Plex Media Center v9.5.2 ~ Smoked Wild Boar Edition

11.28.11 88 Comments
There are lots of goodies in this release, but never before have I felt that one small image had the potential to bring such great joy to our users as this one:
That’s right, our good friend Ryan took a break from saving people’s lives to add refresh rate switching. On TVs that support it, this means perfect 24p playback with nary a shudder, judder, or stutter. I have an old Sony TV set and it works great, taking under a second to switch rates. (You may need to have to use something like SwitchResX to add the refresh rate to your TV.)
Similarly pleasing, we’ve fixed the issue where video playback was taking much more CPU than the last release. VC-1, H.264, and all other codecs will now be at the same or lower CPU usage in this version of Laika.
We’ve also addressed an issue many have reported with the media server not being found, or being found only to be lost again. We’re still tracking down the root cause, but for now, if you’re having trouble, simply enter the address of your server in the network preferences.
Plex 1
Here is a full list of changes:
  • NEW: [Mac] Support for automatic refresh rate switching. And there was much rejoicing.
  • NEW: Add a way to specify a manual address for a media server, useful for working around network issues.
  • NEW: When running without a server, search now returns cloud results.
  • NEW: Add a global audio delay setting.
  • FIX: CPU usage for software decoding greatly reduced for all codecs, fixing VC-1 “stutter” issue and playback on older machines.
  • FIX: Allow selecting interface language in preferences.
  • FIX: Enable down-mix volume boost preference.
  • FIX: Enable speaker configuration preference.
  • FIX: A hang in the home screen.
  • FIX: Losing a server even though it was running on the same machine.
  • FIX: Not enough buffering (and therefore playback issues) with remote transcoded media.
  • FIX: Toggling full screen works on multi-display setups.
  • FIX: Allow ESC to get out of a playlist.
  • FIX: Add missing strings for shutdown timer.
  • FIX: Change the audio settings dialog to show delay in milliseconds, it seemed more human-friendly.
  • FIX: Crash clicking the “save as default” button in video settings.
  • FIX: Make sure we stop remote transcodes when stopping playback.
  • FIX: Update ffmpeg, fixes some artifacts with VC-1 and several other issues.
  • FIX: Stop printing myPlex tokens to the logs.
  • FIX: “Old-school” sources were disappearing after a restart.
  • FIX: Posters/art weren’t changing when changed on the media server.
  • FIX: Don’t play theme music if music is already playing or if video is playing in small window.
  • FIX: Background music volume is always VERY LOUD (preference works now).
  • FIX: [Mac] A crash when playing Flash/Silverlight videos followed by non-WebKit video.
  • FIX: [Mac] Flash/Silverlight video occasionally displayed black & white garbage on the screen.
  • FIX: Info button on iOS toggles OSD, and back button works as well.
  • FIX: Multiple crashes when skipping around in videos.
  • FIX: [Win] Crash on startup.
  • FIX: [Win] A randomly occurring hang.

This release brought to you by the ever-vigilant, hyper-loyal, best friend of man and woman, Mr Barkley.

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  • when is plex coming for WINDOWS mobile devices wp7,5 ?

  • Sounds great. How do you update? Download the new version and install or update from within pms. I couldn’t see anything obvious in the preference menu.


  • Great effort but… after update volume is WAY TOO LOW and, please bring back the clock (when media playback is paused or progress bar is visible, just like before). Thanks for your work!

  • It is a small thing, but still a bit annoying. Can we get a 24h clock? It is the most common way of expressing time in the world so it would make sense.

  • I feel like an idiot. I found the setting, didn’t realize it was behind the “region” setting. Sorry about the confusion.

  • Please stop praising these Plex developers as Plex isn’t great when no high res audio (DTS-MA or Dolby TrueHD) supported.

    Another disappointed new version without HD audio.

    I donated twice but no more.

  • @Jason You sir, are a jackass.

    So all the things they are able to include in this FREE product mean nothing because they don’t have 1 thing you (and only you, according to the people on this comment board) want? Go away, and don’t come back if you dont like it. People like you disgust me. Go make your own multi-system media server…see how that works out.

    @Elan, ElementML, thank you immensely for your work. I’ve become so accustomed to using Plex, I can’t imagine not having it anymore.

    One question though: Is it just me, or was the Fix for the default video setting crash just removing the “set as default for all movies” option? It’s not a big deal, and i’ve learned to live without it unless absolutely necessary. Now I assume i just need to wait until the next update and will do so gladly, but since I didn’t see anyone else comment on it, now i’m wondering if it’s just my version somehow.

  • Amazing freeware… It just made my Roku a super hero streamer

  • The looks and feel of this product is impressing. The only, and very important, problem I have is that quite a number of movies uploaded as VIDEO_TS files do not work. Has this been solved now, or should I do it differently, but then how?

