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10.25.10 29 Comments

In order to get the code more quickly and easily into your hands, and get early feedback, we’re going to start making the occasional incremental release. Every so often, we’ll spin a full DMG and upload it for you to play with. If you’re feeling adventurous, play with it, and if you’re not, wait for the official releases. These incrementals will be snapshots that are likely to be less stable than the official releases.

Installation is as easy as dragging Plex into your applications folder, and on first run Plex will take of upgrading/downgrading your Plex Media Server.

We’ve created a new sub-forum for discussion of the incrementals, and each one will have its own topic. Please let us know how it works for you, and focus on the changed areas for testing, of course.

The first incremental was just posted!

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  • Cool, I love risking the love of my girlfriend by putting possibly buggy builds of Plex on the Mac Mini.

  • Hahaha, I couldn’t agree more Iotech!

  • Sweet! It’s awesome to see updates coming more and more frequently. Possibly the result of Plex now being a full time job for some of the devs!?! Congrats again guys. Thanks!

  • Elan,

    This update fixed all my Plex “Memory Errors”. All my media files play fine.

    Thanks for the quick turnaround.


  • hopefully an episode name scraper coming soon, if only in an experimental incremental build? for example, i have a “modern marvels – eiffel tower” episode that doesn’t show up in plex at all since it has no “s01e02″ tag. sure, i could go through my 235 files, match the name to that episode in, then add the episode code onto the file… but i think that’d take days to do all 235 files… 😉

  • also, i want to congratulate you folks on creating one of the best iphone/ipad apps, and best new mac apps in recent memory. plex is absolutely fantastic, and i can’t wait to see where it goes from here! :)

  • Call me daft, go on you can but where is the link to download the incremental?

  • OK I am daft. I found it. Was looking looking for a nice orange link!

    Love Plex by the way and have now introduced it to 4 four friends 2 of which have move to Mac because of it.

    You should be truly proud of it.

  • Good update (badges to tell you how many versions of a file you have), but still crippled. Though my local Mini is doing a great job of handling HD content (720p & 1080p), under Plex 9, my remote Mini (connected via wired [Cat 5e] connection through Airport Extreme) still stutters. With Plex 8 and the initial Plex 9, the video worked flawlessly.

    Still waiting for a Video Fix for Networked machines (and no, I was not running screen sharing on the network at all)


    • @Zoiks: There are a ton of reasons why videos can stutter over a network, and without more details, it’s really hard to know what’s going on. Please help us narrow down the cause. Have you tried copying the media to your local mini to verify it’s the network? Have you tried backing the client out to “initial Plex/Nine” without changing anything else? What format is the media? Have you tried with HW decoding on and off? What’s your favorite beer?

  • I don’t know about you guys, but Corona with a lime is the best beer around.

    Just my two cents,


  • Thanx. The more updates the better. Bring it on!

  • Just started the plex app on my mac mini (was running the plex with hotter fix) and it asks me to update. Say yes and it installs. Now movies/tv episodes only show in 4:3 – previously all were widescreen (note that the plex app itself is actually running in widescreen as before, and the menu bar which appears when you pause a movie is still in widescreen, its just the vidoes themselves that seem to be 4:3).
    I didn’t do the update on my IMac – which was also running the plex 9 with hotter fix – still plays it as widescreen as before (it asked to update but I said no.) The media manager with all the movies and tv episodes running on the updates mac mini, so it must be an update to the plex app itself thats causing me issues? Please help!

  • Ah, just realised that it downloaded the plex and not the 1.2 incremental release- am downloading and try it out….

  • Yep that got it: Plex is the charm!! Its a great product guys, keep it up!!!!

  • 9.1.2 is amazing! Best release yet :-)

  • why not have an option client side to auto-update with latest hot fix? Those who want it can set to “on”, those who don’t can leave it set to “off”.

  • kind of like how agile does it with 1password… in the preferences, if you have “auto update” set to on, there’s a check box below that says “include buggy betas” or something like that. 😉

  • Elan, what’s the plan when it comes to committing the incrementals to github?

    • @Erik – whoops, a push later and it’s all up to date, thanks :)

  • Sweeeeet :)

  • Love you guys! fixed the watched status issue on stacked films :)

  • Snow Leopard 10.6.5 update killed my Plex server. Anyone else?!

  • Elan, Sorry for taking so long to reply.

    The client MacMini (the one that stutters) is a Mid 2007 2.0 Ghz 2GB Ram Mac that is Wired (Cat 5e) though an Apple Airport Extreme router.

    The server MacMini is a Late 2009 2.26 Ghz 2GB Ram Mac that is wired (Cat 5e) to the same Apple Airport Extreme.

    I have tried toggling HW on/off, Speed Boost on/off, Cache 5/10 seconds and quitting Plex Media Server on the Client Mac with no luck.

    If I copy a file to the Client Mini, and drag it to plex to view it locally, I get no stuttering. The files in question are 720p mkv files. It only stutters if it is grabbing the files from the network, even if there is NO other network traffic occuring.

    Any other thoughts before I pull all my hair out?

    PS – favorite beer is SteamWhistle

    • Zoiks, please contact me via email and send me (a) PMS log and (b) Plex log after restarting both and playing a file and then quitting.

      Also, please try mounting your remote drive locally via AFP/SMB and see if it makes a difference, since in this case it would stream via AFP/SMB instead of via HTTP and would take PMS out of the loop.

  • Should also mention that I have upgraded from 10.6.4 to 10.6.5 with no change in performance.

  • Yep, frames dropped like mad and audio getting way off sync after SL update, cannot watch anything, tried just about every format I have on my library from SD PES streams to 1080p x264 HD matroska.

  • Squuiid wrote:
    “Snow Leopard 10.6.5 update killed my Plex server. Anyone else?!”
    – couple reboots and PMS is running as before :)

  • It is nice to see Plex is getting regular updates and that development is clearly ongoing. However, there’s one deeply missed feature I’d like to point out for you.

    It’s the Flac support.

    Like many others, I have my entire music collection encoded in Flac. The 0.8.x versions of Plex initially seemed very promising for managing a library of lossless audio on Mac, but there were some bugs that eventually made me wait for them to be fixed in Plex Nine. Unfortunately Plex Nine essentially broke the whole Flac support. I know there are some “workarounds” offered in various threads in Plex forums, but so far I’ve had no success with any of them: the Media Server simply fails to recognize any Flac files no matter what I do. From what I can tell, an attempt to scan a directory tree full of Flac files results the media scanner crashing with the following error:

    terminate called after throwing an instance of ‘boost::exception_detail::clone_impl<boost::exception_detail::error_info_injector >’ what(): bad lexical cast: source type value could not be interpreted as target

    I don’t know if Flac support in general is on the priority list or is it even considered important by the developers, but the way I see it, at the moment this is the single most critical feature missing from Plex. I’m sure many agree that it’d be great if this could be fixed by the next 0.9.x release. I hope you guys can find time to look into this.

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