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12.17.09 10 Comments

Life is pretty good for Swedish Plex users, we have to admit, thanks to the hard work of our talented plug-in developers. This is probably why the country contains the highest per-capita of Plex users on the planet! I’m sorry to say I’ve never been, but I admit to having consumed an prodigious amount of Glögg at a friend’s house last weekend.

After the great success of the SVT plug-in (which is in the top 25 most downloaded plug-ins), the group was approached by TV4 (the largest commercial television channel in Sweden). TV4 wanted to know if they would create a plug-in for their content, and even offered to create an API to their specification.

Now let’s just stop for a minute and consider how cool this is: Can you imagine if NBC came to us with the same great attitude? It seems, at least at the moment, sadly unfathomable.

So Daniel Eriksson, Sander Spies and Andreas Wahlström sat down to design and code the new TV4 plug-in, which looks absolutely great. If you speak Swedish, make sure you check it out. Many thanks to them, and many thanks to TV4 for understanding and embracing new ways to deliver their content.


TV4 har lanserat en ny tv-upplevelse på nätet. I TV4 Play kan du se både korta klipp och hela program – om du vill se knäckebrödsdansen från Talang om och om igen så finns den här, men du kan också se avsnitt från många av TV4:s mest populära program som Talang, Robinson och Parlamentet, helt gratis. Denna plug-in möjliggör för er att se allt detta gratismaterial direkt i Plex.

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  • Even though I’m in the states, this is great news indeed for Plex and the new world order of content distribution.

    Great job!

  • Awesome…now if Kanal 5 would do the same all the major swedish commercial channels would be covered in Plex. Big thanks to the developers and TV4.

  • OMG!!! You got the “ö” in “Glögg” right!!

    Merry Christmas – and thanks for all your work!

  • Great news!! Especially because TV4 contacted them and asked them to do it. Great to see some progressiveness by the media companies.

  • This is great! I really love plex and all of its plug-ins and I was surprised that TV4 took this initiative! I e-mailed Kanal 5 about this and asked them if they would do the same but i just got redirected to someone else that never answered.

    Thanks for a great application everybody!

    Best regards from Sweden!

  • Lovely!!

    I sure will check it out!

  • I imagine that the new owners of NBC, namely Comcast, would do this if they determined that it would somehow lead to more people buying their insanely expensive triple-play package for some reason… other than that… never in a million years would this happen.

    That being said… maybe a pay channel would do it if they had a subscription model in mind. If I could get HBO or Showtime in 720p via an app and pay some reasonable amount for it I would probably do it since I am cutting the cable for all save ‘net.

  • My girlfriend is REALLY happy that I’ve told her about this….now all I have to do is make it work!!?? I only seem to get the two or three ads at the start – then nothing?? Can someone help??

  • I’m surprised TV4 don’t charge for it…

    They are mention above that they are showing Robinson (the Swedish version of survivor) for free. That’s not entirely truth… The latest episode was not available on TV4 Play – you had to use their pay-site if you missed it when it was air’d. Then, when it got old, you could see it for free.

    To the author – I’m glad you had a serious amount of Glögg. You don’t have to have x-mas in order to drink it. Cheers!!

  • Hi there,

    great job, it seems. The sound is good, but I get no picture, anything that I need do to or any settings I need to be aware of?

    BR Fredrik

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