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02.17.11 58 Comments

Well, twenty-four hours later, we have more big news to share with you: The Plex Media Server is now available for Windows. (It was actually supposed to be available yesterday, so I apologize to all the people who purchased the Android app and were looking for the download! Synchronizing two major new releases turned out to be a bit trickier than we had thought.)

First, a bit of backstory – when we first started writing the media server, we built it with world class libraries that ensured it would be as portable as possible. Very early on (literally years ago), we had experimental builds running on Linux, and we’d always planned to release it on other platforms when we felt the time was right. Releasing a product on a new platform takes time and energy to support, so timing was key.

When the time was right, we hired some talented engineers who live and breathe Windows, and they worked on the port. One cool thing that happened, common in these sorts of projects, is that in building the media server on a new platform, they fleshed out bugs that had existed on OS X but had never been found. So as a result, the OS X version of the media server has become more stable, thanks to Windows.

Without further ado, I’d like to invite you to download the Plex Media Server for Windows, and take it for a spin. I also want to thank the group who helped us do initial testing, including hkeylm, brent112, bambuhiphop, dtwilly57, JaymzMac, Stoodo, and especially Pete O. You all rock, and we really appreciate your help.

We’ve set up some forums where you can report bugs (after all, which first release of software doesn’t have a few of those?) and I would recommend you start by reading this post, which details how to tweak your Windows system to ensure we can best diagnose issues.

After two consecutive nights of releases, Barkley looks like I feel.


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  • Congratulations, and i hope this gets you and the team even more attention in the media server world. You absolutely deserve it! =] Plex is an awesome app, and everyone should use it, regardless of platform. i just hope, as you say, that Plex Mac development continues to be at least equal to Plex development on other platforms. Congratulations again!

  • I’m sorry but I don’t see why you’ve been spending resources on porting this to other platforms when it is still so buggy on the Mac OS. Your priorities should be making this run as rock solid as possible before anything else.

  • @Fred: Please take the time to read the other responses before making an uninformed response of your own. As has already been stated, “we have more resources working on the OS X side of things than we had last year.” Also stated was that there are 2 completely different development teams. One specifically working on the Windows port and the now even larger OSX team. So, in now way, is the Windows development team slowing down the progress of the OSX version. If anything, it’s improving it by finding out things that the OSX team didn’t come across and sharing this with them.

    As I said before, I’m not a Windows fan at all. But this is a good thing for everyone.

  • 1+ vote on making a freenas server plugin

  • @Elan: Thanks, I´ll try that!

  • It’s great to see progress on such a great app, but I think most of us already have a mac to run PMS on. What we need is a linux client for cheap frontends. I just can’t justify spending $700 on a mini for an HTPC. Or even better would be a full client for the AppleTV 2. I tried to wait on the LG tv, but gave up and got a Samsung. Keep up the good work!

  • Windows and Android. Cool.
    So now that this is out of the way, will you consider making the Plex Media Player work on a Mac?
    Fixing it so that I don’t have to downgrade flash after every MacOS update?
    Fixing the UI so that it doesn’t take 30% of CPU even when minimized?
    Adding back all the functionalities that were removed lately (upnp support, applescript support,…)?
    Allowing reading VIDEO_TS files?
    Fixing the sleep issue so that the MacMini don’t need a reboot if put to sleep while Plex Player is running?

    I mean, a media server is great, but if I can’t read the media, what’s the point?

    It looks like you love creating new stuff but hate fixing the details. Well, the devil lies in the details.

    Plex is great for many things, but watching a TV show almost always involve a reboot, either due to sleep issues or to volumes mounted. So it is not yet a solution for the wife.

  • This is fantastic news! I’ll I’m waiting for is a Windows client that can be integrated into Windows Media Center and my integrated home-wide media environment is complete!

  • congratuation. This version is newer than mine.

  • Nice work! Won’t use it myself but as others mentioned, this opens up a lot of doors.

  • i’m a little surprised windoze got it before linux, linux seems a much more suitable platform (and easier to port from macosx) but i guess its about the $$$

  • I am a little annoyed by this. I bought a Mac Mini for plex and it would seem improvements on the mac platform have been back-burnered for releases on other platforms.

    • @matt: as pointed out several times by various people, that is most definitely not true. Different (additional) people are working on the Windows side of things, so the Mac version (for which we’ll have a new release pretty shortly) hasn’t suffered at all.

  • @elan: I get that which was pointed out by several people. The frustrating part was I bought the mac mini primarily because I love what you guys have done with Plex and at the time it was exclusively a mac-based platform with no immediate plans to be released on another platform.

    I could have saved myself several hundred bucks if i waited a few months and bought a much cheaper PC as my media server.

  • You guys do a great job. I love plex, even if I don’t use it at the moment cause I have to use windows on my mediacenter mini(bluray ftw, thank the ever better knowing jobs -.-). Keep it up!

    If you ever need someone to test a linux version of the server: I’m right here and I’m eager to test!

  • The big question now is: Can Plex for Windows somehow be installed on a Boxee Box (presumingly that Windows can be installed the Linux-based Boxee Box, which I don’t know)? If it works, does it fully support the included keyboard remote control?

  • This Linux version, will it be binary-only? Will it require X or will it be all cli?

    Lots of folks playing with FreeNAS and FreeBSD these days for media storage. ZFS makes for easy storage expansion. A binary-only Linux release would be quite the teaser – maybe it would work under FBSD’s linux emulation, maybe not. FreeBSD + ZFS = awesomestorage.

    • @Chaz: The Linux version will be binary-only, and not require X11. There’s nothing really Linux specific that would preclude us from doing a FreeBSD port at some point in the future if it made sense.

  • Interesting.

    When will Plex take the next step and put a full on Windows Plex Beta for 32 and 64 bit Windows 7 out there ?

  • Downloaded plex media sever to my 64 bit windows 7 PC. I cant get the program to open, any sugestions?

  • I have the same problem.
    I have downloaded it and when I try running it, it tells me that the programme requires a later edition of windows.
    Anyone have an answer?

  • I also have the same problem on my Win7 64bit laptop .
    I have downloaded it and when I try running it, it tells me that the program requires a later edition of windows. Is it only for Win8 ?

  • I am a bit perplexed, for in researching Plex for Windows (and purchasing a lifetime license), I cannot understand why the ‘port’ to Windows was not created as a service, as was done for the NAS installations.

    You may not be a ‘fan’ of Windows as you state above (who is, or of MSFT or of Apple for that matter), but it DOES represent the vast majority of OS implementations in the world, and porting the ‘server’ as an application seems a bit strange. You also mention that you had ‘Windows experts’ working on this. I can truly say that any Windows expert who could not implement this code as a Windows Service is no expert at all.

    If I am missing something, some arcane reasoning for this implementation, please let me know.

    • @Chaste ~ It’s something we’ve had on the list for a while, and we’re looking to work on that shortly.

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