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It’s rainy, and I have no beer. I have no beer because my car battery died, so I haven’t been able to go to the store to purchase more beer. As sure, my sadness will surely come through in these release notes. And there’s a Blues song in there somewhere.
An important general fix:
  • FIX: As issue when scanning a lot of new content (especially TV shows), where the Media Server could become unresponsive. We are now downloading media at the time of the scan (to make access faster in clients), and there was a bug that could cause an excessive amount of simultaneous downloads to, um, mess things up.

Some fixes specifically for Windows users:

  • FIX: [Win] The issue with season/episode posters not appearing has finally been fixed.
  • FIX: [Win] An issue where Plex Media Server refused to start when the user directory had an apostrophe in it. Many thanks to mrrwbrown and nyez1 on the forums for helping us track it down, we really appreciate it!

And a few subtitle fixes:

  • FIX: Subtitles weren’t being automatically enabled when there was just one embedded subtitle in a file and the preference was set to subtitles being “always enabled”.
  • FIX: As if that wasn’t bad enough, if a subtitle wasn’t enabled automatically when a file was played on Plex for Mac, it was disabled rather forcefully, so that it wouldn’t (won’t) appear again even if your preferences changed.

So to summarize, every video you played with the last version which did NOT choose to display subtitles automatically now has them disabled unless you manually enable them. This is likely not a big deal, because if you wanted them enabled you would have likely done so at the time! And the bug is now fixed.

We are going to be making more subtitle improvements, including fixing IDX/SUB subtitles, adding support for MicroDVD (on mobile clients as well!) and making the whole process of adding subtitles to your media easier and quicker. Don’t worry, we’re just getting started!

Next up, a few improvements for music fans:

  • NEW: Support for scanning FLAC! So I recently upgraded my desk stereo a bit, and as a result, I got into an argument with a friend about MP3 VBR vs FLAC. He insisted that there was a huge difference in imaging and dynamics (words that audiophiles like to throw around, along with “coherence” and “coloration”, as they mark their CDs with green pens and purchase three-hundred dollar HDMI cables in hopes that the zeros and ones are, I don’t know, transmitted in Helvetica?). Anyway, having purchased quite a few CDs in the past, and having ripped them to VBR MP3, I was hoping that he was wrong, because, after all, re-ripping 400+ discs didn’t sound like much fun. To make a long story short, he uploaded three tracks for me in MP3 and FLAC format, and I A/B’d between then (blindly, of course). The result? They both sounded great, and I couldn’t tell the difference to save my life.
  • NEW: The Local Media agent has been updated to pull album art out of tags for MP3 and FLAC files. And there was much rejoicing.

Plex Media Manager 3

Just like subtitles, the music support is a work in progress, and we have awesome things planned…

Finally, for all of you who access your media server remotely, you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve added authentication to the web manager. OK, seriously, is that a sexy looking dialog or what?

Plex Media Manager 4

This, believe it or not, is a crabby-looking young Barkley pup. Taken when we lived in Fullerton, CA, he always had this look on his face that said a) I’m annoyed and b) when I get bigger I am going to eat you.

40D 18511

The new release can be downloaded here for the Mac (it’s not auto-updating yet), and downloaded here for Windows. I know, I’m so mean, I made you read the whole thing before giving you the link.

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  • @elan: Here is the PMS log from when I encountered the issue.

    • @Paul: This line here, the “0” means disabled (as opposed to “automatically pick one”). All media starts with the automatic selection enabled, but if you played it in an older version, it might have gotten “stuck” off. Once you enable it, though, it’ll of course remember that, for all devices.

      Apr 13, 2011 9:03:16 [0xb0d31000] DEBUG – Audio Stream: 5504, Subtitle Stream: 0

  • Please add new sharing options in the next PMS release.
    3 checkbox options like this:
    – Share my libraries (enable/disable) (individually for each library)
    – search for shared libraries (enable/disable) (general option)
    – show library in Plex on this computer (enable/disable) (individually)

    background: I have 3 Macs running Plex and PlexMediaServer and they all show each others libraries, which is really annoying because the main menu in Plex is now stuffed with menu items. The libraries on all 3 macs are the same so I don’t need to have them add each others libraries. (EyeTV has the same checkbox sharing options). Hope you understand my request and the reason for it :)

    other than that: The latest Plex app for iOS is awesome, beautiful and cool because it allows me to watch my EyeTV recordings without having to convert each recording to iPhone/iPad. The way it also allows me to just select a movie on my iPhone and play it directly on the bigs creen is so cool.
    Also I just installed the Aeon skin for Plex. Can’t wait to show my friends how cool it looks.

    keep up the good work. We love you guys. cheers

    • @Open Mind: I feel like you’ve been reading our TODO lists, since we’re planning on doing almost exactly what you have listed above. I am a bit curious as to why you have the same library seemingly duplicated on each server, unless it’s for energy efficiency reasons.

      Thanks so much for the kind words!

  • @elan: sounds great!

    I have the same libraries on each mac so I’m not depending on having another mac running at a time. Energy efficiency like you said :) Also because I didn’t know if there was any difference in performance when streaming movies from another library compared to streaming from the local library (even though the actual files are located on the same NAS)

    However in my family we sometimes want to watch different things at the same time, so a lot of the time all 3 macs are running in different rooms anyway and this is where the autoshared libraries get annoying. 😉

    The reason I also requested an option to show/hide each library in Plex on the same mac that is running PMS, is because I only added my EyeTV library to PMS to enable streaming to “Plex for iOS”. But I don’t want it shoving up in “Plex on the mac” as i use the EyeTV software instead. Hope it makes sense :)
    and thanks for the reply. Looking forward to future updates!

    • @Open Mind: What NAS device do you have?

  • @elan: it’s an Airport Extreme with 5 HDD’s hooked up to it. So I don’t think I would be able to run PMS on it if that’s what you’re thinking? – would be cool though, having PMS on a NAS. Especially if you have the right kind of LG tv.

    • @Open Mind: exactly what I was thinking :)

  • @elan: Great minds think alike 😉

    Just let me know if you need more good ideas, that you were already thinking of… You might find a couple in the Plex feature request forum under my name.. :)

    Cheers mate!

  • Plex not reading in FLAC files consistently! Help! See also:


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