• Haha !

    Great announcement, Elan as a new Jobs…

    Can’t wait for the new features.

  • Oh boy…Plex…in…SPACCCCEEEEEEE

  • Apparently Elan has been working on launching Barkley into space instead of coding.

    I kid, I kid :) Looking forward to….whatever!

  • I’d just like to see that version of the Plex icon used somewhere. The circular design with the “weathered” look is really, really slick.

  • Laika died on November 3… Plex 1.0 on 11/3?

  • You renamed Barkley to Laika???

  • im excited…

  • Laika ,,,

    I hope it will be a successful surprise

  • Maybe Plex’s metadata will be stored in the cloud? Just a guess, cant wait to see what these guys have in store…

  • Plex v10.1.1

  • I would like to see that Plex icon replace the current OS X Plex Icon. It would go so well with the Launchpad, App Store, iTunes and Safari icons.

    Speaking of which, am I the only one who thinks the Safari icon is looking really outdated? Apple needs to make the border thinner like the other circular Apple apps and clean up the compass graphic a bit.

  • Finally :) ждем.

  • Another useless features, riddles after months without badly needed updates of the core player… Where is Plex going?

  • Sounds like Plex 10 coming in November. I’d be surprised if they had such a specific release date as November 10.

  • So excited for this, started using Plex around the last update. I have been checking so often for new updates and it is finally coming 😀

  • No interest in cloud services, just want a media centre that will show all my music and not insist I have to have it all tagged how last.fm wants it!

  • the translation hinted to an online service called “myPlex” which was described as:

    myPlex ties all your Plex clients and servers together, making it easy for your devices to communicate with each other and share settings and media.

  • Plex to support streaming to Russian satellites for worldwide broadcast!

  • I agree with Nic!

  • i love the new icon. can’t wait to see what’s in store.

    would anybody else mind if they started charging for PLEX?

  • Ok…. or something

  • Don’t you guys think it might have to do with an earlier blog post titled “Plex v0.9.3.3 – Halfway to the stars”? In that post, elan mentions that they had been working “with Verizon on on their in-car telematics solution (Plex in the back seat, anyone?), and are working with Netgear, Cisco, and Synology in order to make sure the Plex Media Server runs well on their NAS devices and is easily available to their customers. And that’s just skimming the surface…”

    The blog post is here:

    Clearly some surprises ahead, but the whole “dog in space” theme of the postcard is clearly a tie-in to “halfway to the stars”. Connect the dots people.

  • Interesting… It seems that something is happening. Whatever it is. Lookin’ forward to it.

  • Perhaps you people should go read an earlier blog post titled “Halfway to the Stars”. Elan gives a few hints as to where things are going in that post. Given the “space” theme of the postcard, it seems logical to connect these two blog posts together.

  • im guessing subtitles for all

  • Plex v10.1.1 indeed!!!!!

  • 10/11 Apple will announce the aTV 3, iTV, and an iOS and OSX Update. Everything comes bundled with Plex as the default Media Player.

  • laika…such a sad story

  • Plex will support ‘spaces’? on OS X Lion? 😀

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