Archives May 2011

The Plex “Penguin-Friendly” Media Server

05.14.11 231 Comments

With 227 replies, and almost 400 votes in this thread, it’s obvious that there is a sizable bunch of you who would really like to run the Plex Media Server on Linux. And who can blame you, with sexy Linux-based storage devices on the market like the ReadyNAS pictured below? A device like this (or an unRAID for the DIY-ers, and damn it, why did I have to go read about unRAID and end up falling in love with this case?)…

Plex on the Roku

05.03.11 106 Comments

As many of you know, we’re rather fanatical about making Plex as widely available as possible. At the center of the picture, all your media is happily served up by the Plex Media Server, running today on OS X and Windows, and in the future on various flavors of Linux. We are working hard to continuously improve the heart of the Plex experience, and listening to our users every step of the way (P.S. we love you all!). On the other…