• @Elan: When does the metadata arrive for the music section?
    at this moment I’m not so glad with the new music setup (I re-installed plex 8 for this reason), it works (more or less) the same as Itunes. Too much clicking, no album view and the scanning doesn’t show my Various Artists albums.
    For the rest amazing work on Plex 9!!

  • one question: in your TheMovieDB.bundle you write:
    #note: right now, themoviedb only supports “en” for language
    this is not correct! a quick test of mine showed me, that the api is working with different languages. eg. http://api.themoviedb.org/2.1/Movie.getInfo/de/xml/a3dc111e66105f6387e99393813ae4d5/19995
    there is even a fallback to english info, if there is no translation for a given language:
    you simply need to set them in the request-string…

  • All looks good…loving Plex 9 but am having issues with the ‘resume from’ feature…if I have to stop a film, I have to start from the beginning again and fast forward. Seems to work fine with TV, just not films.

  • I’m curious, will finer grained control ever be implemented for the metadata? Eg, I like TheMovieDB’s summaries but poster art from MoviePosterDB so I can set those metadata fields to check those respective sites first. It would basically be like the current arrangement but every metadata field would have it’s own organizeable list of sources.

    • @berylium: Already supported at the lower layers, just not exported to the UI yet 😉

      @flow: Doh! Thanks for pointing this out.

      @sjobbels: It’s def the weakest of the three right now, so expect us to be putting more energy into it! You should be getting metadata for your artists and albums, however.

  • Hi Elan
    Many of my movies are in german. Now how do I name them in order to be recognized from Freebase.com? As the site is in english, should the names for my german titles be in english too?

    • @bblu: We’ll definitely be improving support for international titles before too long. As time goes one, the data in general and international support will only get better!

  • @elan , at the pace theTVDB is moving that means caching is permanent :) Looking forward to reducing delays though, hopefully it can get close to other ‘scrapers’ 4 hour window soon.

    Just checked out Freebase for couple TV shows my GF watches ( mostly Lifetime and Bravo shows ) and it’s few SEASONS behind. So i dont think it’s replacement for theTVDB, YET.

    Thank you!

  • Any chance of adding support for Flash 10.1 or even the 64 bit beta that was introduced a week or so ago?

    I still feel really uncomfortable running software with known security holes on my media server, and I just refuse to downgrade on my non-entertainment Macs.

    I don’t see much about this, except a brief note in one of the forums to downgrade.


    • @W: Flash 10.1 support is on the list, assuming it’s possible, we just want to get through this first round of bugs at least before we look at it.

  • Just one question:

    It seems, that Freebase or MovieDB aren’t able to recognize foreign movie titles. IMDB recognized the titles and relinked to the original ones.
    That’s ok for, as long as I can see the original title. I don’t need german plot info or whatever.
    Is there any workaround to let the agents keep the german movie title?

    By the way:
    The work you and your team do is absolutely awesome! Keep up the good work guys!

    • @Steebro: We’ll be adding better support for international titles for sure!

  • Hola from the Freebase (and Google)! Thanks for using us. The Freebase client on the website is unilingual, but supports only English at this time. The quad dumps, a new feature in the past month or so, features multi-language support, so you can find that favorite German movies ( http://www.freebase.com/tools/explore2/en/keinohrhasen or the pretty view, http://www.freebase.com/view/en/keinohrhasen ). It would be great if Plex stats using the Quad over the older TSV dumps.

    Our dumps will be updated weekly. So if you improve the data there, it will show up in the dumps within a week or so. Editing for non-English will require a bit of work, though it is possible:


    We’ve been emphasizing obtaining data about films over the past few years, so we hope you find what you are looking for, if not complete, help yourself and others out by adding the missing data/images.


  • And what about the RAR-support?!
    Who gives a “!€”#€ about metadata when your whole library are in RAR-format?
    ANd no, i dont want to spend several days and hours unpacking and redoing my whole library again.

