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02.16.11 56 Comments

(Before I forget, I want to thank everyone who came down to the Plex meet-up we had in San Jose. We had a great turnout, lots of Plex users new and old came to have some drinks and chat about the past, present, and future of Plex. It was a surreal moment for me personally, on the foggy rooftop of the hotel, Cabernet in hand, chatting with people I had known for years, but never actually met.)

The Plex iOS application has been out for nearly six months now (wow, time flies!) and we’ve been incredibly happy with its reception. However, one of the things that many people continue to ask us is “What about Android?” After all, Android is the most popular platform in the world by numbers, and today, we’re happy to announce that you can now experience Plex on Android (press release here).


That’s right, no longer will you have to endure the mocking by your all-too-smug, black turtleneck-wearing, beat-poetry reading friends who saunter around with their shatter-happy phones you have to hold with winter gloves to be able to get enough bars to make a call with. No, my friends, this is YOUR time.

This first release has a nearly identical feature set to the iOS version. The one feature that didn’t make it in was the remote control, which we’ll be adding very shortly, but until then, I’m sure you’ll be able to entertain yourself with this beautiful little media center in your hand. Also expect to see updates around the larger-screen Android devices, as we’ve focused more on the smaller screens for this first cut. As you might expect, you get all the benefits of our Media Server architecture: you can watch the first part of a movie on the TV, continue on your Android, and seamlessly finish on your iPad. Ratings and view history are available seamlessly from all your clients. Edit your metadata once, see the changes everywhere.

As always, we so much appreciate your support and great feedback. We have a lot more awesome stuff in store for you this year, and we think you’re really going to love it.

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  • Sorry but the plex android app won´t connect to my mac mini media server..

    To late for a refund?

    Samsung Galaxy S

    • @Roofert: please email and we’ll take care of you!

  • Elan, thank you for your response, and of course i look forward to seeing what this year has in store for the Plex family of products. =] i still use Plex as my primary video-watching system, and will continue doing so for as long as it is the best option on the Mac / AppleTV2 (which i hope is indefinitely).

  • Can anybody tell me, if the phone in this news message is a render, or a real phone? Please let me know!

  • Hi,

    I congratulate Plex team for the launch of Plex for Android and PMS for Windows. I am really happy for you guys. However, I am really worried about the future of Plex on Apple products. Think about this… The PMS for Windows will enable people who do not have Macs watch Plex on PC, Andriod, and the new upcoming LG Smart TV Upgrader. This new LG device is very very close to Apple TV in its functionality and shape of form. Now think about this… How many people who already have Macs and/or iPhone will buy the LG device? I guess the answer is less than 5% They would probably go with the Apple TV2. Now I can further assume that people who will buy the LG device are the people who do not have Macs and they will need to run PMS on Windows. I don’t know what you guys think but if I were LG’s CEO, I really want to see my money go into the development of PMS for Windows…..

    I just want to beg the Plex team to continue your support and energy on Plex in Apple world…

    • @Tom: No need to beg, we have no intention of not continuing to support the Apple platform with lots of energy. My house looks like an Apple store, except slightly dirtier and just a regular bar.

  • What Phone is that?

  • @jeroen @Kekz: It’s a Motorola Droid X, currently exclusive to Verizon in the US.

  • can’t wait to get a xoom and try this out on a decent screen!

  • @AndyVirus, @Tom: LG is an investor and partner of Plex. They do not have the ability to dictate our product road map – nor have they have expressed any interested in doing so. In fact, they have been an excellent partner to us in that they have been very supportive of Plex’s independence as a company and a platform as well as our product vision.
    Apparently, there is some confusion here, or fear that we are abandoning our Apple roots. Plex is the only commercial offering I know of that is completely focused on creating the best experience for our users. We are not trying to show you ad words, we aren’t trying to get you to buy content from us, we aren’t trying to lock you into a box or device that only we support and sell. We think we are on to something here, a great product and experience, and we don’t see anything wrong with bringing it to a wider audience. Not everyone can afford $700 for a dedicated Mac Mini running Plex, we’d like to invite those folks to the party too. If our goal is to deliver the best product, that means to continue to deliver the best experience on Mac – we have no intentions of slipping there. In fact, when we decided to bring PMS to Windows we hired additional talent so our core team could continue to deliver our Mac product plan without interruption or delay.

  • Well done guys!
    The Android client works like a charm on my Sony Ericsson Neo.

  • I just have a question about the future of this app. I love plex because it is simple and just works. That is why I am also an Apple person (with the exception of my Droid) I purchased this app, and I am pretty sure that if there are not updates planned for the MAC app or pledged so to help me automate to port forwarding process, I will never get it to work. Maybe when I upgrade to a time capsule for my network, but as it stands, there is no realistic scenario in which this app works for me. I don’t want a refund just yet or anything, but I wonder how long I should expect to wait. Are thereplans to help people like me? I know that the transmission application on MAC automatically sets up port forwarding, so it must be possible.

  • Hi guys,

    Thanks for an awesome product. I wanted to suggest that you add a warning to the android store for Xoom users, as Plex does not yet function on the Xoom. It would be good to warn folks before they purchase the app on the android store.


  • @Adam the android store does list Xoom as not being supported along with other honeycomb devices.

  • Any idea on when the xoom/honeycomb port will be complete? The forum said 2 weeks in Feb. Do you need more beta testers?
    PS I love you.

  • I would love to run Plex for Android on my Viewsonic G Tablet — but it is not recognized as a platform on “Android Market” to purchase the app. (I would gladly pay the $5, but need another place to get the app.)

  • I have a Galaxy S 2 (not modded) and I bought the Plex application for the 3.5 €, but I simply can’t get video to work (I hear audio but no video).
    This was practically one of the 1st apps I installed on my Android phone, so no prior mods or conflicting apps.
    I’ve seen several comments / discussions about this in forums, seems to be a known issue for quite some time – and I do think it is not kosher to charge for a product that is not working as specified.
    I bought the app for my iPad2 and it works swimmingly there(good job guys!), but in my Android its quite a disappointment and I’m short 3.5 € 🙁
    Any idea of a fix ? Thank you

    • @Steve Jobs: There is a known issue with the Samsung Galaxy S2 series of phones, and we’ve tried to prevent the application from being available for purchase on the devices. Unfortunately we keep discovering new variants in Google Marketplace! If you’d like a refund, please contact Also, please note that we are testing a fix for it as we speak. There is a strange issue with the video subsystem on that phone which does not exist on other Android phones we’ve seen.

  • Does the Android version support subtitles? I couldn’t manage to enable them. If not, will this be part of a new release?

    Thank you,

  • I’d like to know about Subtitle support as well. I have a number of videos that have subtitles and I’ve tried embedding the subs as well as following the instructions here: (well, as much as I could, not all of the features mentioned are available on windows). Nothing I did managed to get subtitles to work and I couldn’t find a subtitle option on the client.

  • Cannot play flac file … my galaxy note play flac native and plex for pc play flac but plex for android doesn’t work

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