Plex v0.9.3.4 – Mo fixes, mo Barkley

07.28.11 56 Comments

Many thanks to all who downloaded the last release! As might have been expected after such a big set of changes, there were a few issues that were reported that we’ve been working hard this week to resolve.

  • NEW: We’ve added a preference to disable media file deletion, and we’ve defaulted it to off, for the sake of safety (yes, Bruce, we’re listening). If you want to enable the option, please head to your friendly neighborhood web-based media manager at http://localhost:32400/manage and enable it:

Plex Media Manager

  • NEW: There is a new API endpoint /library/optimize which, as you might expect, optimizes the library database. Useful in clients or cron jobs.

And the fixes:

  • FIX: When refreshing a library section because changes to folders were detected, we wait until the changes stop before kicking off the scan, so that we don’t scan partial/locked files.
  • FIX: Custom artwork with spaces in path was not displaying properly.
  • FIX: This is an amusing one because it’s been there for a long time and nobody noticed. When doing a new scan, every 16th movie wasn’t displayed in the media manager (it was scanned, it just didn’t show up until you switched sections). Thanks to louisd for noticing it!
  • FIX: Our friend diamondsw helped us debug an issue where certain MKV files were failing to play on mobile devices.
  • FIX: Boots has been reporting this one for a while, there was an occasional hang in the media manager when scrolling quickly.
  • FIX: The was an issue scanning if your username had an apostrophe in it.
  • FIX: A (rather rare) crash in refreshing/timed updates.
  • FIX: [Windows] Sign all Python extensions. Apparently some of the AV products are coming up with some false positives on the media server, and the hope is that this might improve things.
  • FIX: [Windows] When exiting, don’t hang waiting for system bundle.
  • FIX: [Windows] When OpenSSL DLLs were installed into system, PMS system bundles wouldn’t start. This would cause the “no agents” issue.
  • FIX: [Linux] You can now use the environment variable PLEX_MEDIA_SERVER_APPLICATION_SUPPORT_DIR to specify where all of the media server’s user files go (library, plug-ins, logs, etc.)
  • FIX: [WIN32/Linux]: If multiple copies of a piece of media are found, load metadata for all copies.

Because you’ve all been so awesome, as always, you get two photos of Barkley. Yes, he’s on his back a lot. No, he’s not lazy.

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241110 10100105384465485 427824 46619005 5725839 o

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  • Thanks for all the great work Elan!

    Just one annoying bug in the windows version. 0.9.304 =/= and it keeps finding an update. May want to change the version number somewhere so that they match. That is all.

  • Yes, my vote is on the bitstream audio too. I too just bought a new Mac Mini that can do DTS-MA and DD True HD. Please Please Please add support for this Elan. I need to get rid of my Windows 7 Media Browser and use Plex inclusively.

    Everyone, please write Elan and help me vote this in. Elan seems to ignore this request :) Just kidding. Please please give me my high res audio. For the love of God :).

    Thank you for such an awesome app for the Mac.

  • I’m having a whole core running at 100% on a Mac Mini with Lion (Plex Media Server). Others having this as well?

  • Mr. Elan,

    Love your dog. Like many, I bought a new Mac Mini 2011 yesterday. We need bitstream audio desperately. I have held out for this new Mini for 4 years. Now that it is here, please support it won’t you?

    I love your dog. I am willing to say whatever for you to get me bitstream audio :)

  • This version (and breaks my audio sync on divx / avi shows and some HD mkv files :(

    The audio is delayed…

  • Yes I like to vote for DTS-MA and DD TrueHD surround audio too.

  • Thanks fo the update. Yet another bitstream request. PLEX is almost perfect.

  • Plex use 100% of core on Mac OSX Lion

  • Hi…i’m too have 100% of cpu on my macbook pro 2010. sometimes it goes till 130% and heats up a get noisy.
    I’ll try the solution above.
    Any solution dor the loud and noisy sound on the new version of the player? the sound its ok on the version but very big subtitles. At the the subs are ok but very loud sound (twice as loud) an get distorted.
    Any solutions?

    • @nuno: read a bit up to find a workaround for the CPU issue.

  • Hi, i changed the update do daily and now its fine but when playing a movie (mkv) i’ve got ffmpeg at 180%.
    What about the sound issue? any news?

    • @nuno: it’s normal for ffmpeg to use your CPU, it’s transcoding a video and doing it faster than you play for buffering reasons.

      We’ll fix the loud audio shortly.

  • Hi, since the latest fixes, I’ve been getting picture ‘tearing’ in fast moving scenes/panning. Never had the problem before. Any ideas what could be causing the problem?

  • Since upgrading to I get buffering issues on my Synology NAS (ds1511+) when playing 720p mkv files. The previous version didn’t have any major problems on my NAS once I upgraded to 3GB of ram. Maybe it has to do with the CPU usage that people are seeing on Lion. I’ll try playing with different settings for that. I do know it never detected a change in one of my folders even though I had the Automatically detect folder changes selected.

  • I love your dog. I am willing to say whatever for you to get me bitstream audio

  • When can we reckon to get the Qnap version released?
    Can’t wait to update… 😉

  • @Jens: you can find a qpkg on the QNAP forum: Works quite well for me. Do read the initial post there, it might contain important information regarding the installing.

  • Great, Thanks Bram!!! I didn’t expect that there’s a release already around when not donwloadable on the download/linux website…

  • I am having trouble with scanning files that have been re-named or moved. It will not get any information no matter what type of scan I use.

  • I really appreciate your efforts on this job! BUT I have several troubles.
    1. On Mac OS X platform, Subtitles which is not integrated in the media file(.srt and .ass files) cannot be loaded automatically when the media file is played even if the subtitle files are named after the media file and placed just beside the media file.
    2. Subtitles which is not integrated in the media file cannot be streamed to the iOS app. There is no option in the iOS client to choose the .srt or .ass file beside the media file.
    3. In direct streaming mode, when I streamed a h.264 mp4 file to my iPhone ,the CPU usage is 99%, which means the plex server was still transcoding the iPhone compatible media file including the video part and the direct streaming did not take effect!
    Is there any way to fix them ? Thank you!

  • Well ! For the 3rd trouble, I found the key! the bitrates of the acc audio of that mp4 file is 160kbps which is bigger than 128k(default unchangeable ) and have to be transcoded. It is a kind of waste because iPhone is capable to handle 160kbps acc audio. So I wonder if you can give us an option for the bitrates of audio part of transcoding just like the video part.

  • hello,

    I must say well done with Plex, the program is runnig 24/7 on my Mac mini!

    It´s been a while since I heard some something about any upcoming releases or updates. Atleast on this page. Do you have any information to share??


  • Hello,

    Is/Will there be any more developments for Plex?

    Many thanks for your great and amazing quality product.

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