Hardware Accelerated H.264 Decoding on Plex

It’s been just a few days since Apple finally released their Video Decode Acceleration Framework Reference, but Ryan has been working hard and we have some exciting news to share with you. He has managed to get Plex integrated with the framework, and for the first time, your GPU is used to decode H.264 video. The results are incredibly impressive, with 720p and 1080p video decoding smoothly with much reduced CPU utilization.

If you have a NVidia 9400M (or the new GT320/330M chipsets), and are running Snow Leopard 10.6.3, take it for a spin! As with the last post, download the binary [try the new binary below] and install it into Plex.app/Contents/MacOS. Once we get a sense of how well it’s working, we’ll spin an official release.

And yes, Al, this build does include the sleep fixes as well.

NOTE: Just to reiterate, only NVidia 9400M/GT320M/GT330M chipsets benefit from this. No support for ATI, nor for cards like the NVidia 8800 GT. This is a limitation of the framework provided by Apple (and many thanks for providing it, guys!) and may be addressed in future updates (but don’t get your hopes up). Also, Snow Leopard is required.

UPDATE: Try this new binary, which should fix the crashes. Thanks to Ryan for the quick fixes.

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  • How is it going with the audio-sync problem?

  • I noticed the audio out of sync when tv is in 24hz. By putting tv on 60hz the problem is solved (but there are micros lags during videos).

  • 24p is impossible with this. Goes completely out of sync on a 2.0Ghz mini.

  • It’s a shame since the computer that I run Plex on will be an old 2007 MacBook with a GMA 950.

  • @Jim: same thing here.. My Sony TV is at @60Hz, connected via HDMI (to Yamaha receiver and then to TV) no out-of-sync problems at all with the new binary nor with the original one. However I do have micro stuttering in the video (audio is fine) every time (with both binaries) with 1080p MKVs, MP4s as well as M2TSs. Of note: I am running a brand new 2010 Mini with SL server OS (2.66 Core Duo 2, 4GB RAM, etc).

  • LITTLE ADVICE NEEDED: Is there step by step instalaltion guide for this? After copying the plex file to Plex.app/Contents/MacOS the plex wont start at all. I have intel based mac with NVidia 9400M.


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