New Plug-in releases for December 22nd

12.22.09 3 Comments

Writen by chhitz Dieses Plug-in bietet den Zugriff auf die Inhalte auf dem SF Videoportal ( Verfügbar sind die meisten deutschen Eigenproduktionen des Schweizer Fernsehens. Über die Einstellungen stehen 4 verschiedene Videoqualitäten mit unterschiedlichen Bandbreitenanforderungen zur Verfügung.

Schweizer Fernsehens.png

Written by Sander Spies, HT Guys is a podcast created by two guys, Braden Russell and Ara Derderian, known as the HT Guys. Listen in as they talk about the latest in home theater.


Also written by Sander Spies is the Uncle Jay plug-in. Uncle Jay explains the news to today’s innocent, ignorant and immature minds. Also to children. Watch Uncle Jay so you can figure out what’s going on, because grownups – perhaps you’ve noticed – haven’t.

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  • Keep ‘m coming and the best wishes for the next year!

  • Hi,
    This is nice and all, but when do Plex get a user-interface for live-tv broadcasted with dvb-x? I really would want an eye-tv experience inside plex.

  • Another cool feature would be integrating support for streaming subtitles from some kind of central server, identifying the movie-release with hash-sums. Wouldn’t that work? At least in theory.

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