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New Plug-in releases for December 27th

12.27.09 9 Comments

MTV UK – Written by Sander Spies Watch full length music videos and video playlists for free. Browse through the years and play the top videos for each decade, watch video premiers, and more! Anna Kim Photography – Written by Elan Feingold My lovely wife has begun pursuing her second career as a photographer, so I thought it only appropriate to make a plug-in for her web site. Yes, that is a photo of me obsessing over a batch of…

New Plug-in releases for December 22nd

12.22.09 3 Comments

Writen by chhitz Dieses Plug-in bietet den Zugriff auf die Inhalte auf dem SF Videoportal ( Verfügbar sind die meisten deutschen Eigenproduktionen des Schweizer Fernsehens. Über die Einstellungen stehen 4 verschiedene Videoqualitäten mit unterschiedlichen Bandbreitenanforderungen zur Verfügung. Written by Sander Spies, HT Guys is a podcast created by two guys, Braden Russell and Ara Derderian, known as the HT Guys. Listen in as they talk about the latest in home theater. Also written by Sander Spies is the Uncle Jay…

The Swedish TV4 Plug-in

12.17.09 10 Comments

Life is pretty good for Swedish Plex users, we have to admit, thanks to the hard work of our talented plug-in developers. This is probably why the country contains the highest per-capita of Plex users on the planet! I’m sorry to say I’ve never been, but I admit to having consumed an prodigious amount of Glögg at a friend’s house last weekend. After the great success of the SVT plug-in (which is in the top 25 most downloaded plug-ins), the…