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12.02.10 75 Comments

You can download this latest incremental right here.

So a mere six days after at least some of us stuffed ourselves silly with turkey, and indeed perhaps invigorated from all those calories, we’re back with another incremental release. Shiny new features! Many bugs crushed! New levels, pigs, and a new bird! (Whoops, wrong program.) Seriously though, I think James has slept about 5 hours in the last six days, and has entered an advanced state of mind meld with Cocoa.

So let’s get to the exciting part! Here is what’s new and shiny. (Note that this is another incremental, which means it’s a work in progress, and you should only download it if you want to be on the bleeding edge.)

  • NEW: We’ve fleshed out the Plex Media Manager to allow browsing into seasons and episodes, albums and tracks. It’s here, it’s pretty, and finally you can do things you’ve wanted to do for ages like edit season thumbs. Please note, even though it’s functional, it’s not finished by any means, and things like selection states and keyboard navigation are missing.

Plex Media Manager-17.jpg

Plex Media Manager-21.jpg

Plex Media Manager-19.jpg

  • NEW: Separate buttons for refreshing and agent settings.
  • NEW: Keyboard shortcuts for Edit Metadata, Refresh, and Fix Incorrect Match.
  • NEW: Typing letter scrolls to the first item which starts with that letter in the browser.
  • NEW: Show Media Manager when dock icon is clicked.
  • NEW: Include the WebManager.bundle in the package. This web-based media manager is really quite awesome. Built using the advanced Cappuccino framework by our one and only Brian D, it gives you a way to access and organize your media via any web browser (even on your iPad) and leaves you wondering “was that really a web app??” Try it yourself by hitting http://x.x.x.x:32400/manage – if you have an older version, delete the WebManager.bundle and let PMS refresh it for you on start (it’ll autoupdate shortly).

Plex Media Manager-18.jpg

We also fixed a large number of bugs:

  • FIX: Delete collection instead section when clicking the [-] button (sorry!)
  • FIX: Only allow dropping onto same-section collections.
  • FIX: The Fix Incorrect Match button wasn’t working in the details view.
  • FIX: We remember selection and scroll location when navigating back.
  • FIX: Broken forward navigation, forward swiping in browse view.
  • FIX: Missing last character in path bar in media manager.
  • FIX: Plex Media Server issue which could result in hang or missing sections/plug-ins.
  • FIX: Long beachball adding/removing sections.
  • FIX: Rescan whacks collections, they weren’t locked correctly if you created them by dragging and dropping or context menu.
  • FIX: Abort on start with Aperture XML file with weird permission/location.
  • FIX: Don’t perform Bonjour resolves during video playback, fixes an every-ten-minute or so stutter.
  • FIX: Rare crash in Plex when left idle.
  • FIX: Continue scanning if we run into permissions issues.
  • FIX: Dock icon weirdness when disabling and attempting an immediate restart.
  • FIX: We’ve reverted the transcoder to use the older quality settings, which will reduce CPU usage.

You can download this latest incremental right here. Please let us know in this thread how it is working for you!


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  • Great! Now just two fixes from .8 left: let me get rid of the all shows/unwatched/recently aired/etc. page (I have almost 1 TB of media and I still don’t need that) and BRING BACK THE GORRAM DVD ORDER! Firefly was not meant to be watched in the order in which it was aired.

    Otherwise, I’m loving .9. I love the client/server interface, especially now that there are iPhone and Apple TV apps!

  • Hi elan just wanted to make a suggestion…
    Is it possible to add universal search that works on the lines of spotlight with top hits categorised as per artists titles and directors etc… Within the plex player..
    Why I am asking is that don’t u think it will be awesome when we start plex to this home page running fan art and just the search box on it with an option to browse manually and just two buttons along with it like recently added and favourites… What do u say I know it’s a skin functionality but I think the universal search function will be required?

  • All metadata corrections and movie posters/backgrounds are lost.
    It’s really too bad for Plex.

  • Thank you for the new version. I just got some generally comments and one specific for this update.

    It would be great if Plex get a feature where different incrementals/update level was supported for automatically installation – Like Ubuntu. Here you get the possibility to select different level of incrementals/updates you want automatically installed.

    I still have two annoying problems back, before my wife and kids are able to use Plex:-)

    1) I’m running Plex on my Mac Mini from where I’m watching TV (EyeTV) in my living room. When I want to start plex via the small Mac remote controll I just press Menu button twice and plex starting. But unfortunately Front Row start up as well, and then I have to press the ESC button to quit the Front Row. Is there another easy way to start plex from the Mac remote controll, and not having Front Row to ruin it all ?

    2) I got all my movies and musics on my NAS server. If the MAC Mini hasn’t been using the NAS server for a while, and I starting Plex, – Plex is not able to open any movie or Music file!!! Then I have to quit plex – open Finder – press the network ikon – press the media folder – press the videos folder and then I can quit Finder. Now I can start Plex again, and plex can now open all the movies or music files ? Note with Plex 8.x this was not necessary.

    Plex Media Center:
    I like the library section, but I found some few problems:
    1) If I got a Folder (Album) with difference hits of 2010 with difference artist, the Plex Media Manager will not make a cover for this 2010hits album, bacause there are difference artist ?? Now in Plex I’m not able to add new music sections any more, probably because there are folders containing difference artist ?
    2) It would be nice, if the metadata agent can’t find a cover, then it will use the cover located in the folder as “folder.jpg” or “cover.jpg” of the album. Or if you got the possibility to over rule the metadata agent and always use the cover located in the folder. Sometime I get some quite funny pictures – For a Madonna album the Metadata agent select a picture of Madonna washing up :-O
    3) Would it be able just showing the albums as the folder name and just showing the album cover from the “folder.jpg” file located in the album folder ?

    Regards Mikael Denmark

  • Congrats for the update, but unfortunately I think I’m one of the lucky ones who might have stumbled upon a bug. I’ve installed the latest, I can’t seem to access my library sections on the Plex client app on the computer where the PM server is also running. What’s more weird is that the sections appear on a separate machine on the same network. Anything I missed? or can do to fix this?


  • Hi. I’m a novice user so it’s probably a stupid question. But I only get the new Media Server when Plex itself is running. When I run Media Server independent of Plex, it is the same old one. Is that how it’s supposed to be or is it a bug?


  • Whic skin is this, in the snapshots?

  • I was wondering if you could help me figure something out – it seems like every now and then Plex just decides to change my posters and fanart, it undoes a lot of time I spend picking the right ones. The other thing I noticed, is that I have all my movies in the “Movies” library, and my favorite movies also in my “Collection” library. Things in “Collection” are also in “Movies”. My problem is that when I switch fanart and posters for a movie in one library, it doesn’t change it in the other – so if I change it in “Movies” it doesn’t change in “Collection”. This doubles the work of changing things, and I think most people want the same data for their movies that appear in all collections.

  • +1 for BigMike’s thought:
    “popup the path or just the folder name at least when you hover over the tile, or at least display it on a right-click? Thanks!”


  • I’ve been using Plex for the last couple of weeks and it is simply amazing! I’m running it on a HTPC/Hackintosh. I also tried out XBMC “Dharma” and although it is also great I prefered Plex because of its media manager, which is very easy to use (important if you have a non-tech-savy girlfriend who also wants to add media). The Iphone app makes it the perfect Media app for someone using OS X!!!

    Thank you guys!

  • @Oscar Rines:

    It’s actually snapshots from the media manager, not the Plex-app itself, as far as I can tell.

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