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10.23.10 95 Comments

Without further ado, we’d like to introduce you to the latest version of Plex/Nine. It’s much more stable, it’s faster, has more features, and it’s also much shinier than the last release. The release can be downloaded via auto-update or from the home page.

This release also includes all the changes from the various hot-fixes, which I’ll summarize here as well for the sake of completeness.

  • NEW: Cast information restored to movie information dialog in Plex for Mac.
  • NEW: Ability to choose a specific piece of media to watch (e.g. HD, SD) if you have multiple media items. (You can disable this in Preferences > Video.


  • NEW: Added back “By Albums” in iTunes plug-in. Sometimes all you need is a little more cowbell.
  • NEW: Allow splitting apart TV Shows and Movies in the media manager. You can see an example here.
  • NEW: Added an “Unwatched” section for Movies and TV Shows.
  • NEW: Added “By Album” in music library sections.
  • NEW: Allow browsing for on-disk graphics (posters/art) in the Media Manager.
  • NEW: Support for volume control in new remote control protocol.
  • NEW: Display number of items for each piece of media (e.g. if you have SD and HD versions of a movie). If you sort by items descending it’s a good way to see if you have any duplicated media (Reveal in Finder will show all of them) or if the agents have mistakenly matched two different pieces of media to the same thing. Yes, I’m really this disorganized, or at least I was until now!

Plex Media Manager-1.jpg


  • NEW: Searching for matches in the media manager is now asynchronous and can be cancelled. Death to beach balls!
  • NEW: In Preferences > Transcoding, we’ve added an option to offer higher bitrates over 3G.
  • NEW: In Preferences > Library, you can optimize your database.

By far we spent the most time fixing bugs. Hopefully this release will resolve most of the really pesky issues. We appreciate all the patience and kindness you’ve shown us with this first release. As we’ve mentioned, this was a ground-up rewrite of the entire library, so problems were definitely to be expected.

  • FIX: That dratted issue with posters and art continually re-downloading off the Internet. The Plex Media Server is now the single entity that downloads the graphics, and all the clients request from it. Expirations have been fixed, and other improvements around caching have been made. The bottom line is that, while not perfect, it should be much, much better. N.B. As part of this change, it’s of course going to have to download everything one last time in order to transition over to this new scheme.
  • FIX: Leopard crash on start (thanks, Ryan!). Also a crash on start when your computer didn’t have a name. And a few other crashes on start.
  • FIX: Stuttering playback (mostly with HD media). In some cases the cache size was being set incorrectly based on bad analysis, and this could lead to stutters during playback.
  • FIX: Anamorphic videos fix for iOS. Additionally, anamorphic MP4 files play correctly on Plex for Mac (thanks, Ryan!).
  • FIX: High CPU usage during scan, which could cause stuttering during playback as well.
  • FIX: Plug-ins could go missing in Plex when starting at same time as PMS.
  • FIX: We now quit the Scanner if the Media Server quits.
  • FIX: When detecting a rename, we upload location the in the database, otherwise media gets whacked when removing old location.
  • FIX: When a duplicate episode was found, it lost the “addedAt” time (making it disappear from “recently added”).
  • FIX: Allow backspace to exit the weather section, preferences, and a few other places where you could get stuck with the iOS app.
  • FIX: The “-1″ year issue in list view.
  • FIX: Better handling of locked database file.
  • FIX: In certain cases, stacked movies were not played in the right order.
  • FIX: Sometimes partial fanart files were displayed, leading to corrupted images being displayed.
  • FIX: Better handling for audio/video distinguishing in iTunes for foreign languages.
  • FIX: Allow changing metadata agent settings when there are no sections.
  • FIX: Video podcasts passed back as Video elements instead of Track.
  • FIX: Hebrew subtitles were displaying punctuation incorrectly.
  • FIX: The word “dvdmedia” was displayed at the end of the movie title.
  • FIX: Occasionally startup issues could result in agents not showing up, improve the recovery from this.
  • FIX: Issue on startup, due to space in home folder.
  • FIX: Videos stopping randomly in the middle of play.
  • FIX: A few tweaks to the Media Server’s menu bar, to make canceling a library refresh possible, and to make it harder to accidentally start one.
  • FIX: iTunes/iLife plug-ins mysteriously disappearing.
  • FIX: Lots of crashes while scanning and analyzing media, including some MP3s.
  • FIX: The Media Server starts (and installs) on a machine without Internet.
  • FIX: We fixed a .BUP/.IFO ordering issue which could cause a crash when playing a VIDEO_TS movie. You’ll need to remove and add the section to fix the ordering (but you won’t lose view state/progress doing so).
  • FIX: A buffer overflow issue reported by d1dn0t, which also caused crashes when navigating into some plug-ins.
  • FIX: Adding library sections from the command line wasn’t working (thanks, Atrus!).
  • FIX: The library would occasionally refresh continually.
  • FIX: Crash of the iOS app near the end of a video.

For the next release, we are focusing on local metadata editing, to allow you to customize (and lock in place if you desire), your metadata. We’re super excited about this feature, and we think you’ll enjoy how powerful and flexible it’ll be.

