• Halle-frickin’-lujah

  • YES!!!!!!!!

  • I’ve always thought that Plex could be the next SoundJam. (SoundJam was bought by Apple and turned into iTunes). Looks like that is a real possibility here although I seriously doubt it.

  • yeah, finally a date! the only problem now is ill be dreaming about it every night leaving up.

  • What’s so special about the 9th January?

    Ahhh… You’re using that weird month-day-year format that makes no sense at all!

  • I don’t think buying plex would be worth it.

    They don’t need the part that plays websites in webkit displaying Flash.

    They don’t want the skin.

    They don’t want to use mplayer.

    They don’t want to have samba support.

    So then all you have left is the software to manage media and a skin engine.

    It would be crazy if Apple bought Plex.

    And the idea of the Plex team releasing it for the Platform that would proly be iOS based. HA! Getting mplayer, python support, etc would never happen.

    If I am wrong in all this, then Apple will have done something Amazing. And against it’s nature.

  • Can’t wait, great news for all of us…
    Hope that after a long wait this release is “almost” bug free 😉

  • Just in Time for my first Mac !
    Yeahhhh !

  • I think Apple is fascinated by the ability to have a iStream store, and see this as a way to control the marked for video streaming like they do with iTunes etc.

    Putting Plex in iTV will allow Apple to get into every home in the world, and deliver realtime streaming, as long as the streamproviders pay apple 30% of revenues, or whatever AppStore-like model they come up with.

    Although I hate Apples “closed circuit”, I still admire their incredible business talent.

    For you developers ….. get paid …. and WELL …. Congrats if this really is the case.

  • Pierre Riteau
    It never was open source.

    Apple couldn’t buy Plex.
    OwlBoy explained all i wanted to say very clear.

  • @owlboy You are probably right. However, something Apple would certainly find to be worth buying are the talents of the dedicated developers.

  • ??? In the downloads page there is only ver 8.5, No version available I can see of 9.1.10. ?
    Or do you mean it will be “released” on the 1st of September? (can’t be the 9/1/2010-9th of Jan 2010 has already passed!)

  • I think it’s ludicrous for people to think the Plex .9 release and Apples Media event would have anything in common, good god it’s laughable :-)

    Some of you guy’s really vivid imaginations.

    I don’t think the Plex team announcing a specific future date for a release (especially if it’s still only an alpha release) helps these conspiracy theorists brains either though!!

    I love plex and I hope they keep to their promise this time though!

  • Apple already has what they want…FrontRow. The limitations of FrontRow are by Apple’s design. If they wanted Plex, they would have made FrontRow have Plex’s features.

    Obviously we all know FrontRow doesn’t hack it for a serious home theater setup…or we wouldn’t be here and the dev’s wouldn’t be spending their time creating this sweet-a setup.

  • The Apple TV is superior to PLEX.

  • Tony August, you really shouldn’t be using a computer when drinking 😉

  • Plex built into flat panel displays? hmmm

  • FANTASTIC !!!!

  • @Spinner, Explain to me how Plex is better than the Apple tv and if the next Apple Tv is what all these people are saying then Plex will fall even further behind.

    Only one area Plex has an advantage and thats for people who download movies illegally

  • Just want to thank you guys for making an awesome application … and the new version looks SOOOOOOO great.

  • @Tony:

    Just to mention a few:
    * You don’t have to convert your media
    * You don’t have to use itunes
    * You can change the appearance to what ever you like
    * You can easily download plugins
    * You can create your own plugins for your favorite sites
    * You can open another program directly from Plex
    * It scans all your movies/music + adds appropriate info automatically
    * It’s free

  • I cant wait!

  • Well i am happy for the new release and exciting to try it!!
    I have shifted from Boxee to Plex and it has been a good change.

    The thing i ask the developers is somekind of integration of websites like in Miro App , where i add the RSS of many web channels like TBS,TNT,Natgeo and many others international Channels this is the future people (TV from all over the world).
    How come this has not happen yet. I want to see the same kind of content i see with cable !!
    So i can cancel my cable tv company and paid more for faster Broadband

  • @Paul have you checked out the miro and feed me plugins? They both let you add rss feeds and view them in plex.

  • This is the best news I have had in a long time. All i’m missing is a Drobo.

  • This is freakin sweet. Now my 6 months of not rebuilding my media library and recent purchase of the Mac Mini server is going to pay off. It’s like buying a winning lottery ticket 6 months in advance. Thanks for everything devs! Expect a large donation when I’m done covering the expenses of 2 recent auto accidents. Ah hell, those can wait!

  • Great News! My Mini is desperately waiting for the new release…

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