New Plug-in releases for January 6th

01.06.10 11 Comments

We’ve got some great new plug-ins to share with you this week, thanks as usual to Isaac for coordinating the release and to all the developers for all their hard work creating the new plug-ins!

Feed Me – Written by Jonny Wray

Create a library of your favorite video and audio podcasts using ‘Feed Me’. This plugin allows you to build and view content from a collection of sources by browsing the integrated podcast directory sites or by entering RSS URLs directly.

feed me.png

Universal Sports – Written by Jonny Wray

Universal Sports is the premier Olympic and lifestyle sports network featuring coverage of the Olympic Games, Paralympic Games, World Championships, World Cups, Grand Prixs and more.

universal sports.png

DR – Written by Nikki

DR is a danish public service tv and radio government owned company.

This plugin supports streaming of videos and audio from and and live streams of DR1, DR2, DR Update, DR K, and DR Ramasjang tv channels. It also supports TV On Demand.


TV2 – Written by Nikki

Streaming of videos from – TV2 is a danish tv channel.


Lens – Written by Elan

Lens is the photography blog of The New York Times, presenting the finest and most interesting visual and multimedia reporting — photographs, videos and slide shows. A showcase for Times photographers, it also seeks to highlight the best work of other newspapers, magazines and news and picture agencies; in print, in books, in galleries, in museums and on the Web.


Live Music Archive – Updated by Billy Joe

This isn’t a new Plug-in, but rather a really awesome update to an existing one. This new version of Live Music Archive supports looking at your iTunes artists and presenting you with concerts for matching artists. This is a really innovative way to find live recordings of your favorite artists.

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  • SÅDAN NIKKI – Godt gået :)

  • Ej for mega fedt med nogen danske plugins! Det kan vi lide at se! 😀

  • To the developer of the FEED app, job well done. with it, i can transfer all my podcasts out of iTunes and directly to Plex and free up some valuable space on my hard drive. It is very easy to use.

    Keep it up guys… I am a very happy user!!!

  • Nikki this plugin is simply just a revolutionary, amazing, fantastic and a new epoch of web broadcasting TV…. Now we in Denmark got the opportunity to watch all DR programs on demand. Last night I watch DR1 from Live TV (via web) and this morning I saw X-Factor again from ON DEMAND TV, without any problems. The Audio quality is brilliant although the video size is only half size!! But this is fixed with the enlarge feature.
    The ON DEMAND TV and video podcast menues are very good from DR, this is not quite the case on the TV2 plugin.
    A great thanks to the Plex team, Nikki and DR to create this opportunity.

  • Nikki, this is very cool indeed. I’m very much looking forward to trying the DR plugin. As i currently live in switzerland, i guess I’ll run into some sort of ip-lockout, but i cant really blame you for that :-)
    But then i have something else to look forward to (apart from more pork) when i move back. Thanks for the effort!

  • Another request. It would be nice if even when you play movies with the video-menu it will still fetch movie information over the internet.

  • Great work on getting Universal Sports on there. They have a ton of good cycling content covering the Giro D’Italia and Vuelta and having it on Plex kicks ass..

  • big thanks to the developer of the Live Music Archive plugin. Such as great plugin, and the new feature is awesome.

  • Hi Nikki

    This is an awesome plugin but i am having some trouble with it. I can watch the live streams no problemo. But i cant hear the radio, nor the on demand feeds?. I am not located in Denmark, is this the reason?.

  • To the people having trouble with the DR plugin. Remember to install Silverlight.

    If the problems persist, please write an error report in this thread:
    or submit a bug report here:

  • hi friends can any body tell me where i can download free video plug-ins

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