New Plug-in releases for January 20th

01.17.10 16 Comments

1 Cast – Written by Jonny Wray

Sourcing content through partnerships with top broadcasters and cable networks, 1Cast is the online destination to get all the news you need – updated throughout the day.

1 Cast.png

CBC – Written by mysciencefriend

More than just a traditional broadcaster, CBC/Radio-Canada is evolving into a content company, the home of Canadian programming and a multimedia leader with a solid presence in the regions.

CBC’s new video player brings you online streaming of your favorite entertainment, news and sports programming straight to your computer. Watch full-length episodes, news, on-demand sports and more.


The Prayer Room – Written by Sander Spies

Kansas City Missions Base, founded by Mike Bickle, operating in 24/7 worship and prayer since 1999 with a Bible school, bookstore, cafe, and conference center.

Prayer Room.png

Het Gesprek – Written by Sander Spies

Het Gesprek biedt inspiratie, nieuws en inhoud met programma’s over actualiteiten, maatschappij, cultuur en media.

Het Gesprek.png

GreenStijlTV – Written by Danny Michael

Bekijk het online tv-kanaal van de website GeenStijl.TV (onderdeel van GeenStijl).


Dumpert – Written by Danny Michael

Bekijk filmpjes, plaatjes en beluister audio van de website (onderdeel van GeenStijl).

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  • Always nice to see some Dutch content ! Thanx!

  • Thank you very much for the CBC content, I haven’t tried it yet but this gets me one step closer to not having to use that other program to view Canadian content.


  • I would prefer that you ban religious apps before porn apps from the Plex App Store on pure priciple 😛

    Why allow religious and political apps but not apps with adult erotic content?

    I think that most Plex users would prefer easy access to porn apps.

  • This is very good helpful information that helps me a lot.

  • Pr0n… i understand your argument but i appreciate the fact that i don’t have to worry about my kids jacking around with plex and installing a porn app.

    if you’re desperate for a porn fix, i hear that something like 70% of the internet is made up of it… shouldn’t be too hard to find. as much as i appreciate internet freedoms, i appreciate people like the makers of plex who take a responsible approach to keeping some filters on the web.

  • I would agree that I would rather see pr0n than religious apps. Since you only need to install what you want to see, i dont see any reason not to have any adult content.

  • I third the pr0n before religious content.

    If there is any kind of content that is unsuitable for children, it’s religious material.

    Personally, I’d much rather find my kids watching porn (within reason) than the narrow-minded vitriol spewed by some of these religious types.

    I wish someone could explain to me why it’s deemed perfectly acceptable to show immoral and illegal acts (stealing, killing etc.) but not to show the most natural and normal thing in the world (sex).

    • @Dave, @Liam and others: As soon as we have parental rating system in place, we’ll definitely reconsider adult content, even in the main app store. Trust me, I understand where you’re coming from :)

  • The Prayer Room ????? WTH, are you guys for real???

  • I’d like to see some plugins for the gay/lesbian websites such as LOGO which is not porn.

  • I’m sorry but you’d rather let your kids watch porn than listen to someone teach them things like honor your parents, do not murder or similar things like that? If that is what no religion and lots of porn does to you then my vote is to keep it out. Everything has its problems including religion but do you really need another way to spank off in your living room? Come on, seriously; you are upset over a little religious app but no one peeps about them letting the Canadians in!

  • Why ban anything…..freedom of choice would be nice. Only install want you want to use. Thats how it should be!

  • Thanks for the IHOP Prayer Room plug-in! P0rn and friends, quite whining…geez

  • The freedom to choose is your choice not to use plex…..


  • You know, there’s something called password, it’s supposed to protect your money on your bank account and our kids from what we thing it’s not good for them, like watching porn on devices such as a DVR and … the biggest creation after the invention of God and Jesus, the most impressive con man, we call it … HTPCs!

  • Religion and Porn should both be rated NC-17. Children don’t need to see or hear any of that nonsense until their brains are capable of clear thinking. They get a healthy dose of fantasy from everywhere else, without needing to throw in Porn and Religeon into the mix.

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