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10.29.11 80 Comments

OK, I know why you’re here. You want the new releases, and you want them now. Well, you’re in the right place.

Note that as part of the release process, we’ve added new forums (for myPlex, and the new “Laika” client). There is also an amazing amount of documentation on the new release. There are a lot of new moving parts, so we’re sure there may be a few rough edges. Please let us know about them, and we’ll get them smoothed out.

Most of all, though, we really hope you enjoy the new release!

One more thing; as I’m sure you’re aware of, there is a Plex client for Samsung TVs and Blu-ray players. Thousands of people are using it, and it’s quite nice; I picked up a compatible Blu-ray player for under $99 which does 1080p and optical audio out. Oh, and it’s a Blu-ray player.

Anyway, during the Laika development cycle, we worked with the amazingly talented author of the client, Daniel, as he updated the Samsung client to support new Laika features, and upgrade the look and feel of the application. I think the results are stunning:

Episode overview

Home tvshow

Movie overview

This is all built in HTML5/CSS and Javascript. Pretty nice, right? The release will be available as early as tomorrow, and he’s working on fleshing it out even more beyond support for video. If you’d like to see it in action, you can check out this screencast Boots put together. It’s a really nice validation of the powerful HTTP/XML API that the Plex Media Server provides.

One more note, the Linux releases will be updated shortly, it takes us a bit of time to build for all the different platforms/NAS devices. You’ll be happy to know that our Linux engineers are working on completely automating the process.

Lastly, a HUGE thank you to all the Plex Ninjas who helped us test this release. Your tireless dedication to helping us track down and resolve issues in the new code, document the new features, your friendly and helpful 24-hour presence in Campfire, all of it was just simply awesome.

Peace out, friends. Love from Barkley and the team. Click Get Plex on the web site to download the new releases.

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  • Awesome work!

    I have the beta client running on an older asus eeepc with windows 7 x86 and PMS 0.9.5 running on a win 7 x64. Client and server on different networks.

    I am now able to play content without transcoding (hardware acceleration works on client!!!). I have tested this up to 720p content.

    Keep up the excellent (and properly very hard) work!

  • Very interesting progress.Plex is really adding interesting features. However, I worry that you are taking on too much. In particular, what is the relationship between Plex and the different TV vendors? There is LG, Samsung, iOS, etc … The LG situation seems to be full of problems on the client side while the Samsung client appears to work. Does Plex have a formal relationship with both companies? Who is responsible for the clients? Will Plex, the company, commit to making things work on each of the client platforms? As you might be aware, the LG media player ST600 which is advertised on your website simply doesn’t work properly as a Plex client. It works great otherwise.

    Don’t want to be negative, but it’s getting difficult to guess at what does and doesn’t work.


  • Hi guys, love your work keep it up. not sure where to post some problems i’ve been having with the new version for bug reports. but i throw it here and hopefully you see it. i’m running one of the new mac mini’s Intel i5 2.5, 4gb ram, and graphics. hooked up to an onkyo amp (via HDMI) through to my samsung tv. now whenever i finish watching a movie, particularly encoded in DTS the sound will switch to the mac mini automatically once the movie has finished. i’d have to quit and then restart Plex. then its fine again.

    I have a movie encoded in DTS-MA and it only plays in stereo, just wanted to know if you had support for this yet or if i had a problem somewhere.


  • Hi Guys,

    I need a bit of help. I’m a plexapp newbie.
    Love the IOS work!

    I cant seem to find the 0.95 Windows player anywhere to download. On download page, says Media centre and Server…but no player.

    I did install server. Is the media centre – the player?


    • @Jimmy: Yes, the media centre is the player :)

  • Hi.
    First — thank you for Plex and the ROKU client especially. It made me buy a ROKU.
    Then… things mostly work great. Just downloaded the new beta server and PMS.
    I consistently have one problem — I have a folder set up for German TV programs/series. A lot of them apparently can’t be found in the online databases with the following settings:

    A lot of the series show up with the generic icon and show no details about the show or series. That’s not a huge problem. The problem is that when trying to play these on the ROKU.. a lot of them simply immediately go back to the “server” screen… ie., they don’t load or play anything in those folders.

    Shouldn’t the default behavior be to show what’s in a folder and play it even if it can’t be found in the online DBs?

    I have had some luck moving them to a MISC folder and setting it to PERSONAL MEDIA but even then some don’t play…

    Any ideas greatly appreciated.

    PS. DO I need to update the ROKU client? Is that automatic? ???

  • Flabbergasted it took me, a not exactly Plex newbie, to find this blogpost to figure out that the server and client are separate releases. For the newbie who just downloads the client will find a bewildering useless application.

    What happened to the nice setup that previous versions had? One download, brilliant installation wizard and away we go.

    I can not stress this enough: I had to find this blog post and the comment that said that you needed both client and server (separate downloads) to use Plex the way you were used to. (Clean install). Baffling.

  • Please revert to a single package with OPTIONAL separate install for people who use only the server for their Google Samsung TV or whatever. Sigh. Something got lost in the race to be on every device :/

  • Thanks guys for all the amazing work, Installed the server on my NAS and the client on my Samsung Tab, Samsung Bluray and Galaxy S II, It all works exceptionally well and having My Plex access when away with work is excellent, Was searching for an all in one solution for all my devices and found exactly what I wanted and even more, Now I can remotely access all my media from anywhere easily and my girlfriend can even use plex which is great because all the boxes (HTPCs, apple TVs etc) floating around the house are all gone and going to get a Smart TV soon to make it even easier since Plex is now available on them.
    Two thumbs up to all developers for an excellent platform to use.

  • Hey, just installed the samsung app,looks and works great, one thing, is there support for subtitles and how do I get them to work?

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