Archives April 2011

Automated Channel Testing

04.24.11 15 Comments

Along with the Plex desktop applications, there is a lot of infrastructure behind the scenes that we’ve been working on. Today I want to focus on Plex Channels, which bring Internet media content to your desktop and mobile Plex clients. The Web is in a constant state of flux, with sites changing and being redesigned. Wherever possible, the Plex Channels use the site’s API to ensure stability in the face of this change, but at this point we have nearly…

Plex v0.9.2.7 – Tweaks and fixes

04.13.11 109 Comments

Now that the latest iOS version has made it into the store (and thank you so much for your feedback on it, you are all very kind!!), we’ve turned our attention to fixing a few issues with Plex. The new releases are available on the Plex home page, and we will enable auto-update shortly. NEW: We display the warning icon on shows/seasons/episodes and artist/album/tracks so that you can see more clearly which media is missing. Also note that if you…