release updates – Plex Media Server, Plex for Win8 and Plex/Web

02.05.13 96 Comments

Ah, the inexorable march of progress. We have three more releases to talk about today, with lots of goodies. And if you’re getting bored of hearing about the media server, Win8 app, and Plex/Web, you’re in for a treat, because the next blog post is going to be about something new, and very exciting. Promise. That’s not to say that these updates themselves aren’t exciting. We’ve been doing  a lot of work on the next-generation transcoder in the media server…