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12.03.11 30 Comments

We’ve also been hard at work this month on the new release of Plex for iOS. The most exciting change in this new version is support for myPlex-only configuration. Previous versions required a media server to be present, but no more! You can watch videos out of your queue and play shared content by simply signing into your myPlex account. Of course, Flash and Silverlight video still requires a media server to transcode, but thanks in no small part to Apple’s refusal to put Flash on iOS devices, more and more content is available in HTML5 video.

  • NEW: Serverless operation!
  • NEW: Added a preference for enabling/disabling Direct Play.
  • NEW: Added even higher quality transcode options for iPhone 4S/iPad 2. More Direct Streaming, more winning.
  • NEW: Display all the shared servers in settings area.
  • NEW: Added new translations for Catalan, Czech, Danish, Spanish, Finnish, Hebrew, Hindi, and Hungarian. Thanks so much to everyone who has been helping out, and if you’d like to contribute a translation, please visit this site in Firefox.
  • FIX: Improvements in Direct Play, more media should play without transcoding. If you’ve got media which is transcoding and shouldn’t be, please send us logs and samples, we want to hear about it.
  • FIX: The letter index no longer shows black letters on a black background, which turns out to be quite hard to read.
  • FIX: Crash when tapping to play a video.
  • FIX: Rotation to landscape in remote view.
  • FIX: Gesture area background color was odd.
  • FIX: AirPlay Mirroring should work now.
  • FIX: A crash in the details view on the iPhone.
  • FIX: Better detection of non GSM iPhone 4 devices, allowing higher video quality settings to show up.
  • FIX: The video player would sometimes continue playing in the background (audio only).
  • FIX: When stopping video playback right away, sometimes it would display an error.
  • FIX: Occasional black screen after playback, especially after multi-part media.
  • FIX: In conjunction with the newest media server, fixes some channel content not playing.
  • FIX: Occasionally the app would display the second level filters as a list.
  • FIX: A few other miscellaneous crashes.

The update has just been approved by Apple, so it should be available shortly!

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  • 2.1, not 1.2 :)

  • Win! Win! Win! Win! Win!

    Thanks Élan and the plex team for this! Can’t wait to see all the goodies here.

  • Awesome as usual! Will the android version be updated in the same pace as the iOS version?

  • The translations (Spanish, Catalan) don’t work! Any idea?

  • Why are we always moving away from transcoding? This seems crazy to me.

    Bandwidth over WiFi is very limited (especially to an iOS device) and is often limited to 150mbps even over 802.11n. I would like the option to set transcode levels and it transcode all my media from my server (not necessarily the default, but the option to do so would be great) to my iOS and other devices.

    I really would like the OSX and Windows clients to be able to transcode from a Plex library on the same LAN, rather than direct playing, as very high bit-rate movies struggle to play even over 450mbps WiFi, and i have an I7 (2600k) just sitting here that would handle transcoding perfectly.

    I would appreciate it if the next version of all the clients allowed the option for us to chose what was transcoded (if direct play is available) and continue to just default transcode when it is not.

    I have looked in the forums, and the general idea is that Plex does not want to do that, but I find it strange that you have taken out a feature that used to be supported.

    Often, networking is more difficult to upgrade than processing power.


  • Finnish translation doesn’t seem to work either. My device (iPad 2) is in Finnish, but Plex still shows up in English. Is there separate languge option somewhere to be used?

  • Great news, thank you! I like the idea to avoid as much transcoding as possible. I’ve no problem to direct stream even my 1080p movies over my 300 Mbps to my Mac Book Pro. And on my iPad i would be satisfied to play most of my SD movies to keep my NAS (where my PMS runs on) as less power consuming as possible.
    Unfortunately i’ve an issue with not seeing any of my NAS sections in the new iOS client 2.1. “Recently added” shows some content and i can play these videos without trouble.
    I’ve on my Qnap NAS and my Mac client only shows the NAS sections if i use the new feature to manually setup the server adress to my PMS on my NAS.
    Cheers Jens

  • This sounds great! Thank you guys for your hard work.
    Plex is really awesome and so is the community and the devs behind it. Never felt so “into” a software product!

