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11.20.11 11 Comments

Hello again, myPlexians! (myPlexers? myPlexites? Hmm…) Andre here again, back from working hard in the myPlex fields with a juicy harvest. As part of our ongoing efforts to make adding videos to your queue as easy as possible, we have set up a newer, friendlier way. Every myPlex queue now has an email address. To find out what your queue’s email address is, just visit the queue help page. The email address on that page is unique, and adds videos only to your queue. Keep it to yourself, since anyone can add videos to your queue if they know that address.

How is this email address useful to me, you ask? Well, it’s actually pretty cool. On certain types of mobile devices that are pretty popular nowadays, like iPhones, and iPads, and those Android thingies, it’s hard to use bookmarklets. Setting them up is a pain, finding them to use them is a pain, and it’s pretty much just a pain all around. What those convenient and tiny computers all share, though, is a button that lets you email a link to the page or video. That button is now the beautiful integration point for your myPlex Queue! Just email the link to your queue’s email address, and you’ll be able to watch the video later from the comfort of your very own Plex.

To make things even easier, you can add your queue’s email address to your address book, with a name like “myPlex Queue”. Once you’ve done that, you don’t have to remember (or copy and paste) your queue’s email address whenever you want to queue an item over email. Now that you can email items to your queue, it’s easier than it’s ever been to queue up videos to watch later on your Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, and any other device that supports myPlex.

Since those devices all put the name of the video in the subject line and a link to the webpage in the body, myPlex tries to take the title from the subject and the link from the body of the email. We didn’t want to limit you, though, so we’ll also look for URLs anywhere in the email subject or body. In fact, you can even queue a few URLs at once by sending all of them in a single email. We’ll add each one to your queue.

We hope you enjoy the new feature, and we’ll keep you posted as we continue working hard to add more. As always, we love to hear how your feedback as you use myPlex to watch your media when and where you want it.

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  • Works great! Thank you!

  • This is sweet! Just the type of functionality I was hoping we’d have someday, and it’s today. Happy Thanksiving to the Plex team, you’ve given us a lot of great technology to be thankful for this year…

  • Great stuff!

    Any plans on making a native “myPlex queue” share action? That is the equivalent of a bookmarklet on android (and I guess iOS has the same), and it would cut quite a few keypresses from the process; going into the email app and selecting the myPlex contact and hitting send.

  • Awesome!

    That was the first thing I checked when myPlex came out:
    Can I use the bookmarklet on the mobile YouTube site on my iPad? It didn´t work. The page did in fact slide over but nothing was added.

    So this is perfect. Thanks so much. Can´t wait to try it.

  • Very nice. I e-mail stuff to myself all the time for later viewing – this will make things easier for me.

    One suggestion though – can we get a button to generate a new address just in case we think we’ve been spammed?

  • From the imdb app (iPhone and iPad) it is possible to send a link to the movie by e-mail.
    This is not a link to the trailer, but just the main movie site.

    Will it be possible to get the trailer of the movie (if there is one) and place that one in your queue? Now it just adds the main imdb page to your queue.


  • Awesome. This is just what I had been hoping for. Thanks, guys.

  • How do you sign-up for 1) plex update notifications and 2) blog update notifications? Is there a mailing list?

  • I can’t seem to find how to update Plex from within it’s preferences anymore. Didn’t it used to be within the app?

    I currently have and want to update to

    I know that I can just redownload, but with the app and the server, it’s easier to do it automatically.

    Am I missing it within preferences somewhere?

  • is there a way to use myplex with pms 0.9.5 and plex client as client is just too “alpha” to be useful.

  • hey I have a PlexPass, can I forward emails to my plex email account?

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