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08.03.12 146 Comments

There’s really nothing that makes us happier than Plex being made available on more devices (well, except maybe a nice cold micro-brew on a hot summer day). We love our Roku channel, Plex comes on every LG Smart TV sold, and an increasing number of DLNA devices can talk to our server as well.

We’re happy to officially announce that you can now get Plex on your Samsung TV or Blu-ray player! Most 2010 and 2011 models with Smart Hub are supported (check the full list), and 2012 models will be supported before too long.

The app has been in development for a long time, and it used to rather complicated to install if you wanted to check it out, but now it’s available in the Samsung app store, so it’s just a few clicks away from being on your device.

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The app was developed primarily by hd1080, who first contacted me over a year ago. He’s been an incredible help during that time, suggesting improvements for our API, finding bugs, and just being an overall cool guy to hang out with (virtually, of course; this *is* the 21st century). He’s since been joined by the talented Orca, and between the two of them they’re making awesome progress in adding new features.

The app is ridiculously good looking, and if you’re familiar with our Laika client, the interface is very close, which makes it the richest UI available on a device. In addition, there are other cool features, like native support for external SRT subtitles (without transcoding), and even 3D support. See more details here. The Samsung devices generally have excellent codec support as well.

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The Samsung client is a labor of love for the guys, and if you like it, I would highly encourage you to donate to their project.

If you have a supported Samsung device, download the app and check it out, and let us know what you think!

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  • Loving the app.
    Is there a setting to lock 4:3 to 16:9 all the time. Now I have to “crop black bars from video”


  • I second what another user reported above. The app is brilliant. OTHER THAN THE FACT THAT IT DROPS THE CONNECTION EVERY 10-30 Minutes!!!!!!! COME ON PEOPLE!!! Don’t tell me I’m the only one this is happening to. I know there’s more than just a few of us. There is nothing wrong with my network. The Netflix app and YouTube app work fine on TV. I have a UN46F6400AFXZA model Samsung Smart TV. Cost me nearly $1k. And the main reason I got it was for Plex and the Time Earner Cable app. Oh sure they both installed very easy. And I thought I was in love with this TV for at least the first 10 minutes. Then they just start dropping connection. Unbelievable. 2014 and this is the best we can do. Screw it. I’m going back to reading books. I’m done.

  • Hello, I have plex app on my Samsung smart tv, and most of the channels are working, but I can’t get CBS News channel to wok as it is giving me an error message saying that the Samsung app does not have the ability to support this channel. Am I doing something wrong?

  • I’ve enjoyed using the Plex app on my Samsung TV that I never use my AppleTV anymore. I decided to get a second Samsung TV to be able to view the movies in the bedroom and it appears that only one Samsung TV can have it configured. Am I missing something? How can I get both of the TVs to link to the Plex account?

  • Hello, same problem with Toshiba. I have Plex App on my Toshiba tv, and most of the channels are working, but I can’t get CBS News channel to wok as it is giving me an error message saying that the Toshiba app does not have the ability to support this channel. Am I doing something wrong?

  • to play 3d iso on plex download makemkv , make sure you include the mvc file then download tsmuxer and click m2ts , when finished rename the file 3d mvc and add it to your plex library. when you select the file on your samsung tv choose direct play and your tv will switch to 3d automatically

  • Just curious, but on my new sammy tv, it looks like the UI is running in a really low resolution, like 720p or less. Is that normal? Also, the colours just don’t have the vibrancy they do on the normal app. Any chance of adding in a feature to hide menus on the main screen or update to the latest plex interface (where some of the menu items are hidden in the left panel that flips out when you press left)?

    • @Troy ~ On many of these platforms, the UI elements are limited to lower resolutions than the TV.

  • Could a change be considered to support a reverse proxy connection? I am running nginx on port 80 to detect ip direct connections, which are then reverse proxied to 32400. This enables easy firewall configuration (only allowing the proxy to talk to the plex service) and centralized authentication in the proxy configuration.

  • My apologies, a bit more detail regarding my previous post:

    The Smart Hub app does recognize my server and successfully establish a connection; however, the content is not displayed on the screen. I have temporarily created a redirect rule in the firewall itself to forward the connection on to 32400, but this circumvents my proxied connection.

    As a further note, I am able to successfully proxy connections from the iOS and Android apps by citing port 80 on a manual connection. The content is displayed and can be viewed with no problems.

  • Big fan of Plex and have converted many. Unfortunately I have ran into an issue.

    Last Sunday 8 March, I updated the Plex app on my Samsung TV. Despite the good looks of the app, it has become slow and unresponsive.
    After watching an episode from a TV series that I had On Deck, and I go back to the main menu. The app freezes and I have to exit the app and restart it.
    Subtitles not working properly, appearing in the middle of the screen each time.
    Thought it was a compatibility issue with my NAS, so I upgraded my Synology Plex Server to the latest available one. Didn’t resolve the issue.
    I wish I could undo the upgrade as it now completely spoils my experience. Why break such a perfect app?
    Curious to know if others have experienced similar issues. Freezing, unresponsive, slow etc.
    Hopefully a version without these issues will be released soon.
    Happy to assist developers with questions they may have. I can also provide specific event from the log files if needed.

  • With the new Samsung update it is impossible to navigate a large archive. What happened to folders? The app is practically unusable. Am I missing something?

  • Is there an updated list somewhere? it looks like this list hasnt been updated in over 2 years. my mom wants a bluray play that can also play plex it looks like all the new samsung players switched to the opera app store.

  • I hate to criticize something that’s free and sorta works but the Plex for Samsung app UI is absolutely horrific. Scrolling through 400 movies in that stupid list is a complete joke.

  • Disappointed, Plex isn’t google and I don’t want to share all my info with them.
    Yet now on Samsung TV the app requires me to register it, I wonder how long until adds appear. Can’t be long now.. I want to use a app to connect to a local server, there is no valid reason for me to have to register it to an email unless you are gathering and selling meta data.

    • @Rob ~ “share all your info” is a rather large exaggeration. Read through our ToS and privacy policy, we’re not selling any of your data. The plex.tv account helps us provide you with the best experience (like finding servers more reliably.).

  • Is plex on a Samsung TV an app or do you just use the browser plex.tv/web/app ? I use an app on other devices and love the lay out but when I use plx.tv it is the exact same setup as on my lap top and doesn’t display an app. Can anyone help me how to set up the app on a Samsung smart TV so I can use an actual app and not the browser

  • I have a Samsung UN55JU670D and I cannot find the PLEX application anywhere. How do I install it on my TV?

    Thank you.

  • I am using Flex on Samsung HU7500. Playing any 2D or SBS/TAB 1080p 3D videos works flawlesly. The problem is with Blue-ray MVC 3D movies. I am using makemkv and tsmuxer to rip and remux into m2ts file. At playback (direct play) TV automatically switches to 3D (regardless of the file name), but the video playback is jerky. I’ve recoreded it in slo-mo with my phone and it turned out that it is playing with 12 fps! Lokks like it is skipping every other frame. Switching to 2D mode on TV doesn’t help. I’ve also tried playing it through Windows Media Player dlna and even directly from the USB and stuttering is still there.
    In the computer with vlc or mpc-hc the same file plays OK.
    As I suspected that the problem is with frame packed (MVC) I decided to give it a try with 4K full SBS.
    I used dvdfab and ripped/reencoded the Blue-ray MVC video into 4K MKV. But guess what – it starts playing smooth in nice looking SBS 4K res – very promissing, but as soon as I hit the 3D button it stutters back at 12 fps.
    Any idea ?

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