    What were you thinkin!?

    • @RAR: I was honestly thinking that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. But if you insist on keeping your data in a closed format which makes it impossible to access in the majority of media players, and which impacts the performance when playing or seeking, you might want to check out this project: http://forums.plexapp.com/index.php?/topic/17211-transprar-rar-workaround-for-plex-9/

  • So I dragged TheMovieDB to the top, but it doesn’t appear to be taking hold. That site seems to do a better job with kids movies/straight to DVD summaries. There are numerous examples I have where TheMovieDB has a plot summary, but it doesn’t show up in Plex or the PMM at all…

    • @CharlesF: If you change the order, you’ll need to right click + Refresh or shift click on the refresh button to *force* a refresh of metadata, otherwise it just refreshes stale data.

  • Thanks for your answer.
    I have another question. I copied all my DVD’s with RipIt to my Mac, but when plex tries to find those, it always looks for them together with the extension “dvdmedia”. It doesn’t make a difference if they are visible or not, it searches for “minority report dvdmedia”.
    Any idea? Oh, by the way, it worked before.
    Thanks again.

  • Wahoo! Added a decent poster for Rubin & Ed and added Sakura Killers to TheMovieDB, now all my movies look sweet!

    • @Danny: Thanks for setting such a good example and helping everyone else out!

  • Will we be getting some other metadata sources soon?
    Music videos, movie trailers, and even game trailers would be dandy.

  • There’s a lot of comments here already, so I apologise if this has already been covered.

    As per your instructions, I’ve lowered the precedence of the wikipedia scanner, so that I get plot info rather than production info. This seems to do the trick for new movies I add, but doesn’t update movies already in the database. Is there a way to refresh previously added metadata?

    Also, on a somewhat related note, I see there’s an opensubtitles scanner. I assume (perhaps incorrectly) that this will download the subtitles for each movie, but in fact doesn’t seem to do anything?

    • @A huge Plex fan:

      a) to refresh all the other movies, do a “shift+click” on the refresh button on the lower right of the Plex Media Manager, this will force a reload of the data.

      b) the current Opensubtitles agent (scanners look for files on your drive, agents go out and fetch information about the files) just does hash matches to try to help out, it doesn’t do anything with actual subtitles (yet!) :)

  • Ah, just read two comments above. I need to shift-click refresh. Got it.

  • Plex isn’t working at all. Can’t play movies, can’t stream movies. Can’t watch movies on the iPhone either. How the hell do you set this up? On the iPhone it can’t play, on the computer it can’t stream. I have the movies pointed in the plex server under videos.

  • After playing around with this some more, I have to say I’m left slightly confused. There doesn’t seem to be a way to easily know exactly what metadata a given agent provides. For instance, I expect that if I put rottentomatoes at the top of the list, then I will get their ratings. But will this also bring in summaries, cast information and so on from there?

  • @vdmsss, I have the same problem with several anime shows that have missing art in TheTVDB getting incorrect art from TVRage. My workaround is to go into Info Provider Settings and uncheck TVRage. Then right-click the TV show, Fix Incorrect Match, select a _different_ match, then repeat selecting the correct match again. (Hopefully with metadata editing in the future it will be easier to clear incorrect metadata directly.)

    Still haven’t figured out how to unmatch an incorrect match altogether when there is no correct match in TheTVDB… I guess I need to make a TheTVDB account…

    BTW @elan, the search can’t seem to find the “Yami to Bōshi to Hon no Tabibito” (84142) entry in TheTVDB. Maybe it’s because of the accented “o”?

    • @grgz: You are clever, nice work. You can also just select the same show again with a Fix Incorrect Match. We’ll be looking to add a “forceful” refresh option that refreshes everything. We’ll also be adding an “unmatch” option :) If a search fails in TVDB, try with the ID. We’re making improvements locally to searching which will be pushed before long.

  • Cool! Thanks Elan. And searching by the id did the trick on that tricky search.

