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As many of you know, we’re rather fanatical about making Plex as widely available as possible. At the center of the picture, all your media is happily served up by the Plex Media Server, running today on OS X and Windows, and in the future on various flavors of Linux. We are working hard to continuously improve the heart of the Plex experience, and listening to our users every step of the way (P.S. we love you all!).

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On the other end, a wide variety of clients are available to consume content from the Plex Media Server. Our philosophy is not a “one size fits all” ~ the interfaces are tailored to each specific client, and there are a range of options, depending on your particular needs and budget. If you purchase a 2011 LG Smart TV, a Plex client is built in at no additional cost. On the other end of the spectrum, you can run our flagship client on a Mac Mini connected to your TV. Indeed, many of you run multiple Plex clients in your home and take advantage of the centralized management features to seamlessly switch between them.

Today, we’re proud to announce the addition of a new line of Plex clients: The Roku Streaming Players. These are awesome little devices, starting at just $59 for a 720p version, and $79 for a 1080p version. That’s less than the cost of a few beers over a weekend, or maybe even a single night, assuming you like waking up with tattoos and tigers. I personally have one in our guest bedroom, to rave reviews.


The Roku client, written by the talented and charming Jonny Wray (twitter: jonny_wray)  is available right now, for those of you who already have Roku players. Simply log into your Roku account, select Add a Private Channel, and enter “plex” for the channel name.

Roku | Add Channel

The Roku client is considered beta, and supports only video content at the moment, although photo and music support will be added in the future (what can we say, we were super excited to share it with you!).  The devices have great video playback capability, and they support Direct Streaming, which means high quality video without transcoding in many cases.

Give the new client a try, and let us know what you think in the new Roku forum!

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  • Easy set up..but seems laggy over wireless to the Roku…is it worth getting a hard line to it?

  • I have Roku and Plex is one of the channel I am interest in. I am also looking for information about Plex.

  • Looking to become a member of Plex channel.

  • I have some videos in my pLEX queue, but they aren’t showing up on my Plex channel on my Roku box. Any suggestions?


  • Having an issue with PLEX getting the titles completely wrong or no title at all. For example my complete season of Afro Samurai is titled Anime Mirai: Super Veggie Torracman… “The Following” is listed as Midsomer Murders (something I’ve never even heard of).

    Or when I go into my genre folders like TV>DRAMA> instead of showing HOMELAND, BOARDWALK EMPIRE folders etc. it just lists SEASON 1, SEASON 2 etc. with no way of finding the actual shows I want to watch.

    Very frustrating and makes this app almost worthless!

  • I was able to get around the issue by turning off all of the metadata rubbish. However, when adding my tv shows back in I noticed that for some reason it duplicates every episode of one of my shows (Plebs) into every other folder so I have 12 copies of the same show instead of the actual files I wanted.

    I’ve literally spent all day trying to circumnavigate this wretched piece of software and come to the conclusion it’s not worth it. I’ll stick to uploading shows I want to watch on a memory stick and watch them on an XBox. Plex is the shittiest app I’ve ever used hands down. Anyone reading this just pay the extra $$ and get an AppleTV!

    • @Negatron ~ it’s almost certainly the case that your files are not named the way Plex expects them to be, but if could post a thread with specifics in our forum, we’d be happy to help. The software has cataloged TV shows perfectly for a gazillion other people so it’s likely there’s something different about your layout or setup.

  • Thanks team, I am stoked, got my roku 2, plex app, linux plex media player. On a low budget, cant afford smart tv, now I can watch all my youtube faves etc. Have a great new year!

  • I can`t get Plex to work on anything I have, there is no phone support, I have a Roku. A Samsung wifi tv and a Lg wifi tv and nothing I paid for a month of service and nothing, I`m not a very happy Camper

    • @Debbie ~ sorry, we’re too small to offer phone support (as are most small online companies these days). If you’d like a refund, please email plexpass at

  • Why is plex not showing Downton Abbey season 5? It says season5 but actually is season 4. Bummer!!!1

  • Wondering if the Plex app on Rocu will support other servers (or channels?) in the future. My son wants to share his movies with me and has authorized me to his “channel”. I can get it on PLEX on my computer but not the app on Rocu.

    • @MaryLu Tyndall ~ the app works with shared content just fine, search for Plex in the Roku app store.

  • Does the Roku Plex Channel support music playlists yet? If not when?

    • @Patrick ~ the new Roku app in Plex Pass preview does indeed.

  • I like the new interface for roku but where is the search function?

  • I’ve gotten the plex app on my roku, but, everytime I try to play a movie from the unsupported apps, I get an error message. What do I do? Please help, not very tech savvy.

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