Plex Meet-up this Friday in San Jose

01.27.11 21 Comments

I apologize for the short notice, but we are super excited to be having a Plex meet-up down in San Jose, California (the Valley of Silicon, as it is known) this Friday evening. Come meet the team, have some drinks on us, and hang out, we’d love to meet you!

The meet-up will be held here, and we’ll have the entire place to ourselves, from 5:30 – 9:00 pm. As one of the reviews on Yelp said, “Fresh air. Fire pit. Comfortable sofa chairs. Yummy bar. The view is nice too.”

If the party goes later than 9:30, we can presumably rustle up some glow sticks and head somewhere that bumps.

Photos for Cielo | Yelp.jpg

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  • Well hot diggity, if you ever feel like venturing out East to NYC, I’ll be sure to roll through and represent my ‘Apple Media Center’ website crew (which is a hardcore party of one (me) + my friends who are fans of watching movies on my big TV and in general drinking).

    Have an AWESOME time!

  • If I were in norcal, I’d definitely be there.

  • AWESOME!!! I will make the trip down from the city for sure.

  • A bit later in the year and you could have a visitor from England :) Have fun!

  • Man I wish you were coming to Los Angeles :-(

    Anyways, have fun guys!

  • I really hope you guys have more meetings soon. I’ll be in Tahoe that day but I would have LOVED to go!! PLEASE schedule more meet ups and get more people involved!


  • I reckon you guys should have a meet-up tour to Sweden 😉

  • Don’t forget us Down Under…(Adelaide), now that Oprah has told you where Australia is?

  • Yay, sounds nice, would be happy to be there instead of here (stockholm, sweden). Would be great to discuss the future of plex with other fans irl. :) have a nice meet guys, and i’ll hope that SJ os hotter than Stockholm with it’s -10 degrees…

  • How about a live web cast some time. On the new youtube beta thingy me gig. That way people could pop some questions and get answers instantly.

  • Too bad you aren’t over on the east coast, lets say in Boston. Now there’s a good city to have a meet up at… unless you live on the west coast, haha.

  • Of all days! I only live about 20 minutes away, but I’m going to be in SoCal that Friday through Sunday.

    Next time!

  • Would love to join you, but alas, i have no car, and live in San Francisco… If you guys ever meet up here (maybe at Medjool or some other fun outdoor bar/foodjoint?) i’d love to join in! Have fun!

  • So what’s up with the party?

    It sounds like you are celebrating something.

    Maybe some big news to announce? A new release perhaps?

  • Cory. If you can get down there (Caltrain?) I can give you a lift back to the city.

  • bit later in the year and you could have a visitor from Brazil, next year this meeting can be here in Rio or Salvador Have fun!

  • Would love to come, but a ticket form Germany is to expensive 😀

    Wish you all a great party!

  • Figures. I just moved out to the east bay 3 months ago from Chicago, and had to make my first business trip back to Chicago yesterday through this morning. Ironies of ironies!

  • Barely saw this. Would’ve loved an excuse to head up.

    Hopefully you’ll make it down to Los Angeles soon. Specifically Pasadena – a hot bed for tech.

  • How about Singapore, great place for meeting up and everyone can have holiday at the same time :)

  • Oh, too bad I didn’t hear about this then… we were hanging at Faultline Brewing waiting for traffic to disperse :-p

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