  • @Chris: @Jason is not the only one who wants support for high-res audio. I would also like it, not just for movies but also for 5.1 music rips from DVD-Audio. But I’m not going to be a jerk about it – I’m pretty pleased with Plex as it is.

  • I’ve installed Plex recently, as I wanted to see how it integrated with my new LG “smart” TV, however so far, it just collects dust. I, like @Jim, have a library of movies that cannot be played, as mine are stored in .ISO format. I wish I could use Plex, but without the ability to play ISO’s, it is less useful to me than WDTV, PBO’s or Popcorn Hours, all which support ISO playback. I haven’t seen the exact reason why Plex doesn’t support this format (or the Video_TS) or if it will ever be able to. Thinking of how cheaply made some of the media players are and how they support ISO/Video_TS against how well put together Plex is, I am a bit surprised it can’t do at least the same functions.

  • Amazing! Auto Refresh rate is really excellent … Icing on the cake, these On Desk and What’s New additions are just … Perfect. Using Plex is a very pleasing experience.
    Thanks for all the work.

  • Finally Auto Refresh Rate! This makes me very happy. Thanks to everyone for finally implementing this feature as I have been waiting for it for a very long time.

  • Thanks so much for PLEX, its awesome!

    Just a couple of things that I’d like to mention / enquire about?

    – AAC 5.1 -> AC3 or DTS conversion for AV Receivers that don’t support AAC decoding.

    – USB -HDMI CEC interfacing.

    Give PLEX the ability to control your entire Home Theatre system… So currently when I switch off the TV (Sony), the AV Receiver (Pioneer) also switches off, along with the Blu-Ray Player too. It would be nice if the HTPC (Mac Mini) would go into sleep mode to reduce power consumption, heat, etc… Or when I wake it up via the Apple Remote, it also turns on the rest of the system?

    Just some thoughts, otherwise now that it supports refresh rate changes to suit the media, its GREAT!!

    Thank You again!

  • I presume this is not a big problem with dogs, with kids it: parental control or better yet: password protected folders. For everyone out there that desperately tries to get a moment relief from parking their kids in front of a collection of Disney cartoons, but doesn’t want the same kids to start browsing your zombie movie collection (or heaven forbid, collection of movies graphically demonstrating how little children are made), this is a showstopper.

    I’ve seen this popping up in the forums on regular basis, but no ETA as of yet. Could you pretty please consider moving this up the priority list? It would be awsome! Needs two things: a) no thumbnails on the front page (good start on its own) and b) password/PIN protected folders.

    Anyone with a shared system and kids would love you for this, and I presume that’s a lot of people :)

    Thank you for an awseome product otherwise!! :)

  • I just wanted to say thanks. This is by far the best solution for media management and works great with Google TV.

    I love all the little things that you guys put in (like playing the series theme music when you have a series selected.)

    You guys are the best and keep up the great work!!!

  • It would be a great option to implement TurboHD-Stick support as suggested by RSully!
    Is there any chance to implement it?

  • Hallo, I’ll like to know if there was something i could do, to make plex play my videoTS files smoothly? Does anyone have this studdering issue?

  • I really miss control system volume from earlier versions. For whatever reason, Flash and Silverlight video doesn’t get volume adjusted through Plex.

    Further, I’ve found problems with the Apple remote and audio streams, etc. If I back out of the playlist, I can no longer stop the audio playback or even get the controls operating with it.

    Otherwise, very happy with this release.

  • Hi, sorry for sounding like an idiot, but how do you activate the auto refresh? is there a menu somewhere? Or does it do it automatically all the time? When I set my gpu to 23.967 it works fin on HD but makes a meal out of SD

  • I love Plex. I installed it on my new PC. Connect to it with my LG 55 inch smarttv..and Wow!!! I have everything: Photos, videos, movies. Thank you guys

  • I’ve just Installed Plex on my studio’s Mac Pro. It’s connected to Digidesign 192 I/O with 8 channel analog input/output.
    The channel configuration of the analog output is as follow:
    Channel 1: Front Left Speaker
    Channel 2: Front Center Speaker
    Channel 3: Front Right Speaker
    Channel 4: Side Left Surround Speaker
    Channel 5: Side Right Surround Speaker
    Channel 6: Subwoofer
    Channel 7: Rear Left Surround Speaker
    Channel 8: Rear Right Surround Speaker
    I’m using this configuration so that it can backward compatible with the older speaker configuration which is only 5.1.
    When I set the speaker configuration on Plex to 7.1, I don’t get 7.1 output from my 192 I/O. It’s only 5.1 output. No Rear Surround audio. And the 5.1 output is also wrong.
    The Subwoofer signal is going out to Channel 4, while the Left and Right Surround signal is going out to channel 5 and 6.
    How can I correct this problem?

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