Plex Media Server ever-hotter-fix (2010-09-26)

09.26.10 57 Comments

I like these hot-fixes few for a different reasons; first and foremost, it’s an easy way for us to get new code into your hands in the quickest possible way. Second of all, it’s a great way to get feedback from you before we roll another official release, which will offer itself via auto-update.

So if you’re feeling brave, take them for a spin, and if you’re not, please wait for the official release. One comment we received was something along the lines of “Please don’t make hot-fix releases, just make official releases” and I think that’s missing the point a bit. It’s not an either/or sort of thing, and by all means, if you want to wait for the auto-update via Sparkle, please do so.

But if you live on the edge, regularly swim with sharks, or fly to Pamplona for the running of the bulls, try the latest hotter-fix release here. It fixes the following issues:

  • FIX: Occasional crash on start.
  • FIX: Issue with TV/Movie search/updates hanging.
  • FIX: A rare issue where the server would get stuck exiting, and required a reboot (which seems like an OS X issue).
  • FIX: GUI weirdness using the new asynchronous “fix match” dialog.

As with the last one, drop the new application into ~/Library/Application Support/Plex and replace the existing one. Look at the string after the version number to make sure you’re running the latest code, and let us know how it works for you! As long as this version doesn’t have any more regressions, we’ll roll it into an official release shortly.



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  • Awesome, thanks for the fast spot on help!

  • This probably isn’t the place for this but even after this “Hotter Fix” update my itunes plugin is not showing up. I thought the hotfix was supposed to fix that. I have deleted and the plex and plex media server folders in the application support folder and reinstalled everything with the new hotter fix update. Is there a way to manually install the itunes plugin? Any ideas?

    • @Tanner: Have you tried the “sizzling” fix? Just kidding. Send me the Plex Media Server.log file after a start and let’s see if it’s reading your iTunes library, which should happen automagically without any installations or configuration.

  • @elan
    Oops, nevermind. I do have the iTunes plugin. I didn’t have any music in my itunes library on my mac mini and I didn’t realize the plugin doesn’t show up unless you have stuff in your library. As soon as I put a couple of songs in the library the plugin showed up and worked great.

    I feel stupid now, thanks for the quick response though. You guys are doing awesome work, keep it up. If you’re ever in the Seattle area drinks are one me :-)

  • hi @ all, after intalling this hotfix i have still the problem, the “TV Shows” and “Movies” are not in the Plex menue :(
    can anyone help me pls? thanks

  • Hi,

    I’ve got some problems with the server, it just can’t start and seems to scan the library over and over again.

    I can’t open the Preferences panel, so I’m kind of stucked.

    Do you have any clue how to deal with this issue?


  • Where is the weather?

    • @Rafa: Look our your window! If that doesn’t work, go to Preferences > Skin> Home and enable the weather option.

  • Again, just thank you for all the great effort you arre doing just for free, now and the past years :-)

  • thanks lads this is amazing stuff.

  • This may not be the right place to say it, I wanna suggest something and can’t seem to find a place to do so.
    It’s great with the many options for listing your movies and TV shows, but ONE I really think is MISSING, is the option to list according to “un-seen” episodes, shows and movies.
    That would really make my day and I could scroll through ONLY material I haven’t seen yet.

    Loving Plex and appreciate your efforts ;o)

  • Now any movie I add to my db wont appear properly in the movie section. The title is correct but there is no poster or info about the movie. TV shows and music are fine.

  • Ever since installing this hotfix (just tonight) Plex/9 has become unusable; videos end up freezing, with video playback stopping while audio continues, and even pausing playback takes 10-15 seconds. I’m downgrading to the previous hotfix, which was more solid (although it would hang when updating the library so consistently that I had to disable automatic scans)

    • @Chris: There is a known issue with this hot-fix that can cause higher CPU usage during a library refresh. Otherwise, if you have them disabled, there have been no other reports of other such issues.

  • Video plugins aren’t consistently showing up. Logs show:

    00:27:26 T:2958217216 M:4449366016 WARNING: CUtil::GetMatchingSource… no matching source found for [Live Music Archive]

    00:27:26 T:2961412096 M:4445863936 WARNING: CUtil::GetMatchingSource… no matching source found for [iPhoto]

    Typically only “Add Source” and one movies source I manually added (hard path, before I figured out how the new media manager worked).

    Quit/Relaunch sometimes fixes, sometimes a reboot is necessary, sometimes I just give up.

    I’m sure this isn’t the right place to put this, and you likely would need much more info, so just know that there definitely exists this problem in case you’re looking at code that could possibly be related.

  • wow

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