I’ve really been enjoying taking photos with the iPhone4, so I’ll leave you with two photos of Barkley:

IMG_0318.jpg IMG_0319.jpg
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  • First of all, I want to thank Elan and the rest of the dev-crew for their awesome work.


    Can you PLEASE fix the choppy playback of VIDEO_TS files in Plex Nine ? It all worked so great in Plex Eight…

    Thanks, and keep up the good work !

  • @elan
    I am also experiencing the “not enough memory to open file” error inside Plex when trying to play a 1080p .mkv movie. The input bitrate of the movie averages around 14000 kb/s, it has 3 audio tracks, and subtitles embedded, and the total size of the . mkv is 10.68GB.
    The file plays fine in VLC. I am on an 8 core mac pro with 16GB memory.

    • @rune: try the latest incremental release, it should fix that issue.

  • So how do you play the internet content through Plex? It installs the apps and that’s pretty much it? I don’t see where you go to play them?

  • Hi. I too noticed a “not enough memory” today when watched Gladiator .mkv 720P. File is over 10Gig, High bitrate, includes 3 audio tracks plus many subtitles. This file has been playing alright before the latest update. So its definedly something to do with the latest update. I am now trying to change the file using “mkvtools” and removing the extra subtitles and audio tracks to make the file smaller. Lets see if its anything to do with the total size of the file.

    Like everyone else have said, it plays fine in the VLC. So definedly a bug :)

    • @Pete: Please try the incremental release in the next post, should fix that issue.

  • Awesome news, thanks! Although, I was hoping the local metadata would make it to this release.

  • @dev

    My entire collection was built using FLAC, encoded/converted on MAX (or XLD) from my own CDs. I don´t like ALAC (I do prefer a free CODEC) nor iTunes. The only Apple thing that I really love is my Mac Mini, Macbook (Apple hardware) and OSX (BSD from the ground, darwin). That´s why “XBMC for Mac OS X” or OSXBMC or Plex (you choose) was my 1st choice to play FLAC files since this project startup 😉

    Off course, Plex is awesome in all of its other features. I was just wondering when FLAC support will be REadded to the code 😀

    • @Armando, I honestly wasn’t aware FLAC support was removed, unless you mean in the music scanner, for which there are some workarounds in the forums.

  • @Elan

    Thanks Elan ! I´m searching the forums right now 😉

  • Very nice work, thanks. Its the best app on my mac.

  • I just learned about Plex and decided to try it out. I went to the download tap and accepted the package which was prompted automatically. After installation it cause my band new core-i5 macbook pro hang. It seemed missing a .py file, which IIRC was under plugin/…/2/. The app apparently was trapped in an infinite loop. My machine is still stuck and I will have to get some help to fix it (probably due to some special configurations) Please pull the download asap.



    • @Seiki: Fixed in the incremental (very next post in the blog).

  • I really like how you guys have added custom images! I can’t wait for metadata editing, I REALLY, REALLY want to fix this damn incorrect match for ‘Florence + The Machine’ – for whatever reason Plex Media Manager hates the ‘+’ and ignores and omits it.

  • Actually I think that there is a bug in Plex Media Manager. It can’t handle ‘+’ symbols quite right (in Music sections anyway). When I add music from a “fresh” install of Plex, it will detect my correctly tagged ‘Florence + The Machine’ exactly as that, name correct and all. But after it finishes fetching metadata, the name changes incorrectly to ‘Florence The Machine’ and then returns metadata saying “This is an incorrect tag”, also, this seems to be preventing any kind of background fanart from appearing on the now playing visualizer, and the problem only occurs on this artist, so I’m sure the issues are connected.

    So, in short, at first the name is correctly appearing, then after metadata is fetched from, the name incorrectly changes itself, then this seems to prevent fanart from displaying on the Now Playing menu, the issue only occurs with this particular artist.

    I hope you guys have a look into this when you get the chance. :)

  • @Elan: That took care of it.

    Thanks, man.

  • Congras team. This is worth waiting for. It’s faster, more stable on my Mac Mini, and can finally supply my own poster even if there is no match. Support stacking of multiple files under the same title is a game changer. I can finally stack the main movie and special features under 1 title. It worked really well (well until it exceeds the max number… need scroll bar!!)

  • Thanks guys. I know I shouldn’t look a gift-update in the mouth, but if you were able to add ‘By Albums’, would it take all that much time and effort to add a ‘By Composer’ for us Classical Music lovers? (I put this in the request queue back in the 9.x days).

  • Desperately would like to join the forums but stumped by this error every time I tried to login:

    [#1000B] You are not allowed to visit this forum.

    Anyone – Please help.

  • Zaidee, please email for help logging into the forums.

  • Also can’t wait for “Auto refresh rate changing.”

    Great work!

  • Am I the only one who’s missing the app store in Plex Nine? Can not find a way to install plugins.

    Thanks for a great media center by the way. Only reason i chose to buy a mac mini :)

  • Im also having “not enough memory to open file”
    I first had got the msg while streaming from my iMac to my Macbook Pro. I could run the movie on my iMac but when i updated plex on the iMac i’m getting the same error msg on the iMac Also..

  • The incremental update fixed my issues.

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