New Plug-in releases for Febuary 15th

02.15.10 10 Comments

NBC Olympics – Written by Jonny Wray

View exclusive Highlights, Recaps, Interviews, News, Results, Features and Athlete Bios from

NBC Olympics.png

Flickr – Written by Ian.G and Jonny Wray

Flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world, and it’s great to be able to welcome it to Plex.


Studio 100 TV – Written by Sander Spies

Studio 100 TV verzamelt de leukste videoclips van Mega Mindy, Samson en Gert, Kabouter Plop, K3 en nog vele andere. Bekijk ze nu allemaal gratis online!

Studio 100.png
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  • Great to see a supported Flickr plugin but where can I find any documentation? I’m unable to figure out what to enter at ‘Flickr Email’ on the preferences window. I’ve tried username, url name, my contact e-mail address, my yahoo login name. Nothing works…

  • I want some Oreos

  • Seriously, I want some Oreos.

  • The little kid is going to love the Studio 100 plug-in.. I won’t 😉

  • Hi,

    Flickr uses the contact email for authentication; it was the only method I could get to work correctly. Goto the flickr web page, click on your name (at top right) then the email tab. The email listed there works for me and others I’ve already helped on the forum.

    hope that works for you.

  • has plex gone stagnant, all i’ve seen for months seems to be these plugins, most of which i have no use for.

    any news on plex 0.9 with the new library – there doesn’t seem to be anything in the forum either…..?

    • @name required: Stagnant? Not at all, we’re working hard on Plex/Nine, with the brand new library. We’re excited about it, and the development is very far along (been using it myself for a while) but we do not announce release dates in advance. Stay tuned, development is very much alive behind the scenes :)

  • Awesome! Waiting for a Flickr plugin, or the time to learn how to build one, for a long time :-)

  • Please come out with an app.


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