  • I found another way to contribute: I don’t use the iPhone app, but I bought it anyway, I think you deserve the money, the desktop app is great on mac mini above the tv.

    Having this problem where it can’t find subtitles since I installed Plex 9, but I’m sure its fixed in the next update. can’t wait :)

    keep up the good work.

    (tip: cache the library data in the iPhone app. taking too long to lead it every time you press a button)

  • While the project is going into the right direction the meta data search is still fishy.

    My agent settings has setting for movieposterdb.com enabled just fine. Searching manually for the movie I get lots of posters/cover art for it. But Plex does not find the movie at all. I even dragged it up to the top of the list and shift-clicked refresh.

    It’s really too much of a black box.

  • I totally agree with Torsten! I’ve got a few movies in my
    database that get wrongly matched by the agent without apparent
    reason. Even the function “Fix Incorrect Match” only turns up the
    same wrong results as before. When I actually go to Freebase or
    TheMovieDB website I find the movie has the exact same name and
    year as my file. I’d like to have the possibility to tell Plex to
    get the metadata for a specific file from a specific website. At
    the moment that feature doesnt seem to be working. This would also
    fix the problem with TV/Movie classification for some files (i.e.
    TV Movies that you keep in the Movies folder or vice versa) but i
    guess you guys are probably already working on some of that stuff.
    thanks a lot for all the good work! After all 99% of my files are
    instantly identified correctly which is awesome!

  • Is there no way to reorder/manage the Agents under Windows?
    I can only add/remove Sections in PMM, but i cant setup anything about Metaagents.
    So atm it’s sensless for me to use PMS/Plex 9 until it’s possible to sort the Agents in Windows 7. :(

    • @Mama: you can do it now by editing the XML files under AppData/Local/Plex Media Server/Plug-in Support/Metadata Combination. Not as easy as a UI (which we are working on as we speak), but at least it’s possible!

  • Noting that this page begins with the note of how much drag requests for metadata caused on various systems, it is very surprising to me that there is no option in plex to simply turn metadata seeking off. Currently that is not the case, but for myself, I simply would prefer that option as a permanent setting. Please ask the dev team to enable an “all off” setting for metadata.

    • @chas: Just make a section using a Personal Media agent and there will be no metadata retrieved.

  • After I spent HOURS correcting my database and posters, Plex screwed them up again and renamed movies. I have already compiled a list or printed directory of the movies and genre. Why don’t you guys allow a “Ignore” Option for these manual entries. I get sick and tired of renaming my DVD of vacation from some weird named movie. The data bases suck, I don’t care who’s database you use , It always screws up my hours of manual work. Make it possible please to NOT USE DATABASE FOR FILM METADATA IF DESIRED. Otherwise Plex is history on my home network.A lot of people have ben turned on to Plex by me as this is one of my home hobbies serving every TV in rooms throughout the house so all inhouse TV’s are part of my personal network and movie collection. I would pay for Plex if I could setit and forget it. I’m a manual guy who likes accuracy. The DB’s suck and are not accurate. Gimme an “IGNORE DB: button please, or Plex is history.

    • @Ronald ~ what you are describing should never happen, the system will respect any changes you make. The only way offhand I can think of that this might be happening is if:

      1) you have auto-refresh enabled (say, hourly)
      2) you have auto-empty-trash enabled
      3) you have network drives going away and coming back.

      If this were the case, Plex might end up seeing a drive go missing, removing the content, and then scanning it in again form scratch when the drive appears.

      Otherwise, please post details to the forums and we’ll look into it!

  • I am a new user, and need phone support, but none is available. Need some help to set a few things up. Is it possible to communicate by phone with someone to help me.

    I have checked everything, and still get “Server settings are unavailable”.

    Also I can’t seem to resolve having my Metadata show up on my TV (Samsung Screen) – also using All Share.

    Marvin Miller – Atlanta Georgia
    305 525-7626

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