A Sneak Peek At Alexandria

I know, it’s been a bit longer than we had hoped (sorry!), but we are super excited to finally be able to share a first look at what we have been building. Our good friend Raindancing (known around here as “Señora Awesome”) was kind enough to put together a great introductory screencast . Yes, there’s a lot more to show (tip of the iceberg!), and yes, you’ll have many questions, but hey, this is a good start, right?

Hope you all are having a great Wednesday (or Thursday)!


For those of you having trouble seeing the video (or visiting on your iPad, the direct link to the video on Vimeo is here: http://vimeo.com/11880867

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  • Nice job guys! I’ve been using PLEX for a while and this is a great leap forward. Rather than showing the various Movie/TV/Music categories on the opening screen, it might be better to go into the Movie, TV, or Music section and then show the various sections. For example, after going into Movies, we could see Kids Movies, Comedies, Dramas, Suspense, etc. Also, any Parental Control features in PLEX 9? It would be nice to be able to either lockup or not display non-kid-friendly content. Just my two cents. PLEX is truly one of the best pieces of software I’ve used. Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication!!

  • Plex is great. Elan thanx for the reply. I’ am using the skin Alaska and satisfied.

  • Here you ave another volunteer foro translation into spanish.

  • Is there any idea on when will be having a release party ? 😉

  • Will dynamic compression be supported? Or will we, users of plex hooked to a stereo tv, need to be constantly modifying volume to hear dialogs and not get deaf with explosions?

  • Good start.

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