  • Stephen: The maximum bitrate allowed on BluRay disks is 48 Mbps; OTA HDTV in North America is under 20 Mbps. And most real-world media is well media is well below those theoretical maximums.

    Not that more complete bandwidth controls wouldn’t be nice (personally I’d like per-user bandwidth limits enforced at the server), but if you’ve actually got 150 Mbps throughput it’s unlikely that your problem is source material with too high a bitrate — it’s much more likely that you aren’t actually getting 150 Mbps consistently.

  • @Stephen: We’re only moving away from transcoding when it makes sense. You can *always* turn the video quality setting down to reflect your bandwidth and the app will decide intelligently whether or not to transcode. If you say you have 8Mbps and the video is 20Mbps, it will transcode. If you say you have (or want to use) 2Mbps and the video is 5Mbps, it will transcode.

  • After enabling avahi again and a reboot of my nas the sections did appear now :)
    Is avahi still needed to broadcast the server automatically? I thought that i’ve read that this was replaced by something else?

    • @Jens: Avahi is not needed for most of the clients, but a few of them haven’t been updated to support the new discovery mechanism. If you’re using latest Plex (Laika), iOS, etc. you should be fine.

  • Can anyone say what happened to the translation, please?
    Make the most of the translation into Spanish and was hoping to see in this update. : (
    Please Elan or any other team member, we need better application translated into Spanish, we had patience, but come out versions (which improve many things) and translations are back.
    I offer my help to translate anything, please do not forget. Plex is great and I want it even better.

    • @Ogamo: we’re looking into it! Lo siento!

  • The “disappearing library” issue has not gone away, which is a little disappointing. Not ready to turn off all IPv6 to accommodate this.

    • @Chaz: Have you posted details on this to a forum thread? Would like to know more details about it.

  • Still no option for fullscreen stretch!!! :(

  • This is great, but when will the Apple TV client be updated?

  • Hi,
    great App, thanks for the update!
    But: why is it still not possible to change the audio track? Thats the reason why I use klexi hd instead of plex :(

  • Still no vobsub support.

  • Great app. I would really love to see a jump 10secs forward/backward though.

  • Im still needing help connecting to myPlex. I’ve posted on the forum, and even was patient waiting for an update, but even after this new version, myPlex is refusing to see my server.

  • Thank you for all of the updates.

    Is there a chance you’re ever going to put the ability to change the seek times in the Plex Media Center apps directly in the Settings menu?

    I would love to be able to quickly and easily change the seek times to 10 seconds or so, without having to hack the XML files, which is unreliable at best.

  • Love Plex. Would love it even more if it allows me to select video for offline viewing. It’s a bummer when there is no signal (train entering tunnel, up in the sky, out in the wilderness etc). Also the plus side of it, is it can be pre-transcoded at higher bitrate. Options are good. :)

  • I ask question,

    What for Plex is lagging so much on LG TVs when playing 1080p? My network or workstation is not the issue.

    Now it is very frustrating to watch movies and see the waiting time. To even start Plex server, it takes so many hours to even install it perfectly.

    BTW. You have a bug in language options. Finnish = Suomeksi and not Suomeski. Please fix this in your program.

    Thanks! Otherwise it is very good software, but if it is not usable, I loose my nerveous that people wasted time and effort in coding :(

  • I would also love to be able to download content for offline viewing later..

  • Don’t worry about flash and silverlight… both have been terminated and will be gone soon enough!!! 😉

    Thanks for great products. I’m loving my setup at home with a hackingtosh for a server, mini for mediacenter 1, roku for the kids room and a win7 in my upstairs tv room… not to forget the iPhones and iPads…


  • I would like to help translate in Greek but the option is not available. Can you add it?

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