• Isn’t it time to release the new version? I stayed up and everything! :)

  • This is awesome! I am already thinking about changing my network setup for this. Where does the ios app connect to for streaming media? To the central library or to plex client?

    • @Ronald, the iOS app is a client just like Plex now, both connect to the server.

  • Any chance that there is an android port in the works?

  • Well, I’m wondering if there are any improvement about performance?

  • Excellent! Just as I expected, but it wasn’t really clear in the video. Can’t wait to start using it. Thanks for the good work, you guys rock!

  • From screenshots it wasnt clear whether there’s a way to turn iPAD into FUL screen gesture remote control ?! Only screenshot included where gesture screen was displayed showed there’s still buttons on the bottom which i hope we’ll be able to HIDE. ( i hate looking at the TV AND the remote and if there’s still buttons on the gesture screen then user will still need to look at the iPad not to accidentally press any of the buttons )

  • Oh man, I’m buying this app instantly it becomes available in the app store. Tell me when, okay? :)

    Great work as always!

  • No RAR support is horrible. Hundreds of gigs of content in RARs that I need the originals to seed, and I have to unrar EVERY SINGLE ONE to play it in the new plex? WHY would you take this out? There must be a technical reason at least.
    I can’t understand this at all.

  • Only available in US store? :(

  • <Elan :

    Plex for iOS isn't available on French Itunes Store… TOO BAD :-)

  • Can’t wait to buy the iPad/iPhone application as soon as it was available at the iTunes App Store Spain. Thank you for this amazing piece of software!

  • Available and bought from Finnish App Store! Nice!

  • Just bought the app! Bye bye Harmony… 😉

    Question (again):
    Does the Plex/Nine server support several iPhone apps as remotes on the same server? (not at the same time) Family-issue – everyone wants there own app in there iPhones = good news 4 you!

    Many said i before – hope you make millions of $ on this app to support your good work with Plex in the future to :-)

    Happy Coding

  • No RAR support is a total dealbreaker for everyone I know that uses Plex 8, unraring is realy not an option, you have to rethink this, and I found out it AFTER I bought the Iphone app…

  • Available on Canadian Store (just purchased).

  • A few questions for the developers …

    1. Harmony support included in Plex Nine?

    2. Can I have Plex 0.8.x and Plex Nine on my Computers at the same time? (Want to make sure everything works okay before switching) …

  • Could someone please help me understand how to view my movies from my iTunes. I see that I can listen and see album artwork on my iPhone 4 but I cannot figure out how to show and view my movies. I am using the Plex app on the iPhone 4.

    I am using a Macbook Pro 15″ late 09 model running Snow Leopard.


    Marc W

    • @marc wilder: I recommend you head to the forums for more support, but I’d need more information on the movies. If they are DRM’d then they would not be playable (or visible) on the Plex clients.

  • Please HELP
    ISO – Issue.
    I have one movie that is in ISO format.
    It plays fine but once done I have no way out of the movies main menu.

    • @Peter: does the ‘x’ key work?

  • YEAH, that gets me out of it thanks.
    Does your Plex iphone app have a keyboard feature?

  • Ok the iPhone app is great. Scratch that – Awesome!
    No browser app or menu item?
    Seems like there are some 3rd party and open source ones that would make this product shine even more. I hate quitting Plex to go online and plugging in a keyboard and mouse or vnc via iPhone. I’d love to just select Browser from the main Plex menu and use the iPhone’s Plex app’s keyboard.

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